Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hobart Olympic score much-needed win

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Alex Leszczynski (left) missed a penalty; Dipendra Kunwar...scored first for Olympic; Michael Bulis scored a brilliant goal for Olympic

Forestry Tasmania Premier League, KGV Park, Friday, 22 May 2009


Hobart Olympic 2 (Kunwar 44, Bulis 60)
New Town Eagles 1 (Collins 87)

HT: 1-0 Att: 100 Ref: I Jozeljic

Hobart Olympic: Nester - Lebski, Saric, C Tsakiris, Kaproulias - E Tsakiris (A Hedge 55), Richardson, Mason, Larzabal - Kunwar (Percy 81), Bulis [Substitutes not used: Banks, Plomaritis] [Coach: F Shaw]

New Town Eagles: Soszynski - Page, Wass, Savage, Clark - Malakoff, Kent, Leszczynski, Kavanagh (Collins 46) - McKeown, Gordon (Quan 63) [Substitutes not used: Fennell, Ferrall] [Coach: G Krambousanos]

New Town Eagle should have had this game wrapped up in the first half.

But, they squandered a penalty and missed at least three good chances.

Eagles did little in the second half and, although they pulled a goal back shortly before the end, the horse had bolted by that stage.

Hobart Olympic, without the suspended Peter Tsakiris and Youssef Mohamad, made the most of their chances and scored two excellent goals to win three precious points and move 9 points clear of last-placed university.

Eagles had their first good chance in the 10th minute when Mark Page crossed from deep on the right, but Adam McKeown directed his header straight at goalkeeper Dmitri Nester.

In the 12th minute, Robert Lebski failed to cut out a through-ball and McKeown gained possession, but with only the keeper to beat, he shot straight at Nester.

Two minutes later, Chris Tsakiris brought down Jacob Malakoff and Eagles were awarded a penalty.

Nester dived to his right and beat out Alex Leszczynski’s spot-kick.

In the 33rd minute, McKeown played a marvellous ball through to Malakoff, but he slipped and fell over the ball and allowed Lebski to clear.

A minute later, McKeown raced for a through-ball and wiped out Nester in the process, thus earning himself a yellow card. Nester required treatment but was able to continue.

A minute before the break, a superb long ball out of defence by Karl Larzabal found Dipendra Kunwar in full flight and he outpaced Andrew Clark before shooting past Michael Soszynsmi to give Olympic the lead.

Eagles brought on Cormac Collins for Kavanagh at the interval. Kavanagh had been playing quite well and had gone close with one low shot just wide of the post.

It was Kavanagh’s last game for the club as he is joining the navy.

Michael Bulis made it 2-0 on the hour with a splendid goal. He made a diagonal run from left to right and, before Clark could get in a tackle, he rifled an unstoppable shot into the far top corner of the net.

Nester did well in the 70th minute to keep out McKeown’s speculative cross from the left. At full stretch, he turned the ball out from under the bar and deflected it wide, where it was knocked back into the middle, only to see McKeown head tamely wide.

Five minutes from the end, Bulis flashed a low drive centimetres wide of Soszynski’s right-hand post.

Leszczynski was fortunate not to collect a second yellow card when he careered into Nester and sent the keeper flying. It was Nester who was booked, however, for voicing his complaint.

With three minutes remaining, a deep cross from the right by Savage enabled Collins to score, but Olympic held on for an important victory.


  • Hobart Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw, said:

“It was a vast improvement tonight and it was a good committed effort.

“Some young lads came in and they held their own.

“It was a real battle for us. There was some good movement and a couple of good finishes, which is always nice to see.

“A nice finish from Michael [Bulis], which is rare these days.

“Very happy, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season, basically.”

  • New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“Congratulations to Olympic. They scored two nice goals, but I thought it should have been over in the first half, when we should have scored at least four goals.

“We missed a penalty, but we fought back.

“I’m afraid it was Olympic’s day today, so I can’t say too much about that.”


9 Goal Attempts 13
3 Shots on Target 9
7 Corners 2
10 Fouls Committed 6
2 Off-Sides 2
2 (Saric 64, Nester 74) Yellow Cards 4 (Savage 12, McKeown 34, Leszczynski 42, Kent 60)
0 Red Cards 0

Hobart Olympic:

Larzabal 2 1
Bulis 2 1
Richardson 1 0
Mason 1 0
Kunwar 2 1
Lebski 1 0

New Town Eagles:

Gordon 1 0
McKeown 6 4
Leszczynski 2 2
Kavanagh 2 1
Malakoff 1 1
Kent 1 1


Dmitri Nester said...

Highlights of match attached:

Not sure how Leszczynski failed to collect even a yellow card for his challenge in the second half.

Have eagles been getting tips from Corey Smith with there tackles.

Pauly said...

A good win for the boys, we grinded out the result which is what u have to do sometimes. I agree first half eagles should have scored on a couple of occassions but it was a fairly even first half overall i thought. 2nd half they had no answers and failed to cope with Mr. Tsakiris off side trap. Stats read only 2 offsides??? dont think that is correct walter my friend. It was exactly the response the club was looking 4 after last week, heart,determination, team effort and a win most importantly. Dim man of the match also to answer some of the critics & idiotic comments posted after last week.
Question: Who is the best keeper in southern Tassie? or top 3?

olympic9 said...

Just watched the highlights. Eagles are still dirty, a lescyczynski keeping the family tradition going, can't play or score from a penalty and what a goal bulis. Goal of the year in Tasmania.

CIZZA said...

Swing and round abouts boys. Eagles pinched a win first round and now the tables get turned. I just hope and pray that Uni go down.
Oly 9, so Alex had a off night, one on ones with keepers will always be contentious, the second one looked a tad play acting but ref saw it better than most so his call.
Your comment about keeping up a family trandition smacks of you being simple, if this is the case I feel sorry for you. Daggie and Dreamer have been hacked down by oposition defenders for years without retaliating or carrying on (a fair bit of it from olympic players eg sherman and berwick if memory serves me correctly). Maybe you and I could learn something from that ?????

olympic9 said...

Your always going to get tackled hard by Berwick and some of the hack tackles were over dramatised due to the dives they took being afraid of being cleaned up ball and all. Good players who had players around them that gave them great service. I could never learn much from an eagles player though. Maybe stoddart, how to cry when you lose to Olympic.

CIZZA said...

Oly 9 - i presume you played at that level from your attitude ?
so I would say looking into the fft statistic after a few burbons from when I was born in 1967 you would have done a hell of a lot more crying than I and my mates Daggie and Stoddy ????
olympic won 2 titles -67 and 68 and Eagles 10 - 77 78 86 88 89 90 91 85 96 97.
Before any one else starts I know it will be a while before either wins again.
Juve sorry zebras to win this year.
Brain Robert to judge if i got the numbers wrong.

olympic9 said...

96 was Olympic, always loved playing Eagles and they were entertaining games. And I think your right about the next few years.

olympic9 said...

I think 86 or 87 was Olympic as well from memory.

CIZZA said...

oly 9 - yep stand corrected.
87 what a year hobart city expelled and kingston cannons sorry rapid still in the top flight. Times have changed and so has the standard. Not for the better unfortunatly.
God. Im starting to get a tear in my eye next I'll start to cry and remember dnipro. btw who the hell were wayatinah (early 60's) before my time. Maybe Walter or Brian know

Krauser said...

well ill go first on the keeper question lol
i think when pitchy is on his game he's the best he may slap at a few balls as ppl point out but even cech has become a slapper and as for the other 2 who knows really...
having seen the second choice clarence keeper afew times i rate him but yeh dont think anyone stands out.

extasplayer said...

Olympic9, Let me set the record straight. You won the 96 final 5 series, or I mean you stole it. If I recall in the last 2 mins of the game, Olympic got a corner. Matthew Sly held back our keeper by the arm to stop his run, and Trevor Carson scored with a header. We had you guys on toast, and it was through cheating that got you that cup. But let me remind you about 1997, or should I, everyone knows what happened that year dont they, but I will tell you anyway, we took the lot. Now about Stoddy, Dreamer, and Daggy, if you where as half as good as them, then you would know how to play. Lets say you could, then you would also have to deal with the rest of the Eagle side. If you think about it, a bit much to handle wouldnt you say. But enough of that, when you have a free min, tell me about your medals, and then I will tell you about mine. Have you got ALL DAY.

This comment has been removed by the author.
olympic9 said...

extasplayer - is that you jonesy? From memory you were cut about the winner in 96. I can see why now. Unfortunately the final 5 serious was were the winner were crowned premiers in that year. I don't agree with it, but it happened. I didn't do to bad in my time in the league 99 goals from 119 games all competitions. That was my job and pretty sure I scored more than stoddy, dreamer and daggy every year in the league I played.

Spider said...

Hey cizza and extasplayer seems the scars are still their after all those years

chris tsakiris said...

were goals in training included in the 99 goals....haha

i know who you are now, good to see you are still around

#13ronniejones said...

olympic9 i can assure you its not me, adam jones. I just read these comments and get a good giggle. They were really good times back around the 94 to 99 years some top teams and some great games. Lets not go back and live on past glories.

olympic9 said...

Been watching for a long time mate. Always keep an eye on the results.