Sunday, February 22, 2009

Latest results

Steve Hudson Cup

Launceston City 1 (Josh Duncan) b Riverside Olympic 0
Prospect Knights 1 (Jack Hudson) dw Launceston United 1 (Brad Reeves)
Northern Rangers 2 (Mark Ambrose, Todd Hingston) b Taroona 0
South Hobart 5 (Jonathon Ladic 2, Liam Scott 2, Greg Downes) b TIS 0

North-West Summer Cup

Ulverstone 1-7 Burnie United
Somerset 1-1 Devonport City

Reserve League Summer Cup

New Town Eagles 3-3 Hobart Olympic [Eagles won the penalty shoot-out]
Kingborough Lions United 5-0 University


orlando said...

city scored at the death. stil looks like river need a goalie and their preseason since nov hasnt helped them get any better. city look alrite and will take points of some of the top sides. fit organised and solid in defense
rangers fairly easy over taroona. bremner looked good as expectd.
south easy and scored some very nice goals.
refs were as expected. hopefully we get parr most games he looks like the only one wid some idea.

love the site walter wish u lived in the north so we could get an unbiased educated report of the game insted of mcleods usual a young and determined launceston playd well to lose 10 nil. an every goal being scored from a defensive mistake

orlando said...

what was set v dev game like.

did ulvie field there u18 how did they concede 7?

Anonymous said...

Taroona did well against Rangers considering they are supposed to be in a lower league. Not particularly impressed with Bremner, he didn't cause too much hassle for the Taroona centrebacks.

Apparently violent elbow to face contact is now allowed in football matches... Taroona's young left back will be wondering why the ref had words with him, seeing as he was the one that ended up flat on his back!

South out-muscled more than out-played the TIS. but the kids are doing well up North regardless.

orlando said...

he got talked to cause he was mouthing off. the ref apparently didnt see the incident so wat do u want him to do abot it? considering taroona got the free kick count abot 20 to 5 in their favour you couldnt complain about the ref. esp since a perfectly good goal wasnt given and bremner was pulled up twice thru on goal simply cause he was stronger. thought bremner was pretty good for a first game of the year

taroona only playd one up front and were well organised and got back to defend and only went behind to a good strike even if they shod of already been behind. didnt really threaten the rangers goal. expect beachside to b the side to win div 1 from taroona

so south vs rangers shod be a good game to watch. city vs taroona wodnt expect to many goals. tis shod get past knights and prob in2 the semis. and river v lonnie

Anonymous said...

On What I saw yesterday paul Bremner will tear the NPL apart once he has a game or two, should have got a couple yesterday and was given a hard time by ref.

Yep agreed wad wont be many goal in the Taroona v City game nil all written all over it!!

Anonymous said...

Johnnywad, have you seen Beachside play this year? How do they look compared to Taroona. The player responsible for the elbow should have been off the park by the end of the match. He was more of a liability to his own team than the opposition, giving away silly free kicks.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell about Beachside on Saturday. United were very weak so didn't challenge them. Taroona lacked penetration against Metro but it may have been the reserves.

Anonymous said...

You were obviously watching a different game to Jonnywad and myself who ever you are. The player you are refeering to was targetted as he was obviously known, dragged down on a number of ocassion as he cut the taroona defense aprt, I repeat he will cause havoc this year. He and TT Kakadumane will form a deadly partnership. All in all Taroona did well against a half strength Northern Rangers will still 5 to come into the team.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard which clubs have nomimnated for division 1.
No Huon Valley at least it seems so there will be a bye depending on how many clubs take part.

orlando said...

no i havnt but look to hav the strongest team in theory wether they put that on the park? i wod expect them to tho wid robbo as coach.

as for the elbow his new at the club very fit and does hit the challenges/a bit clumsily at times. i was up in the backline and saw the two come together but didnt hav the angle to see if there was an elbow.
up north i wodnt expect the linesmen to help out either. there either 12yo, female or hav some kind of mental retardation.

taroona look fit an well organised defensively and will hit div 1 in good form. some good older heads in the backline and some young blokes who are fit but lack a bit of skill or passing range but do a job in midfield they tried to play the ball on the ground but usually lost out in the final third. captain up front by himself didnt receive any decent service so cant comment. keeper looked poor an hesitant second keeper looked better

Anonymous said...

The gossip going around the Hudson cup is that although technically not a bad group of players, that the TIS kids are arrogant and sooks, 3 people mentioned it to me in the space on an hour yesterday

Anonymous said...

the arrogance would come directly from the example set by the coach.

After having a free kick awarded against him he kicked the ball away as hard as he could. After being awarded a free kick TO him he got up and confronted the opponent.

Continual chat to the ref - later he verbally abused the referee - a comment that was audible off the field. - some example!

Hugo said...

Far from the kids looking arrogant sooks, what I viewed was a South Hobart team full of grown men arguing, hacking and fronting up to 14 year olds. To their credit the T.I.S. boys held their own. Quite frankly South Hobart should be ashamed with themselves the way they carried on. Seemed to me there were some South Hobart players who for whatever reason just wanted to smash some of the young lads.
Maybe they were jealous????

Maybe they were scared????

orlando said...

yeh i was wondering who the older bloke running around in the tis team was. was there coach? why wod he chirp off and confront opponents? does he want the other teams to start flying into tackles harder.

wat r u on abot johnno? scared of winning 5 nil. the game looked fairly tame to me or the parts i saw. thats wat they entered the cup for to play against teams wanting to win or else they cod go bak to playing practice matchs in the season proper on sundays against whatever hungover players bothered to turn up for an extra kick on the weekend

Anonymous said...

lol johnnywad you are a breath of fresh airi spilled my coffe on the keyboard laughing.keep it up

Captain Australia said...

I think it dosent matter what you do out there, someone wont agree with it, weather its hacking, swearing or playing like gentlemen!!!

Anonymous said...

South Hobart Although Didn't Play Great. They Had A Team Of Youngsters Like There Left Back Young Jim Pennicott Who Played Extremely Well And Nearly Set Up A Couple Of Goals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, young Jim played very well in the first half when he was on the park and found the ball a lot in open space. But lets get real, it was hardly a team of youngsters. In my opion the TIS boys withstood a lot of strong physical challenges with a plenty of pluck and their chins up. Clearly they were outplayed against a stronger and superior outfit. The second half in particular was even more meritorious considering they only conceded one goal and they had no bench for the game. Lets support the efforts of this young developing team instead of taking cheap shots as some have done.

Anonymous said...

is anonymus the same anonymus as the other anonymus ignoramus?

Anonymous said...

i think the only reason the south players started fronting up and hacking was due to the arrogance of the TIS kids. they seemed to expect a free ride!

south did probably retaliate unneccessarily. no.10 and no.6 for south were particularly bad.

rangers looked a bit disjointed and they will be happy when they get all their boys reading from the same team sheet. TT is a big one coming back in!

Anonymous said...

Just a reality check for those who are saying south were to rough and physical in the game. IF any of those boys want to play at a higher level being it here or anywhere in australia they are going to have to realise that they will have to play and deal with player who will be physical, i bet if a NSW institute team played against south they would be similar if not worse, its a fact of the game and the sooner they realise that they will be on the path to becoming better players. An example being that the majority of players kicking around at south at the moment first played seniors when they were 15 years old, and if you did not compete and be physical against olders players you would not survive and would not be picked, why would it be any different for them.

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see how the TIS kids go against a vry physical team in Prospect this weekend. Will be the most physical they have met in this tournament