Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quarterfinalists decided in Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy matches

Four southern and four northern sides qualified for the quarterfinals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy state-wide competition today.

Clarence United, University, Glenorchy Knights and Hobart Zebras are through from the south, while northern outfits Somerset, Northern Rangers, Riverside Olympic and Prospect Knights were successful.

A first-half strike by Andy Barron and a second-half penalty by Luke Cripps gave Clarence a 2-0 away win over Devonport City at Valley Road.

A second-half goal by Jade Clay gave the Knights a 1-0 win over trophy-holder South Hobart, at South Hobart.

South lost goalkeeper Sam Kruijver with a dislocated shoulder after only five minutes following an aerial clash with Corey Smith.

Tom Sherman’s cross from the left in the 51st minute found Clay, whose first shot was parried by replacement keeper Mark Moncur, but Clay netted from the rebound.

Goals by Nick Reed, Garry Hamilton, Toby Skene and James Nettleton gave Somerset a 4-1 win over Hobart Olympic, who replied through Emmanuel Tsakiris.

Andrew Nicholson have Northern Rangers a 1-0 half-time lead away to Ulverstone, whole second-half strikes by Todd Hingston and Mark Ambrose sealed the game.

Ethan Olner, with two goals, and one apiece by Colin Jackson, Ben Taylor and Stephen Gulbrandson saw Riverside Olympic down the visiting Nelson Eastern Suburbs 5-1. Tom Gordon netted Nelson’s consolation goal.

Beachside held Hobart Zebras to a goalless opening half before Brayden Pace fired Zebras ahead in the 57th minute.

Jayden Welch then netted twice for the visitors to make it 3-0 before Colin Wain pulled a goal back for Beachside a minute from the end.

Ricky Self got on to the end of an Aaron Brazendale corner in the final minute and headed Zebras’ fourth.

Eddie Opira gave University a 1-0 lead at half-time against New Town Eagles at Clare Street, but Adam McKeown equalised to take the game into extra-time.

A penalty shoot-out decided the outcome after there was no further score and University won that showdown 3-1 through successful spot-kicks by the experienced trio of Nigel Blundell, Aaron Hindmarsh and Iain Fletcher.

Wade Savage was the only successful penalty taker for Eagles, with Alex Gordon, Mark Page and McKeown having their efforts saved by Hamish Peacock.

University’s Bryn Griffiths was denied by Eagles keeper Craig Minty for University’s only miss.


heartbreak said...

G'day Walter,
just confirming my email address

tasblue said...

Please tell us all that the South's keeper's dislocated shoulder was an accident.

Brian Roberts said...

Glad to see no cricket scores this round , the standards must be improving. .

jerrie kruijver said...

tasblue,sam told me he just landed awkwardly after the challenge.the pity is that he is the third keeper in good form being injured.hopefully we see nathan pitchford,andrew savage and sam soon back on the park

Richard Bladel said...

Really rotten luck for Sam Kruijver, I do hope he recovers soon, shoulder injuries can be nasty and take ages to heal. It was indeed an accident, just a 50/50 ball. South seem to lose a player to injury every game.

Richard Bladel said...

While we're on a goalkeeping note - it seems to have slipped under everybody's radar that Uni's goalkeeper, Hamish Peacock saved THREE penalties yesterday to win his team the game. Now THAT'S excellent 'keeping! Well done, son..

jerrie kruijver said...

amen richard

Tommy said...

Hope Sam gets better soon, he's a tough bugger too, I recall a game years ago when he was about 16, dislocated his knee making a save, he popped it back in and kept on playing!

Walter said...


Hamish Peacock's efforts are mentioned in the report. He did very well, indeed.

Van djik said...

Great win from the knights!Turning to youth again, im sure kelly will be happy when he returns... Lets see if they can show there fight again this weekend!

I thought Uni keeper Hamish Peacock had given up soccer for athletics? Anyhow a wonderful peformance! 3 saves!!!!! Uni starting to hit there straps pehaps? will take someting special to avoid relegation..

Good to see Beachside looking they can match it with the top sides, goaless first half and some late goals..Interesting to see how they fend against taroona this weekend?

Early tip for the Vic tuting... Luke Cripps

Kev said...

Hamish was just playing safe over the past two seasons and ensuring he was injury free.

In 2007 he represented Australia in the World Youth Athletics Championships proving himself to be no. 3 in the world in that age group in the javelin.

Last year he again represented Australia, this time in the World Junior Championships competing against guys in an older age group but again with a fantastic performance coming in fifth.

Now I ask you, what would be your preference, play football at a club level or represent your country in a world Championship?

Anonymous said...

i'm a lover of the world game so i would prefer to play football than athletics at international level.

Kev said...

I'm sure we all would, but do you really think you will get that opportunity to play at that level???

jerrie kruijver said...

kev anyone who has a chance and the talent to excell at any sport should grab it.hamish made the right choice

Neutral said...

big call on the vic tuting van djik. Cripps doesnt have what it takes to win a vic medal. his goals are average at best and i dont believe him to be vote winner from the officials.

would love to see him get up, kind of like richo in the bronlow. unfortunately more like 4 votes for the season.

crosswell to win the count and miss out, charlie white is due and maybe even kostas or gary upton. but sorry clarence fans, not going to happen.

Charlie White said...

Neutral, appreciate the support, however I think my best chances of winning have been and gone, best years that I had were won by Shep and Roach, so no problems with those two winners. I agree, I don't thik Cripps will win, does not have an overall game per say that would attract votes, he has scored a few goals though and been very important for Clarence. I think Crossa is the best player in the competition and will probably win it, leaving whoever does win it with a slightly tarnished win. Thems the rules though.

Walter said...

Charlie, you never know. Look at Ryan Giggs. He got the PFA Players' Player-of-the-Year award this season when he's a veteran and at the end of his career. He should have won it years ago if he was ever going to win it. Admittedly, the Vic Tuting is somewhat different, but you shouldn't write yourself off yet.

Tommy said...

Awards are an interesting concept do you give one to the best player in the league, or the one that helped their team the most? Goalkeepers and defenders are so overlooked in the first category but should rank highly in the second, e.g. Frank Mainella never got the kudos he deserves.

Best is a very contextual term.

Personally for mine, Crosser IS the best across all sorts of criteria.

I'd like to see some sort of peer award that all players should be eligble for regardless of suspensions. Surely they judged by their peers as the best should be recognised as the best?

Charlie White said...

Tommy - totally agree, I think there should be categories for peer voting such as goal keepers, defenders, midfielders, strikers so that great players who are never going to win VT awards (goalies and defenders) get recognised for being the best they can be in their position.

jerrie kruijver said...

charlie you might get nominated for father of the doing ok?

Captain said...

Don't write off Crispy.

Surely the refs will be giving him votes for hattricks and braces.

He has played very well this year.

coach said...

Another note on Hamish P, Last Saturday was his debut statewide game. He hasn't ever played at premier or reserve level.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Uni have shown improved form over last two matches, are they capable of stringing some wins together?
Or will there be no tense relegation battle at end of this year like there has been in previous seasons?
3 goals in 8 league matches is a terrible return. Some teams have regularly scored this amount in one half.