Saturday, February 7, 2009

TIS make excellent start to Steve Hudson Cup competition

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport side made an excellent start to the Steve Hudson Cup competition at Birch Avenue in Launceston today with a 1-1 draw against Launceston City.

It was 1-1 at the break through a 6th-minute strike by TIS's Declan Foley and an equaliser by Chris Hill.

Launceston City had their goalkeeper, David Smith, sent off shortly after the resumption for handling the ball outside the area.

"We were the better team in the first half," said TIS coach, Dean May.

"When they were down to ten men after their keeper was sent off, they played the long ball in an attempt to find their tall men up the front.

"From our perspective, I think it was a fair result for this time of the season."

In one of today's other games, Taroona beat Prospect Knights 3-2.

The southerners netted through two goals by Chris Cox and one by Hamish Macgregor, while Knights replied through Kingslow and Collins.


Anonymous said...

These kids shouldnt be playing in this competition they will just get injured

Anonymous said...

they more than held their own against their opponents.

Anonymous said...

how good is the standard of this comp?

Anonymous said...

I think they can hold their own but it only takes a yellow card tackle to ruin a 14 year old's potential. Not saying that they don't deserve to play and even win games though. As for the quality lets hope it gets better but it is promising. Would like to see the game reviews on here and in the newspapers drawn out a little more though.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, how do you propose that I 'draw out' the match reports on this blog if I am not at the games in Launceston and receive only sketchy details, for example, from someone in the canteen?

As for the paper, a report covering all four games was submitted and about four small paragraphs dealing only with the South Hobart game was published. Are you going to write to the editor?

Anonymous said...

I will be writting to the Examiner, this goes on and on and on!! and it is just plane ridiculous

Captain Australia

Anonymous said...

How much was in The Examiner? As I said, The Mercury gave me four paragraphs, which represented an 80 per cent cut!

Anonymous said...

I will be writting in complaint of our local pencil head! his preview talked about jack All for 8 paragraphs and then told you who was playing who and nothing more. Its time the examiner in L'ton woke up to themselves and invested one of their journos in the local soccer scene!

But as a northerner Walt, thanks for giving the hudson cup some valuable exposure!

Captain Aus

Anonymous said...

I better understand your situation Walter and until we become more proactive with match reports we cant expect things to improve exposure wise. I too will write into the examiner. I have no idea how local d grade cricket and football can marginalise soccer so dramatically. This is a personal frustration and I enjoy reading your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Well, Taroona were on top for most of the match. Knights had two real chances and took them both, but Taroona could have scored more. Taroona's passing game was up and down - slick at times. Knights used their interchange well, with 4 or 5 players to Taroona's 2! Hamish Macgegor's goal was well taken.

There's a tiny bit of info for you Walter, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard a lot from the Taroona camp this year so far.
Have they picked up any more players or lost any players by dropping to Div 1?

Anonymous said...

The Football played by the TIS was a promising example of the development of the Youth.At times their passing was slick and precise, and easilerly above the standard seen of senior teams, never mind 15 year old boys. They should be complimented and supported on thier efforts, and not continually put down.