Saturday, February 14, 2009

Clarence scrape home against the Lions


This was virtually a youth match, with not many players on view on either side who were out of their teens.

Kingborough missed the injured Charles White, and Gary Upton, who has joined South Hobart.

There were only two incidents worthy of note in the scoreless opening half - Michael Palmer's fierce shot, which was well blocked by Michael Moschogianis, and Matthew Chapman's effort, which came back off the Kingborough crossbar.

The two Huigsloots then came to the fore for Clarence.

In the 43rd minute, Luke Huigsloot headed home at the far post to put Clarence in front, while eight minutes from the end, Jacob Huigsloot converted a penalty - awarded for Marc Iseli's foul on Stefan Hamilton - to make it 2-0.

Voss saved Jacob Huigsloot's spot-kick, but Huigsloot was first to the rebound and he smashed the ball home from close-range but an acute angle.

Iseli atoned for his misdemeanour by rattling home a consolation goal for the Lions, his shot from 20 metres in stoppage time giving Michael Moschogianis no chance.

* * * * *

  • Clarence United coach, Andrew Brown, said:

"I thought it was a fantastic effort when you consider there were three players over 19 years of age and no state players and no representative players.

"We deserved the victory.

"I was a little bit disappointed with the way we conceded towards the end. Maybe that's expecting a bit much out of the young boys."

  • Kingborough Lions United coach, Geoff Freeman, said:

"It was our first game of the season and I'm not too disappointed.

"We probably let ourselves down with mistimed tackles. I'm not terribly pleased with that.

"But, I thought we played okay for the first game of the season.

"It was a nice goal by Marc to finish it off."

* * * * *

Clarence United: Moschogianis, Ling, Parker, J Huigsloot, Hunt, Toghill, Chapman, Hamilton, L Huigsloot, Knapek, Barron [Substitutes: Lewis, Phillips, Sweetten, McIntyre]

Goals: L Huigsloot 43, J Huigsloot 52 pen

Kingborough Lions United: Voss, Iseli, Andrews, Marchioli, Bevan, Wells, Palmer, McDonald, Schuth, Pearce, Bremner [Substitutes: Greg Freeman, Geoff Freeman, R Hinkley, Leaney]

Goals: Iseli 61

Ref: S Collins

Att: 300


Anonymous said...

"Clarence SCRAPED HOME" is not how I saw it. At 2 - 0 they looked well worthy of a win to me. (Kingborough scored a very late goal.)

But that's the beauty of sport/art!!!

For the purists Lewis and Phillips started, Barron and Knapek on the bench for this game.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, that may well be, but the team sheet clearly had Lewis and Phillips as substitutes.

Anonymous said...

Every time Brownie makes a statement he mentions how young his team is.. Borough had 2 players 21 & over what point is he trying to make???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you summed the situation up well by intimating that it's all about perception ('But that's the beauty of sport/art!!!").

I genuinely do appreciate your comments.

We do sometimes see things in a different way. Vive la difference!

I just wish people would put their real names as I am continually responding to a whole host of people called 'Anonymous'.

Anonymous said...

Um... mozz ling parker hamilton, and hunt turning 20 this year more than three players i think...
plus its their to choice to play the young players...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Walter you need to respond to comments - they are not a personal attack on you.

You're doing a great job with the info coming thru and people making the odd factual correction or subjective observation is OK.

You can't be held accountable for the info you are provided.

In reference to the comment about Andrew Brown I believe he will play the best players available at the Club who commit themselves to playing Premier League. The age of the team yesterday had something to do with who was/wasn't available on the day.

The Club attracts a lot of young talent. The problem has been holding onto them.

Anonymous said...

Well technically Mr Brown is correct when saying there were only 3 players OVER THE AGE of 19 playing. Hunt and Hamilton ARE 19. So that leaves Parker, Ling and Moz as the three in question. Can't really dispute the quote.

Anonymous said...

If we are getting technical I believe - Huigsloot's, Chapman, Phillips, Barron, Toghill, Lewis, Knapek have been state representatives????

Anonymous said...

Why this year more then any has Clarence lost so many of their young talents???

Anonymous said...

Hamilton IS 21 this year so unlucky for u lol
and yeh thats quite afew state players right there...

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Clarence and how young their players are, about time the club put the future potential tag behind them and started getting the results to get them into the top 3

Anonymous said...

Borough Defence was a bit shakey..

Anonymous said...

From what I saw over the weekend most teams were stacked with young'uns.

This may be due to the commitment at this time of year or lack thereof from some oldies.