Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday results - 29 May 2022

Photo:  Launceston City keeper, Noah Curtis, punches out a cross. [PlessPix] 

Under-20 State-wide Cup Semi-Final

South Hobart 3 (Daniel Arnaiz, Samuel Cornelius, Kaleb Robinson) beat Launceston City 0

Photo:  Launceston City's Evan Pereira heads the ball while under pressure from South Hobart's Matios Michael. [PlessPix]  

NPL Development League

Glenorchy Knights 5-0 Kingborough Lions United

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Josie Hamlett shoots at goal against Clarence Zebras. [PlessPix]  

Women's Southern Championship

Glenorchy Knights 0-3 Clarence Zebras 

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Allie Berry scores a penalty against Knights, whose keeper got her hands to the ball but couldn't keep it out. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Monique Schnitzer (left) in a tussle with Knights' Josie Hamlett. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Zoe Nichols looks for a way past Knights' defenders Tahlia Foster and Annabelle Sartori. [PlessPix]


Photo:  Launceston City's Riley Fellows heads clear and thwarts South Hobart's Matios Michael. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Launceston City goalkeeper Noah Curtis clears the danger. [PlessPix]
Photo:  This South Hobart shot cannoned back into play off the base of the left-hand post. [PlessPix]
Photo:  South Hobart's Yuri Ware is airborne and a team-mate may be about to feel his studs. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Graciella Baez eludes a Clarence Zebras opponent. [PlessPix]
Photo:  South Hobart's Matios Michael holds off Launceston City's Evan Pereira. [PlessPix]

[A minute's silence was observed before the South Hobart versus Launceston City cup semi-final in memory of South Hobart stalwart Brian Roberts, who passed away during the previous evening.]


Anonymous said...

I thought That WSL starters were not allowed to play Championship. Have the rules changed?Team Stacking Clarence and this shows a lack of respect as Allie & Zoe played against Devonport the week before.

Anonymous said...

Vale Brian Roberts. He as an enormous contributor to South Hobart FC and to the broader landscape of Football in Tasmania.

His presence, wisdom and wit will be sorely missed by many, along with his annual toast to South Hobart at the Club’s Annual Dinner.

Deepest sympathies to his family.

Rest peacefully dear Brian

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.05pm if it is team stacking then Glenorchy need to report FT

However this is the catch up round 1 fixture that was postponed due to covid...

WSL that weekend Zebras played Launceston up north..

Looking on that round Zoe, Taylor & Allie didn't play WSL that weekend. The rule is you cant play Championship if you start WSL that ROUND.. I verified this by checking the WSL FB weekend wrap.. So within the rules they can play. Same with a bye weekend..

BTW I am not involved with Zebras but they acted within the rules, yes it may be team stacking but they were operating within the competition rules

Check with FT however I know Im right..

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.38am.
You say you're not involved with Zebras but you know a hell of a lot about who played when, where and that their rounds were postponed etc. I know I wouldnt even bother looking that up if I wasnt involved with the Club. If anonymous people put "I am not involved with a Club", they usually are LOL.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.38am

I promise you I am not involve at Zebras just a follower of the womens game..

When I saw your comments I thought this interesting, but understanding how the rules work, firstly went onto FT to see who played for Zebras round 1 in there WSL game (which was a loss to Launceston). Allie was not listed but Zoe was. So I thought this is interesting, I then went to the WSL match report on FB. This stated that Zebras on this day were without Allie Berry, Zoe Nichols and Taylor Rand who all played last Sunday..

I really was just looking to see if there had been a rule breach and from what I can see the answer is no, as I say get FT to investigate if you arent happy..

Sorry I did not mean to offend you just the rules are a bit complex and aren't always understood and agree it is team stacking but as those 3 players did not start the WSL in that round they are eligible to play last weekend. In fact all 3 played last Wednesday night in the WSL as well..

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.37am

If they eligible they are eligible. Sometimes you get the WSL reserves team sometimes they can have a few extra because the rules say so..

Get over it, what was the point of even putting it up there, if you thought it was incorrect you would have appealed to FFT and got a ruling.. I'm sure those involved would not have risked having the points taken off them if those selected were ineligible.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11.37am

The real problem with this is that you have teams essentially playing across two comps..

So if you start WSL in that round you cant start Championship fair enough. What has confused matters here is that the Championship game was postponed. The fact is if they games had been played on the same weekend the chances are the players mentioned would of probably played on the Sunday anyway(maybe). Ideally you would have WSL/WSL reserves but this wont happen.

Another thing I know that happens is that WSL teams sometimes will not start players who will normally start and then bring them off the bench to play an hour and then start them in Championship due to player availability etc. This I know happened against Glenorchy this season!

It does work reverse injuries at WSL level means stronger Championship players get pulled up to main team thereby weakening the championship team.

The biggest drama is that for some teams the Championship is their main team for WSL their reserves but the rules must allow for players who are unavailable to play somewhere..

The rule about if you played WSL last week or last game do not work as circumstances can change week to week, players lose form and get dropped etc so corresponding round is the only way to be fair the problem here is that the games were so far apart and everyone forgot..

Anonymous said...

The rules are ridiculous.
Adult teams meaning unrestricted by age limits should be able to field any players they like at anytime and any number of times. However in Cup games rules should be slightly different for example being cup tied to a club. If clubs are dropping players to field better level players at crucial times then so be it. Natural forces will play out and that club will become a pariah and eventually lack numbers. Players are not silly and understand fair play and how much a club values them.

Anonymous said...

To continue the debate on “Team Stacking” according to FT the definition includes regular players to that specific team. In my opinion (others likely agree) Allie and Zoe are two of the premier female players in the state who obviously are regular starters in the WSL.

Undoubted a great experience for the young knights players to be exposed to the quality but FT need to protect the players and the competitions under the WSL for ALL female footballers so this doesn’t discourage other aspiring players for the games future in this state. We have already seen a decrease of female numbers from last season and this will only continue while FT show neglect to the underpinning women’s competitions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1255am

So are Zebras in breach of competition rules or not legit question??

My understanding is that if you don't START a WSL game then you can play championship that round, regulars is a very loose definition and what happens if a player is omitted for various reasons. Also players can start on bench and come on at any time in a WSL game and still play championship. I know for a fact a club started 2 players in a game this season on the bench in a WSL game this year, which KO before the championship game, brought them on in the WSL after half an hour and them played them in the championship game after that..

Technically you can be on the bench for WSL for ten minutes come on and then paly Championship the next day or this is my understanding am I correct??

Happy to be proven wrong and happy for feedback just how I interpret the rules..

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.29am

100 per cent agree..

The problem is for teams like Uni, Glenorchy and New Town there championship team is there first team and there main competition to win, for the 4 WSL clubs (Olympia do not have a Champ team) this is there reserve team and therefore use a squad mentality around both WSL and Champ teams. I'm sure NTE, Uni & Glenorchy drop champ regulars up and down to Champ 1??

Anonymous said...

Gee didn't see the knights,complaining when Clarence had five players out the week before .
The players came back to make up numbers (well done to them helping out their team-mates) as players out with Covid and flu and returning to play still recovering.
Shows the knights how far they are of the pace to play WSL.

Anonymous said...

Straight from the latest comp rules this has been a good discussion but in the end the first comment holds no grounds..

a) Northern and Southern Championship:
To facilitate and assist clubs in maximising their players’ availability, all named substitutes in the
National Premier League and Women’s Super League (WSL) may play in their Championship in the
same round. For clarity, no player starting in the NPL or WSL can play in any other Championship
match in the same round. In the event of a bye, the above rule applies to players starting in the
previous NPL or WSL match.
Similarly, all named substitutes in the Southern Championship may play in the Southern Championship
1 in the same round. For clarity, no player starting in the Southern Championship may play in the in
any other Southern Championship 1 match in the same round.
No player that appears on an NPL or WSL team sheet will eligible to play in the Northern or Southern
Championship 1 on that same weekend.
If a player has appeared on an NPL or WSL team sheet 10 times or more throughout the season then
that player will be prevented from appearing in the Northern or Southern Championship 1.
An exemption may be granted at the discretion of FT in exceptional circumstances. This exemption
must be sought prior to the weekend’s round of matches.
A player who has played for their club’s Championship Team is unable to play for a social team (as
defined in 14.2 (b)) for their club during that weekend’s fixtures regardless of which match is played
If required, a maximum of four (4) social players are able to play for a Social League team (as defined
in 14.2 (b)) and a Championship 1 team for their club in the same weekend.
A player who was listed as a substitute player but did not take the field in a Senior (Championship)
match will be eligible to play for another team from their club on that weekend

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36am

NTWE, Knights or Uni do not drop regular players from champ to champ 1. Go look at the competitions to confirm. The fact for those clubs is there is not enough numbers for the squads. This has a huge impact on what FT have done with the rosters this season. And most teams are running with 11-13 players each week (if they’re lucky) due to lack of numbers, quality, Covid, injuries etc.

Olympia have a WLS team and champ 1. This ruins the integrity of the competitions for those players. Last seasons ruling was all WLS teams needed to have Champ and c1 teams in the underpinning competitions this year they do not have and drop players from WSL to champ 1. FT know this but won’t do shit about it. Even when the rule states WSL cannot play champ 1.

FT have a lot to explain for the lack of organisation in female football this season. Wanting to achieve an international side to host while the World Cup is on but won’t even look after the people who play and pay their wages. There are a lot of unhappy players this year FT need to address this sooner rather than when it’s too late.

Anonymous said...

Players lose form and get dropped to championship do they ? I don’t think so ,just look at the form of most of the Zebras Men’s NPL side all year so far ! Seen absolute crap every game and not seen any of the good young Championship players get a run for more than 10 minutes .Its absolutely disgraceful and disheartening to these young lads wondering what they have to do after watching the garbage dished up by the so called NPL team , not only the Zebras but a few of the clubs who just seem to favour the older out of form players instead of promoting youth , this is the reason these clubs are where they sit on the ladder

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.53am

Absolutely Knights are no chance of being included in WSL next year...

Do have a few young players I am sure WSL clubs will be after for next season

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.33
The problem with NPL standard in Tasmania is that there are too many young players in the league who are not good enough. They may be there because their club does not have sufficient numbers and not many older experienced players. That does not mean that the young players are of NPL standard .Most are not. I dont know about Zebras but maybe their next crop of young players playing in Champ are not considered good enough yet. Just because other NPL clubs have young players it doesnt mean that these young players at other clubs are good enough either . It may be those clubs have insufficient numbers also . I am sure that coaches at Zebras have an eye on the Champ for potential NPL players.
By the way your very last comment does not apply to all teams that are sitting near the bottom. Some just dont have enough older experienced players and when you have mostly inexperienced players then that does not work either. Maybe those players in Champ you are referring to should look elsewhere if you believe they are goof enough , but if they are actually not NPL standard , dont expect that they will play NPL elsewhere either.

Anonymous said...

You are dreaming

Anonymous said...

The 2 girls who originally went through Zebra's SAP and young Sarah need to play WSL for their own development another year at a Championship club would slow their development

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.26
My whole point is that half of the Zebras squad are not worthy of playing NPL and the few Championiship youngsters are never given the opportunity to prove themselves in the Npl ,I can assure you from what I’ve seen of the young guys they are good enough to have a shot and don’t forget many young players once they step up in grade outperform expectations and also some just don’t I acknowledge that , but if you don’t give them a shot at the title it’s disheartening to them and maybe your right they should move on to a better coached club indeed . You can’t just play the same team of guys that won’t perform week after week and hope that they will get better it just does not happen .Your virtually just hoping that an opposing team actually plays worse on the day to jag a win ,not a great coaching strategy

Anonymous said...

If they are good enough for NPL you would think that they would be higher than 8th in the Championship…

Anonymous said...

How did the conversation all of sudden go from a discussion about womens football to about the NPL?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.42pm . Simple answer...... because anon 3.33pm 1 June started it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.26. You sound like you may be one of the players not being looked at.
If that is the case , look elsewhere whilst you still can.
You may find that the situation is what it is, for a very legitimate reasons.
It appears there are many at Zebras who are not happy and are training or have trained with other clubs. Have a chat to them .

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.26

Unfortunately my playing days expired 15 years ago and you are right if I was in that same situation I would be looking elsewhere as well. Fortunately that never was the case as it was a different culture at the club it was how you performed and not who you knew , enough said about this now

Anonymous said...

Clarence loose their points for team stacking against knights. Does Clarence think everyone is dumb including FT. Well Deserved.

Anonymous said...

Some simple facts
Last two years zebras have overplayed young players at npl because the squad depth was so limited and this has given certain young players the belief they are npl quality
This year the depth has been strengthened and the young players are now in champ or champ 1 getting regular game time in a league that is about their level for their development
The ones that couldn’t or don’t grasp that have left and are most likely the keyboard warriors on this chat
I don’t think at the moment any player in the zebras squad is a guarantee starter
But remember also that each five weeks every npl team lists 23 players under a points system and for those 5 rounds those are the only players that can be used so there are limitations at play as well
But of course all our experts out there would know this

Anonymous said...

Still will finish below fourth again, have they ever finished higher than this position.
Two clubs merge are still rubbi

Anonymous said...

10:28 AM
What does this have to do with team stacking? and the women's game

Anonymous said...

Mate get over it Clarence used players that didn't play in round 1 ,what you don't realise is that your little princeses don't realise is that how a club that has WSL players can move players between teams .
So don't even look at super league for next year as your teams has no promising talent.