Saturday, May 7, 2022

Saturday cup quarterfinal results - 7 May 2022

Photo South Hobart's ten outfield players celebrate a goal against Riverside Olympic. [PlessPix] 

Lakoseljac Cup Quarterfinals

South Hobart 11-0 Riverside Olympic

Northern Rangers 0-3 Olympia Warriors

Glenorchy Knights 2-4 Devonport Strikers

Kingborough Lions United v Hobart United [Postponed]

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Kyle Vincent (left) under pressure from Devonport's Toby Barton. [PlessPix]  

Under-20 State-wide Cup

South Hobart 3-0 Olympia Warriors

Devonport Strikers 6-1 Clarence Zebras

Launceston City 1-0 Glenorchy Knights

Photo:  South Hobart's Sam Berezansky (right) on an attacking run. [PlessPix]  

Women’s State-wide Cup

Launceston United 2-2 South Hobart [Launceston United won penalty shoot-out 5-3]

Devonport Strikers 1-0 Clarence Zebras

Metro 1-4 Taroona [Friday night.  See previous story for match report.]

Photo:  Knight's Jack Bowman c an only watch as Devonport's Henry Andrews heads the ball. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Knights' keeper Reef Murfett punches clear [PlessPix]
Photo:  Devonport's Brody Denehey challenges Knights' keeper Reef Murfett.  The ball ended up in the net but referee Brenton Kopra ruled out the goal because of a foul on the keeper. [PlessPix]


Chip said...

Riverside an embarassment ! Can they survive in the top flight?

Darren Anderton said...


This happens in cycles with clubs, all of the time. Not that long ago Glenorchy Croatia were doing a lot worse and look where they are now.
At least Riverside are in the league having a crack, and am sure are looking at what they need to do to become competitive again.

Darren Anderton

Anonymous said...

Kingbourough v Ulverstone Womens State Cup games has been rescheduled for this Saturday at Lightwood

Chip said...

Isn't the problem with Riverside that they have never really been competitive.Similar comments were said about Clarence unfortunately. Every season we get 3 or 4 clubs who just can't compete. What is it that Riverside are doing to turn things around ? What is the FA doing to establish a competition where every team is competitive?

Anonymous said...

Its up to the clubs to work to become more competitive. Not FT.
FT cant provide proper facilities without having to worry about clubs being competitive.

Chip said...

It's up to the clubs.....but some appear clueless how to achieve success. I don't see any cycling up from Riverside, Launceston or Kingborough over the years. Northern Rangers cycled down and disappeared while Clarence were never up and forced to merge. Glenorchy are a rare exception. If you expect nothing from FT they are sure to deliver and keep serving up poor,lopsided comps year after year. We should expect more from the administrators!

Anonymous said...

Chip . It is up to the clubs not FT.
How is FT expected to make the competition more competitive ?
Glenorchy are a rare exception because they had had the $$$$ so they could attract the so-called better players. BUT they have attracted the right payers. I would argue that Clarence have probably spent more money in the last 10 years than any other club and they have won nothing , mainly because they have not spent wisely.
FT is expected to manage and run the competition not make it more competitive. Clubs must do that .
Is the FA in England responsible for the equity of the EPL ? Liverpool Chelsea Man City Man U and Tottenham are always the most competitive with one or two other clubs from time to time.
Sorry but disagree with you.

Chip said...

It is laughable to compare the EPL with Tasmanian Football.How do clubs here attract money? Launceston are always complaining they can't do this. Can't FT asist in this regard ? How about things like a salary cap, a limitation of foreign players or a review of the point system for ranking players ? FT are let off too lighly and will gladly do nothing if you ask that of them. You are not Matt Bukeley by any chance?