Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clarence United on brink of cup final

Clarence's Luke Cripps heads home a corner



Clarence United have one foot in the Summer Cup final after this 2-1 win over Glenorchy Knights in Group A of the Premier League section of the competition.

Clarence have a good chance of finally winning something at this level.

They were young, fast and fit and did not allow the Knights to settle into a comfort zone.

Luke Cripps and Ben Hamlett worked hard in attack and always posed a threat to a Knights defence that unsuccessfully tried to play the off-side trap and which too readily gave the ball away in dangerous areas.

And yet, the Knights should have taken the lead in the 6th minute when the Clarence defence were at sixes and sevens, a cross from the right passing by several defenders before carrying to the unmarked Will Roberts on the left.

Roberts went for accuracy rather than power and his tame side-footer was easily caught by Michael Moschogianis.

Six minute later, Clarence hit the lead, Ben Hamlett crossing from the goal-line on the right and Jacob Huigsloot powering a header past Ben Peter.

Seven minutes after the break, Hamlett’s corner was headed home by Cripps to make it 2-0.

The Knights sometimes put together good passages of play. One such passage came two minutes from the end when Josh Fielding released Cosmos Paite down the right and his cross was headed powerfully into the net by Amadu Koroma.

  • Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“We should have won it in the first half. We missed four goals in the first half.

“The first bit of football we played all day, we scored a goal.

“But, you know, that’s football.

“We just go on to next week.”

  • Clarence United coach, Andrew Brown, said:

“Any win’s a good win.

“It’s not actually what we came into the Summer Cup for, but we will take it.

“I thought we rode our luck early. We could have been two or three down.

“But, when you’re working on things that these guys haven’t experienced before, it’s going to take time to get it.

“We believe there are more positives than negatives.

“Again, a late goal, which is very disappointing, and it’s something that we worked very hard on. And so, we’ve failed miserably twice this year.

“That being said, I am happy with aspects of the performance again, but we have lots of things to work on.”


Glenorchy Knights: Peter - Wiggins, Djelalija, Clay - Vavoulas - Koroma, Fielding, Kamba, Roberts - Sherman, Smith

Booked: Smith

Goals: Koroma 58

Clarence United: Moschogianis - Toghill, Lewis, Ling, J Huigsloot - McMahon, Parker, Cannamela, Hunt - Cripps, Hamlett

Booked: Hamlett 58

Goals: J Huigsloot 12, Cripps 37

Ref: K Barker

Att: 200


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and to hear what Eamon had to say to Smither's after his rather petulant behaviour on the weekend, storming of to the rooms twice and refusing to come off....seem's the year off has'nt changed him.Bit suprised Brown did'nt use the word "young" in the post match! more like dad's army this week..but the football was better..

Anonymous said...

might need some lessons on where to put your apostrophes Benchie.

If you're going to make "smart" comments you may as well get the rest of it right.


Anonymous said...

I thought someone said last week that it would be a good bet on who would get the most cards for knights this year, my money is on Smithers because Kent wont get much of ago?

Anonymous said...

i have heard that corey trained with dosa last night after he requested a transfer after being dragged by the coach, he is also considering playing for new norfolk in the socials as he has had it with soccer

Anonymous said...

Anon888 your point is ???????

Anonymous said...

I heard Smithers has been practicing shots from the halfway at the kickoff

Anonymous said...

if only he could make the 18yard box it would have been a start

Anonymous said...

Hadn't seen him play for a while but was looking pretty good to me. The old magic still there - maybe even a bit more. Will be dangerous up forward. Thought it harsh to drag him but was probably done for his & team benefit. Definitely can't deny the passion!

Anonymous said...

smithers is not the player he thinks he is! he needs to learn to keephis mouth shut and get on with the game. his mouth has always served him trouble and will continue to do so no matter where he is