Friday, February 27, 2009

Clarence versus South Hobart final on the cards

Clarence United and South Hobart should be the finalists in the Premier League section of the Summer Cup competition.

Clarence need only a draw against University at 6.30pm in their Group A match on Friday at KGV Park, while South Hobart can ensure their second successive appearance in the final with a win against Hobart Olympic at 8pm in a Group B game.

“I am expecting the players to earn the result required to enable the club to reach its first Summer Cup final in Premier League,” said Clarence coach, Andrew Brown.

“I am expecting continued improvement from the players in our last summer cup game.

“I am expecting to see defensive concentration for 60 minutes, more cohesion from the midfield in transition and patience from the forwards.”

Substitute goalkeeper Sam Sweetten is out injured with a dislocated elbow and Steffan Hamilton will come into the Clarence squad.

University have had a poor tournament and nothing is expected to change in this match as far as they are concerned.

Aaron Hindmarsh and Bryn Griffiths may be available for the first time this year, but veteran Martin Piesse will continue in goal in the absence of Rory McCallum, who broke his nose before the tournament began and has been unable to play.

Julian Proud is still suspended and will not be available until the first league match.

University coach Scott Gallacher is adopting a nonchalant approach to this tournament given that he does not have his first-choice side available and anything but a Clarence victory is difficult to foresee.

South Hobart should beat a Hobart Olympic side that has not fulfilled its promise in this pre-season tournament and which went down to New Town Eagles last weekend - the side that South had thrashed 6-0.

South Hobart coach Ken Morton said that the Igor saga was finally over.

The Brazilian has signed with Queensland club Logan City Kings and will not play in Tasmania this season.

Morton may continue to rest striker David Abbott, who has a hamstring strain.

This means Ricky Eaves or Julius Ross will play in the lone striker role.

“We’ve only got one striker and not two,” said Morton, when explaining his side’s 4-5-1 formation.

Olympic will have Peter Otto available after he was cleared by Hobart United, while Carl Larzabal is available after recovering from an ankle injury.

Their new Greek midfielder has still not obtained his international clearance and supporters must be hoping that the wait will be worth it.

“This will be a huge challenge for us, even though we are playing only for our pride,” said Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw.

“It would be nice to give a good performance.”

If Olympic do win, it would pave the way for either Tilford Zebras or New Town Eagles to reach the final.

They clash at South Hobart at 2.30pm on Saturday.

If South Hobart have lost to Olympic, then a win for either Zebras or Eagles would put them in the final.

Zebras sneaked through the back door last year when the situation seemed hopeless and won the trophy, but this game should be of academic interest only as even a draw for South Hobart against Olympic would probably be enough for South to reach the final.

Zebras will miss Daniel Lapolla, who will be attending a wedding.

Coach Nick Lapolla is contemplating some positional changes and Ben Crosswell may play up front.

Henry Fagg missed a training session after clashing heads with Bart Beecroft in last week’s match against South Hobart and sustaining a bruised eye.

Eagles will be without seven players and coach George Krambousanos will promote players who have occupied the bench, such as Matthew Rybak, Barry Pope and Jamie Vernon.

Richard Delara and Chris Wass are suspended after being sent off against Olympic last weekend, while Cormac Collins, Ben Whitehall, Nathan Pitchford, Alex Leszczynski and Alex Gordon are injured.

Kingborough Lions United take on Glenorchy Knights in a Group A match at South Hobart at 1pm on Saturday.

The Knights could reach the final if Clarence somehow lose to University and if the Knights subsequently topple the Lions.

The Knights will be without Tom Sherman, who is in Melbourne, and Corey Smith, who is in Brisbane for Futsal commitments.

Smith would be unlikely to play anyway after differences of opinion between him and coach Eamonn Kelly.

Kelly is adamant that Smith has played his last senior game for the Knights.

“His antics won’t be tolerated,” said Kelly. “He won’t play senior football for the club.

“He is brilliant with the way he handles under-age players at the club and last week his frustration at having been out of the game for 12 months may have come to the fore.

“He can be a good player.

“But, I have ten other people on the park to think about.”

Defender Jade Clay is doubtful because of injury, but Cosmos Paite, who is from Launceston, will retain his place in the side after impressing on his debut last week after coming through the reserves.

Kingborough Lions will have Jason Voss back in goal in place of David Leamey, who was given his chance last week.

Both are only 18 years old and need more experience.

Charles White got through a training session during the week but may make his way back through the reserves.


Anonymous said...

what was the story regarding Corey and his fall out with Mr Kelly? I have been away so must have missed out. A shame that we wont see Igor this year. Good luck to him in Qld.

Anonymous said...

So if Corey Leaves the Knights what will happen to the Ties with Knights and Futsal and consiquently the Two Brazilian players that are apparently coming over? Corey's Behaviour was Disgraceful tho, he threw a tantrum like a 8 year old spoilt brat! It doesnt matter how good you are when you act like that!!

Anonymous said...

corey ain't that good anyway - legend in the old lunchbox. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a real shame when a player with so much talent and skill is no longer able to play premier league.....we will miss you Igor, as for Smith well Eamon has had enough as had the umpteen clubs before that.The sport does not need the behaviour we wittnessed last week from a "senior" player.

Anonymous said...

let's face it, his behaviour has been appalling for so long, it's dissapointing that Vikings still employ him - he sets all the wrong examples for kids in the game.

orlando said...

shame on smithers wat exactly did he do.

its ok tho im sure if u set the rite example for ur kids they will b fine anonymous

Anonymous said...

jonnywad, the bloke is in a position of authority, and deals with IMPRESSIONABLE children -

You can't have a person of his character around kids, and mine most certainly will not be involved in Vikings futbol while he is there.

Anonymous said...

what exactly did he do?

Anonymous said...

Clarence 3,Uni 0
Olympic 0, Sth hobart 0 ( olympic wins on penaltys)

Anonymous said...

is all of this a joke? i was at the game and it was nothing major at all other than a yellow card for a reaction from a bad tackle?

possibly ask the guy why he is thinking of not playing. If you read these comments then i imagine that is why. mountains made from mole hills too regularly.

Anonymous said...

Yep reaction to a bad tackle ...on top of storming of to the change rooms the first time he got taken off with the coach having to leave the sidelines and go and retrieve his player...this was on top of being told by his coach after 5 mins of play to shut his mouth...twice...then to finish it all off after getting the yellow he refused to come off when being subbed and when he did eventually leave the park , he stormed off to the change rooms again. yep mountains out of molehills.

Anonymous said...

All in a days work for the one and only Smithers. More comments have been about him on this fantastic blog than anyone else, if only they were for something positive

Anon Killer

Anonymous said...

About as much character and spine as his namesake from The Simspons