Saturday, March 20, 2010

Knights ride to second victory in two outings

Photo: New Town Eagles starting eleven versus Knights [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League, KGV Park, Friday, 19 March 2010


Glenorchy Knights 4 (J Sherman 16 pen, 23, 43, C Smith 45+1)

New Town Eagles 3 (A McKeown 26, A Leszczynski 45+4, C Wass 87)

HT: 4-2 Att: 200 Ref: K Barker

Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Garth (Robb 80), Grundy, Holmes, J Huigsloot - J Sherman, White, Fielding, Clay - Smith (Roberts 71), Koroma (Hope 34) [Coach: Eamonn Kelly]

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Clark, Wass, Louden, Page - Whitehall (Kent 68), Menzie, Anderson, Strang (Vernon 68) - Leszczynski, McKeown [Substitutes not used: Clamp, Iqtadar] [Coach: George Krambousanos]


Glenorchy Knights are certainly scoring plenty of goals.

The four they notched in this game made it nine goals in two outings.

They are clear leaders at the top of the ladder, but they have played a game more than their closest rivals.

James Sherman netted a hat-trick for them in what was his last game for the club before he heads overseas.

Goalkeeper Alex Tatnell hardly covered himself in glory and the three goals he conceded were certainly preventable.

Indeed, Eagles’ third goal was given as an own-goal by Tatnell by referee Kim Barker, although Eagles captain and 150-game man Chris Wass is claiming it.

Wass certainly had a memorable match in what was a significant personal milestone for him. He gave away a penalty, received a yellow card, put the Knights’ Amadu Koroma out of the game with a tackle, and scored a goal.

Danny White, who played very deep in midfield, had the first chance for the Knights when he volleyed over the bar from range in the 10th minute.

Ben Whitehall fired the first shot in anger for Eagles, placing his 12th-minute effort straight at Tatnell.

Knights took the lead in the 16th minute from a penalty, awarded for Wass’s foul on Koroma after a beautiful build-up by Knights involving a defence-splitting pass by Corey Smith and a neat lay-off by Jade Clay.

Sherman scored easily with his spot-kick, placed to Nathan Pitchford’s right.

It was 2-0 in the 23rd minute when Koroma beat Andrew Clark on the left and crossed to the far post, where Sherman’s downward header bounced over Pitchford and nestled in the far top corner of the net.

Eagles pulled a goal back in the 26th minute when Steve Louden played a long ball into the box from deep on the right. Tatnell was unprotected and slow off his line, enabling Adam McKeown to power a header home while unchallenged.

James Hope came on for the injured Koroma in the 34th minute and added more of an aerial threat to the Knights’ attack.

Knights made it 3-1 in the 43rd minute following a disappointing free-kick from the left by White, the ball cannoning off the wall. But, Eagles were slow to react and, when the ball rebounded to White, he floated a cross towards the penalty spot and Jacob Huigsloot headed it down for Sherman to ram home.

A minute into stoppage time at the end of the first half, Josh Fielding’s free-kick from the left was headed down by Hope and Smith hammered it past Pitchford to make it 4-1 for the Knights.

The scoring in the first half was not over yet, though. In the 4th minute of stoppage time, Tatnell allowed a long-range shot from McKeown to slip from his grasp and roll through his legs, presenting Alex Leszczynski with the easiest of tap-ins to put his side back in contention at 4-2.

Knights almost had a fifth four minutes after the resumption, but Michael Anderson cleared Hope’s shot off the line to concede a corner.

Eagles coach George Krambousanos replaced Whitehall and Simon Strang with Jamie Vernon and Shane Kent in the 68th minute. Strang showed his displeasure by ripping off his shirt as he strode to the change rooms.

Smith then received a yellow card for deliberate handball, prompting coach Eamonn Kelly to substitute him three minutes later with Will Roberts.

Josh Fielding missed an easy chance for Knights in the 83rd minute when he gained possession on the corner of the 6-yard box on the left, but he fired high and wide of the target.

A minute later, Tatnell did well to turn Leszczynski’s shot wide for a corner.

With three minutes remaining, a free-kick from the left by Kent was headed home by Wass to make it one goal the difference, but Knights hung on for the three points.


· Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“We certainly weren’t polished.

“You can never underestimate White Eagles.

“Their goals were from distance and they should not have been allowed to shoot from such range.

“It was good to see James Sherman get a hat-trick in his last game for us and it’ll be a big hole to fill.”

· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“We gave them a couple of easy goals and it’s hard to go in at half-time 4-2 down and come back.

“I was very pleased with the second half, but disappointed with the last 20 minutes of the first half.

“I felt we could have drawn the match but probably not pinched it.”


chris jones said...
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chris jones said...

anyone who rips their shirt off in frustration, especially when they have been in the team for 5 minutes like strang has, deserves a liverpool kiss. i hope wassy gave him a spray in the changerooms, and strang gets a lengthy spell on the sidelines, and if eagles had a couple more players i doubt he'd even be playing ressies

Anonymous said...

go Garthy

Anonymous said...

Go Garthy

Anonymous said...

dont you mean googsy fatboy or alex Leszczynski? they both looked on the unfit side. Kent played well when he came on. set up a goal and created a few chances for eagles. p.s corey smith is a beaver

Anonymous said...

When is Ben Peter back? Tatnell was a disgrace last night.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

2.11min in vid, love it Garthy

Anonymous said...

Best players, Sherman and Fielding.

Worst players, Strang, Garth, and Tatnell.

Anonymous said...

2.42 that is a very bad tackle, should of seen a red, Wassy was trying to injure him and he did, Armadu left the field after that.

Anonymous said...

NTE can't afford a clash strip?

Hmmm white & red top with white shorts v whited & red top with white shorts, great for the fans!

2 of the worst goalkeeping performanes I've seen in a while, topped off by NTE's feigning injury, and both blaming defenders for their own errors. People say one of them is the best in the state? Hardly!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe it was an Eagles home game so I suppose the Knights should of had a change of shorts?

Cahill said...

fielding one of the best? ...please he was for me were sherman for knights and mckeown for eagles......
votes for me prob:
3: sherman
2: mckeown
1: holmes

leszczynski is hardly fat at all....hes just built

Anonymous said...

Sherman 3
Mckeown 2
Can't really think of anyone else who played well for a vote.

Anonymous said...

well leszczynski looks very unfit to start and didnt make an impact on the game

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54, are you actually serious?

One-Eighty. said...

Scappy affair, hard earned for three points in the end. Strang, did the bloke actually play? Went missing. Why didn't Kelly bring a reserve player up instead of playing a fringe winger at full back in Tony's absence? Silly. Garht was not up to it, played terribly. Needs to have more faith in his reserves. Good game to go out to for Sherman. Tatnell very ordinary. Harsh on Pitchford however, in my eyes still the best.

Anonymous said...

at least tatnel came out for balls

pitchy was terrible on the high ball, and should have done better on sherman's goals.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.58, yes he is a beaver, a goalscoring beaver who readily makes eagles look like the 2nd rate team that they are, enjoy division 1 next year eagles

jerrie kruijver said...

in the interst of fairness and common courtesy anonymus should not be allowed to use peoples real name when commenting on their performances on the anonymus comments should read like this:both anonymus were a disgrace in goal,anonymus is a beaver,when will anonymus be back?anonymus was a disgrace last night etc etc etc.a journalist has to sign his name to whatever he writes,a letter in the paper wont be printed unless you identify yourself so come out from hiding,stop your gutless sniping and take responsibility for your comments.even better come up with positive ideas and get something costructive going

Anonymous said...

votes -
sherman 3
sherman 2
sherman 1

all for his goals as other than that every player on both sides were rubbish...... eagles will struggle this year and knights should have hammered them when you think that not one of those eagles players would start at knights

Anonymous said...

I loved Krambo's little seat he had on the sideline it was almost taller than him

Anonymous said...

how is the pathetic yellow card smithers receives? he got his legs kicked off all game and then gets a card for something petty like that

Les Murray said...

player assessments

tatnell - worst game at the club
garth - out of position, can hold head up for effort
holmes - unusually out of this one, not his best
grundy - communication fell apartt at back, usually marshalls?
huigsloot - solid and one of the best........again
clay - not at his best but coming towards it again, knights will need him to lift
white - very deep? isn't he a striker?
fielding - that extra year took its toll
sherman - clinical
smith - rarely touched it, not his best
koroma - looked good early until he got scummed
hopes - looked dangerous
roberts - no impact, did job
robb - no impact, did job

Pitchford - was not at his best first game back
Clark - under rated and will only improve
Wass - butcher nothing more
Louden - was no good 10 yrs ago, nothing changed
Page - rivals adam mcintyre as worst senior player ever
Whitehall - non existant
Kent - Nelson...we found out who ate all the pies
Menzie - who is menzie walter? Anderson - who is anderson? did these two play?
Strang - most entertaining contribution was his shirt removal
Vernon - little time to make an impact
Leszczynski - strong, dangerous but too lazy
McKeown - eagles best but not enough shown

kelly - annoyed with his troops

krambo - once again flattered to get so close but out coached

Anonymous said...

les murray is corey smith

Anonymous said...

krambo wasnt out coached.
if kelly made a few diff selections then knights would have won by 5 goals.

tats needs to go. he is no good. to much of a pussy.


J Sherman. thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Krambo was not outcoached. Knights wouldn't have only won by a goal if,

1) Kelly actually plays his best squad, too many are sitting in reserves. Garth at full back for the injured bloke? Why not bring up a reserve who CAN play that position, Garth was in no mans land the whole game. He has no defencive qualities.

2) Plays a CDM, instead of two attacking players in middle of park. Fish and White, both are attacking players. Need a holding player, Huigsloot or Tony D would probably do the best job.

3) Wakes up, and realises Garth and Robb are not senior material.

Anonymous said...

*** i forgot to mention Knights would have one by alot more, if Kelly does those things.

Anonymous said...

Beaver lucky not to get a card earlier for diving cant help himself but do stupid things to make himself look even stupider i know its hard but he trys. Whats hapened to marshy has he left the state?? Y's he not playing i know he's not as good as he thinks. But come on the ammount of trash he talks on here he thinks he's a super star, lay off the pies m8 there startin to show

Anonymous said...

bit harsh on garth played some really qaulity balls into the box in second half very dangerous .where are yuo playing anon3.43 div 4 underacheiving again boss man .funny how you have a hate session with yourself with those two boys in particular.obviously ek thinks they can play and yes i would say he knows a bit more about the game than you.defensive .spellcheck idiot

Anonymous said...

marsh is injured will b back in 2 or 3 weeks

Anonymous said...

kelly seemed pleased with garth .first game as defender will learn from last night allways tries hard cant ask for much more .still developing.

Anonymous said...

Garthy will always give 100% Best qualities are attacking but has speed, endurance and good skills and has a RHG. Go Garthy ...

Anonymous said...

Garth is overated. Should have been in U19 last year for Clarence but Franco kept him up. Not a smart player, just puts his head down and runs until there's no more space

Anonymous said...

Knights were very lucky... seriously benny P hurry the hell up and get your finger right will you, tatnell is such a muppet.

Anonymous said...

Franco knows what he's doing - so that's a plus for young Brendan.

There's a bunch of talented teenagers around following FFT full time programs and their biggest obstacles are ignorance of others (thankfully not coming from the coaching ranks) and trying to play to their ability amongst many other senior players that can't match their technical and passing skills.

This is why Jim Pennicott has flourished so much cos he hasn't experienced that problem at South Hobart.


Anonymous said...

zebras 3-2 Walsh hat trick
south 1-0

Anonymous said...

well there goes 90 thou down the sink hehe

Anonymous said...

rumour has it that tatnell spent the day at the local hardware store drinking concreate

toyota1 said...

well said captain good too see there is a thinking man here .reality

Anonymous said...

3.00 min garth brilliant tackle!

Anonymous said...

Garth for Premier

Anonymous said...

Les Murray, agree Tatnell was very shakey, not good enough for a seniors game and agree Ben Peter should return ASAP. Pitchford can only improve from here, after a year out of the game i believe he is well on track. Corey Smith seems lost up front without Koroma. Knights will miss Sherman. Eagles defence very strong, agree Clarke to be under rated and a good assett to any club. Disagree, Page good strong defender, quick, might not have been best game. Unsure as to what Strang was thinking, made no impact. The likes of Vernon should have been bought on earlier to have an impact on the game as he showed during the summer cup. James Hopes for Knights and Shane Kent for eagles, similar players, both unfit and lazy, not to premier league standard.