Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teams busy preparing for kick-off

A quick trip around the training track tonight and it was evident that clubs are busy preparing for this weekend's kick-off in the Summer Cup competition.

Hobart Olympic and Beachside were training on adjacent pitches at Sandown Park.

Olympic had a senior squad of a dozen players working under the eye of coach Farrell Shaw.

Stratos Plomaritis seemed to be the goalkeeper and he may well be in goal for the opening match.

Peter Tsakiris, Michael Bulis and Robert Lebski were just some of the regular players on view.

Beachside spent some time in the dressing rooms after some ball work, probably receiving a pep talk and discussing strategy with coach Nathan Robinson.

Tilford Zebras had a senior squad of about 14 players, but there was no sign this evening of Ben Crosswell.

Dwayne Walsh, formerly of Clarence United, was there, while Troy Kaden is obviously the goalkeeper.

Coach Nick Lapolla was being assisted by Robert Corradetti and Ronnie De Felice.

Regulars Ricky Self, Josh Thorpe, Aaron Brazendale, Michael Connolly, Andrew Telega and Fabio and Daniel Lapolla were among those in attendance.

The best attendance was that of Glenorchy Knights, who had many young African players training.

Ben Peter will clearly be the senior goalkeeper, but the side will miss Janko Begovic and Tom Huigsloot.

James Sherman and Will Roberts from Taroona were in attendance.

Senior coach Eamonn Kelly left early and his assistants, Nick Harrison (not the player) and Eihab Khoury, took the remainder of the session.

* * * * *

Hey! There is a new blog on Tasmanian football about.

Have a look as it's pretty classy. You can find it at: http://taslandfootball.wordpress.com/

Don't know who runs it, but it will be interesting to follow.

And, don't forget about the other blog that has been about for some time now, the Tasmanian Football Forum at: http://footballforum.plebian.net/blog/

It's good to see such interest in promoting discussion about the Tasmanian scene.

There's also a radio program each Thursday from 6-7pm on 96.1FM, hosted by Martyn Wells and Jes Singh. Tune in and have a listen each week.

* * * * *

It looks as if FFT will ditch the Tasmanian Premier League Football TV show which has been on Aurora Channel 183 on Austar for the past two seasons.

With the Steve Hudson Cup already underway and with the Summer Cup starting this week in Hobart, no plans have been revealed about the show continuing this season.

The show begins next weekend and will cover top-flight football in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, but not, apparently, in Tasmania this year.

FFT probably believe it's not worth the investment ($200 a show last season, paid to Aurora Channel).

"Australian Four Four Two" has ditched all state coverage of football because of a lack of response, while Tasmania's segment in "Soccer International" and "Goal!Weekly" are also in jeopardy.

Local coverage in the Huon Valley News is also not certain.

That leaves "The Mercury", "The Examiner" and "The Advocate".

Perhaps some supporters will see fit to lobby FFT about its budget allocation to promotion of the game. Last season, I think it worked out at 1 per cent of the total budget.


Anonymous said...

great job fft
obviously the clubs dont pay enough in fees to have the tassie games promoted to everyone in australia

Anonymous said...

Oh, FFT!
Oh, deary me!
How much of a joke could they possibly be?
Administering our sport,
With one hand on their cawk,
While the other cuts off our TV.
Oh, FFT!

Anonymous said...

perhaps we have some money now to advertise the premierleague games in the local paper

Anonymous said...

It appears the new blod site was too controversial , it has been removed must have been the Uni Under 19 blog!!

Anonymous said...

Look's like you put the kiss of death on the new blog Walter...

Anonymous said...

shame it's gone. Looked like a well presented site. What is everybodies tip for the summer cup. Usually throws up a few shocks.

Anonymous said...

I tried to give it a plug, but that was the end of it. Like when I rate a player: it's often 'the kiss of death'!

Anonymous said...

Which players do you rate as making the breakthrough this year Walter?

Anonymous said...

I think I'll reserve judgement until after the Summer Cup. Not knowing who is with who, and only having seen players in training, it's a bit early to say.

Having said that, Ben Crosswell looks his old self at Zebras' training, while Gary Upton is a superb player. If he can maintain his discipline and self control. he could be the signing of the season. His presence in midfield for South Hobart will be of huge benefit to the reigning State champions.

Olympic have a new Greek midfielder who they say is good, but I haven't seen him play.

Akuel Guot was the goal king in Division One, but he didn't do much when facing top-flight Eagles in the promotion/relegation play-off, so perhaps the step up will be difficult for him.

But, the jury is out until the first round of the league. Then we'll see.

The Scout said...


At the AGM in Ross I understand from a colleague the meeting made it very clear to the Committee that the football show should continue and that they would support FFT footing the bill. It is disappointing that this has apparently been ignored by FFT. Perhaps you should chase this up with them.

Anonymous said...

Scout, I have spoken to the CEO about it following the AGM and he is adamant that they'll only put in a little money for a handful of programs, if at all.