Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday night social result - 27 May 2022

Photo:  Metro's Matthew Gasparin (right) tracks back as Kingborough attack. [PlessPix] 

Over-35s Social League (North Chigwell)

Metro 5 (Darrin Chaffey 2, Jim Brown, Dave Morrison, Anthony Grundy og) beat Kingborough Lions United 0 

Photo:  Metro's Evan Brown takes on a Kingborough opponent. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro's John McIntyre (left) knocks the ball wide to a team-mate. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Evan Brown (left) calls for a pass from his brother, Jim Brown. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Mark Gobbey about to cross the ball into the Kingborough penalty area. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Jim Brown eyes the ball with a view to a pass. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Kingborough's Warren Iles about to tackle Metro's John McIntyre. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Kingborough on the attack against Metro. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Jim Brown is just a little late in cutting out a Kingborough cross. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro's Evan Brown on the attack against the Lions. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Kingborough's Warren Iles and Tony Tarros on the attack against Metro tonight. [PlessPix]

Photo:  A Metro shot is turned onto the bar by the Kingborough keeper. [PlessPix]


Photo:  Kingborough's Warren Iles tries to cut our Evan Brown's cross for Metro. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Evan Brown jinks past a Kingborough defender. [PlessPix]


Matthew Gasparin said...

Nice work Walter, thanks for the coverage...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching these games. Some rare skills on display as the late Brian Roberts would say.