Sunday, September 13, 2020

Warriors leapfrog Clarence Zebras to regain top spot in Women's Super League

Photo:  Olympia's Olivia Bomford under pressure in midfield [PlessPix]

(Women’s Super League, Wentworth Park, Sunday, 13 September 2020)

Clarence Zebras 0

Olympia Warriors 1 (B Davies 30)

HT:  0-1   Att:  100   Ref:  N Coad

Clarence Zebras:  Cook  -  Steventon, Dixon, O’Brien, Gill  -  Marmion, Burt, Ferrier, Stalker  -  Nichols, Berry  (Subs:  Gadon, Bowden, Fiehmann, Richardson, Vanderniet)

Olympia Warriors:  Farrow  -  Johnson, Black, Leszczynski  -  M Cane, Gubb, Bomford, Michael, Roberts  -  Davies, M Chambers  (Subs, C Chambers, I Cane, Russell, Teale, Pinkowiecz)

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Bronte Gadon tackles Olympia's Madison Chambers [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors turned the tables on Clarence Zebras in very windy conditions at Wentworth Park today, winning 1-0 and resuming top place on the standings.

Last week, it was Clarence Zebras who had won 1-0 to replace the Warriors at the top of the table.

The conditions made things difficult for both sides and Olympia dominated the first half and Clarence Zebras the second.

Mia Cane was unlucky not to give Olympia the lead when she smacked a shot against the crossbar.

Bonnie Davies did give the Warriors the lead on the half-hour when she was released down the right and fired past the advancing goalkeeper, Shelley Cook, from a very tight angle.

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Rachel Gill tackles Olympia's Olivia Bomford [PlessPix]

Clarence Zebras had appeared lethargic and listless and Olympia’s back-three of Maddie Black, Sophie Leszczynski and Hannah Johnson were rarely troubled.

But, amazingly enough, in stoppage time at the end of the first half, Clarence Zebras suddenly burst into life.

Zoe Nichols received a cross from the right from Allie Berry, but her first touch was poor.  When she regained the ball and shot, Olympia goalkeeper Jenna Farrow blocked with ease.

Seconds later, a slip by Black gave Caitlin Stalker a clear run at goal but she shot high and over the far angle of crossbar and post.

On the stroke of half-time, a Maddie O’Brien free-kick from deep on the left was nodded over the bar by Zara Dixon.

Photo:  Olympia's Maddie Black gets the better of Clarence Zebras' Caitlin Stalker [PlessPix]

Clarence Zebras, with the wind at their backs, had the better of the second half, but no goals were forthcoming, even when they changed to a back-three to allow an extra midfielder.

Olympia hung on to their lead to the end and the three points put them back on top.

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Selina Steventon clears the ball ahead of Olympia's Bonnie Davies [PlessPix]

Clarence Zebras coach, Chris Hey, said:

“They took their chance.

“We took a risk at the back in the second half when we brought Bronte [Gadon] and played three at the back and that probably opened up things a bit more for them.

“I’m proud of the girls.  They worked hard and that final ball in the front-third let us down.

“We panicked a little bit at times and maybe if we’d got balls into feet a little bit more it would have helped.

“But, proud of the girls and their efforts, and well done to Olympia.”

Photo:  Olympia coach Alastair Russell (left) about to shake hands with Clarence Zebras coach Chris Hey [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors coach, Alastair Russell, said:

“I’m really delighted.  It was a very difficult wind to play in.

“I asked for a big effort from the girls and I got it.

“We still tried to play our football and they get massive credit for that.  That’s how we play.  We want to put it on the deck and really compete and pass nicely, as much as we could in that weather, and I was really thrilled.

“I just want to play them on a decent pitch with no wind.  That’s be nice.”

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Georgia Burt (left) in a race for the ball with Olympia's Madison Chambers [PlessPix]
Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Louisa Marmion clears the ball ahead of Olympia's Madison Chambers [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

"I just want to play them on a decent pitch"
So Olympia will be moving any future games away from Worrier Park then?

Anonymous said...

Such an unprofessional comment by the Warriors coach. Their pitch isn't perfect, small, hard and absorbs then reflects the heat on a hot day.

I can't believe you would be so petty.

Anonymous said...

Definitely won't be playing at home if the want " a decent pitch". Plastic park is the worst surface in the entire comp by a country mile.

Alastair Russell said...

Hi Walter, I misspoke about the pitch. The pitch was fine I really meant the very windy conditions which Chris and I agreed beforehand would do neither team any good. Apologies to all. Not easy having a microphone under your nose as you walk off the pitch to get every word perfect! Will try harder next time..

Anonymous said...

A lot of children on here.

Walter said...

I knew what you meant, Alastair. Some readers took it the wrong way. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

There should be no need for any explanation because the
imbeciles you are qualifying a comment for won’t understand the explanation anyway.
Too many children on here, unfortunately.