Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Can someone please shed a bit of light on this matter?

 Photo:  The iconic Adidas Tango football.  Luckily it's white so that it can be seen on KGV Park.  [PlessPix] 

I was driving along the Brooker Highway the other evening and saw some magnificent floodlighting in several areas of the suburbs.

As I approached Elwick Road, I saw the brilliant lighting at the Elwick Racecourse to my left.

It was lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree.  And so it should be given that it caters for gallops, trotting and greyhounds.

To my right, I saw the magnificent floodlights of the Glenorchy AFL ground.

At half-time during the recent Glenorchy Knights versus Launceston City game, I walked up the hill behind the goal at the Glenorchy end of the ground to have a quick look at the Aussie Rules game that was in progress.

The lighting was outstanding.  I took a few photos and, even at long range, there were no problems and the images were more than acceptable.

I turned around and could only say that the artificial football ground below me looked as if it was in semi-darkness.

Photo:  Action from the AFL ground in Glenorchy. [PlessPix]
Photo: Even with the floodlights on, it's still dark at KGV Park. [PlessPix]

It’s a pity the floodlights at the Glenorchy Aussie Rules ground can’t be rotated so that they can illuminate the KGV football ground.

Oh, yes, that ground.  KGV Park.  As I was driving, I saw the faint glimmer of the so-called floodlights in that general area, but they didn’t warrant a second glance.

As I headed south on the Brooker Highway, I saw another set of huge floodlights.  They illuminated the hockey grounds as if it was broad daylight.

To play on those hockey grounds must be a dream.  Night or day doesn’t matter.  The lights would be just perfect for players and spectators alike.

It’s all quite depressing, really.  The world game, the one that uses the round ball, is disadvantaged in Tasmania.  Not least in Hobart.

When, oh, when, will we have decent lights to illuminate our sport?

Photo:  The floodlighting at Glenorchy's AFL ground is superb. [PlessPix]  

And on a similar theme, when, oh, when, will the first sod of earth be turned at North Chigwell?

Prior to the last federal election three years ago, $12 million was allocated by the federal government for a massive development there.

Here we are, on the eve of the next federal election, and nothing has been done.

I spoke recently to Andrew Wilkie, the federal member for Clark, who was instrumental in obtaining the grant and he was as frustrated as I was at the lack of progress.

Football really is the poor cousin of Tasmanian sport.

Tomorrow night, there’s an NPL game between Kingborough Lions United and Clarence Zebras at Clennett’s Lightwood Park in Kingston.

At least the lights there should be twice as good as at KGV Park.

Playing night games should be a thrill and it should be a brilliant spectacle under decent floodlights.

That is far from the case at KGV Park, the ‘home’ of football in Tasmania.

When the floodlights were installed at KGV Park, or Grove Road, in the 1970s, they were a novelty.

They weren’t that good, but they did enable fans to experience the magic of night games and people were excited.

That is no longer the case and urgent action is required.


Anonymous said...

Well said Walter.

David Webb said...

Thanks Walter for you impassioned editorial. I think a lot of people share your thoughts. Is it possible somehow to get a couple of sentences from someone (anyone) in the know why the North Chigwell upgrade never happened? Surely the money isn’t in the council’s bank account. I’m assuming it never arrived from the Federal Government. Anyway, would love an explanation where in the process this fell down if possible.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Walter. It’s unacceptable. The funding was given ( apparently) for KGV? I was at the Knights Launceston game as well and we once again were disgusted in the lighting! Part of the pitch was in semi darkness. Untill a solution to this appalling situation is resolved, all games starting at 4.30 & 6.30 should changed to another time! Completely unfair on any teams expected to play afternoon/ evening games without proper lighting in this day & age. Shame on Glenorchy City Council and shame on FFT for not demanding a resolution sooner. It’s unsafe for horses & greyhounds to race without appropriate lighting, what about our kids/young adults? UNSAFE! and UNFAIR!

Anonymous said...

This following tender was released by GCC on the 30th April so there is some movement happening at Chigwell finally.


All tenders
Closing Date/Time
4:00 PM AET
Through this Request for Tender, Council seeks to engage a suitably qualified and experienced architectural or engineering consultancy to design a project for the site comprising new clubrooms and changerooms, a function building, car park, walking paths, electronic scoreboard and site works.

Charlie C. said...

Well done Walter on raising this to a new level. It's easy to say what should be done.

But in the end as long as the clubs do not kick up a serious fuss and refuse to play evening games at KGV nothing will change this side of 2030.

Reckon the officials should knock back games there as well - duty of care to players.

Anonymous said...

So tenders close three-and-a-half years since the money was allocated. That's even worse than I thought. It's like one of those old Soviet era five-year plans. If this had been an AFL grant, it would all be finished and in operation by now.

Anonymous said...

Q. Do the Tas soccer community have an advocate that acts on our behalf for an increase in upgrading of facilities and the development of the game?

A. That is the role of FFT and their board members.

Conclusion: Tasmanian soccer players and supporters are poorly represented (and have been for many, many years) by a tired and listless leadership group. Sack the board!

Anonymous said...

If you had kept driving Walter you would've see the magnificent lights at the North Hobart Football Ground and then the TCA. Both sets of lights are strong enough to host night games and regularly do.

Geez I feel flat when I look at the photographs of KGV.

Hopefully this article prompts some action from headquarters / sleep hollow.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.09AM. Your comments spot on.
The game and competitions have been on the decline for years now.
A blight on the ability or lack thereof of those in control.
However, the clubs are also to blame . They can band together and vote these incompetent people out at election time, but they choose not to .
If so then put up with the lack of professionalism , which in turn is reflected on the clubs for not acting in the game's interest and voting these people out.
Now basketball is the most popular sport in this state with our football a distant ......who cares ! Goods luck trying to promote our football to the public with the resurgence of basketball in this state.

Anonymous said...

All of them?

And replace them with whom? (Genuine question)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.27pm
Those involved at clubs who complain about the lack of everything from the board need to seek / convince suitable candidates to stand. If they cant be bothered looking for suitable replacements, then please stop the complaining and put up with what we have . Or if they aren't from club land and are not happy put your own hand up and do better .

David Webb said...

Walter, it’s unusual for such an obvious typo to sneak through to your forum...

It says...”However, the clubs are also to blame”

That can’t be what someone actually wrote.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Walter you have raised another sensitive topic worthy of debate. From the reactions some people are very defensive whereas others are more aggressive as they expect something more than a referee controlling the game in return for the registration fees they pay.
I am not close enough to the game to comment whether this board is any better than previous boards but to me there is a common failing with this board like many previous iterations of it. This failing is a lack of transparency which also has led to a lack of accountability.
That is, the board of FFT is responsible for developing a mission and a strategic vision for the game as well as a road map for getting there. Apart from a few random documents such as the State of Play report from 2019 which is more of an advertising feature than an in-depth critical analysis there doesn’t seem much else for the public to measure how well it is performing in its role. Without these documents and plans it is difficult for any of us to comment on or understand FFT’s strategic goals, targets or the timelines. Neither can I understand its role and how it allocates its resources to implement the plan and vision.
My question to you Walter is do you know whether FFT has a role in progressing any of the capital works or is it just up to the clubs? If it has a role and a level of accountability for achievement, what is its role and what are its plans, timelines and how will it ensure targets are met?

Anonymous said...

I posed similar questions to FT via email after the lights went out at an U18 match at KGV in late March. I had a response
to my questions from the CEO. I tried to post them here but the email trail was too long. If you want me to forward the email onto you let me know your email address and I’ll forward it on..

Anonymous said...

PS - Walter my mobile number is 0408380396 or email is angry@netspace.net.au

Anonymous said...

David Webb.6.51pm.
No that wasn't a typo silly boy !
"The clubs are to blame" to a certain extent for not doing anything in respect to accepting the level of competence or lack thereof the board.
They are able to vote people on and off the board if they wish .
So the clubs are to blame as originally stated.

Anonymous said...

Plastic pitch, broken lights, wasted money, incompetents in charge and clearly uninterested. What a rock show it is out at Grove Rd.

Anonymous said...

It does not end there. Pathetic state of the change rooms, 15+ players in a shoe box, stench of urine, looks like the last coat of paint they had were 30 yrs ago, don't start me on the showers. Honestly this has got to stop.
Well done Walter.