Thursday, March 18, 2010

Premier promises South Hobart $90,000

Photos (Top to Bottom): Premier David Bartlett and wife Larissa arrive at Wellesley Park this evening and are filmed by an SBS Television crew; Bartlett discusses matters in the South Hobart club rooms with (from left) Vicki Woods, John Barker and Rod Hill; The Premier demonstrates his skills with a ball; Bartlett prepares to shoot at goal (extreme left of picture); Morton Soccer School in training; Morton demonstrates what he wants from his players; South Hobart's senior squad takes it all in, but it's a bit of a yawn for Kostas Kanakaris [PlessPix]

Premier David Bartlett has promised South Hobart $90,000 if his government is re-elected on Saturday.

Bartlett pledged the money when he attended a Morton Soccer School training session this evening.

The Premier said the money would be used to refurbish the South Hobart club rooms, provide extra lighting for the ground, and to make Wellesley Park a suitable home for the Morton Soccer School.

He inspected the club rooms and also went out on the pitch to demonstrate his own soccer skills to the assembled youngsters.

He scored a fine goal at one stage.

Several of the youngsters also demonstrated impressive skills for the Premier.


Dalles Hayes said...

What about the small regional clubs that have nothing, no lights, no change rooms, nothing. Thanks...for nothing!

behind play said...

Well that is just brilliant Mr Bartlett and should generate about 100 votes and lose the rest of the football community. Personally I'd prefer that money to go towards a new midlands highway. LOL

The Teacher said...

Any funding for soccer is good down here, I don't care who it goes to aslong as it helps develope some good players.

Punnet said...

The teacher.. I agree with you, at least it's money for football(soccer). If some of the other clubs got off their bums rather than wating for money or sponsorship, then they too might get money. How many of the clubs have a person on their committee that just looks after sponsereship.... i bet not many. Stop complaining everyone that someone gets something that your club didnt. I know it took Hockey Tasmania a long time to get their money. See what happens when you have people with drive and passion for their sport and not just looking after themselves.

Own Goal said...

David Bartlett just lost my vote, what about all the other clubs. The ground (I believe)belongs to Hobart City Council not South Hobart soccer club so any money should go improvements for all HCC grounds or if it is earmarked for football(soccer) it should go to FFT for distribution.
I'd like to know where all this money is coming from!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it - We the soccer community whinge that we have no money no voice and no interest from the political parties. First sign that a club is actually doing something and the hateful comments fly.

ALl of us are playing the same game and we all play against one another. You don't hear Hockey carry on like school yard children when anohter club does something good. Get over yourselves and look beyond your own back yard.

The only way we can improve our sport is one step at a time. Look at the clubs in the North of the state that have had 100's of $1000's given to them because they are in marginal seats. Let's be thankful at least someone is getting funds in the South.

We can't rely on FFT to do it for us. So good on you South for at least having a go. Its good for all of us. My vote has now changed.

To "own goal" yes the community owns the ground so all the work South will do I imagine will be at the risk of someone else coming in to take it over (like Olympia) but it you don't risk you don't flourish.

Tommy said...

Well done South Hobart, at least they had the courage to approach Government and others for funding.

If more people in the community concentrated their energy within their club rather than attacking the likes of South Hobart then they too might get some funding.

I think New Town Eagles were speaking with Bartlett at one point about funding - good on them as well.

I can't believe the number of people that get on here and make snide remarks about other clubs successes.

Anonymous said...

Why are people talking about hockey? Isn't this website about football?

fft are irrelevant said...

why are we talking about hockey? wake up! the sport is half the size of ours if not smaller and has 10 times the profile! why? because they have a bit of schmick unlike fft!!! Own Goal - what are you on about? give to FFT for distribution? what? like the 800k they have received for junior soccer and distributed fairly? no-one sees it if it goes to them so lets face it, the future is away from FFT

Anonymous said...

"To "own goal" yes the community owns the ground so all the work South will do I imagine will be at the risk of someone else coming in to take it over (like Olympia) but it you don't risk you don't flourish."

"Like Olympia" What the hell is that in reference to? They have never has a home ground for any length of time.

Observer said...

Agree with "fft are irrelevant". I think FFT have a lot to answer for. It is about time the clubs called a meeting and demanded to know how and where this $800k has been spent. It is not unreasonable to expect an explanation. And to you, Anon at 1.32 , there is no rumblings from hockey clubs because all the money has gone to the sport and the controlling body has developed a complex , which is as good as any in the world, for all the clubs to use.Why would anyone complain about that ?
What has happened with the Showgrounds development ??? NOTHING !!!

Anonymous said...

Hockey Tas put no money into coachong with clubs but only into building an iternational standard complex which brings international games.Hockey clubs have hardly any accredited coaches and hope that someone will be spoted.In saying that, clubs need to pull there fingers out and get coaches qualified, and not with FFT but go to mainland and get real educators and not pretenders who dictate and suck us dry.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon:Being connected with hockey and football I saw a session at hockey centre recently and 30 kids to one coach and some kids did not hit a ball for up to 3 min during one drill and coach did not even realise. Half hour later was at kids football session and coach had complete control with 12 kids and they did not lose interest for 1 and a half hours. Proves that some clubs are on right track, quality coaches will make a differance.At the moment Clubs are the driving force behind developing of kids and not FFT. Flush out the rubbish and start again.

Dalles Hayes said...

Hi all, 'the teacher' and 'punnet', have you guys been involved in community football on a small scale? It certainly doesn't feel like it. My beef is not with South Hobart as I think they are doing an excellent job at promoting football in Tasmania. My beef is with David Bartlett in thinking he can pledge $90, 000 of taxpayers money purely for votes alone without being accountable to how that affects tas football!!

Unknown said...

a typically cynical political move by a desperate man.

Richard Bennett said...

they hunt in packs jean piere because bartlett was only matching what will hodgman had already pledged the week before to SHFC.

Richard Bennett said...

the point about funding is the same about sposorship you don't get any unless you can convince people that the money is in proffessional hands and spent for the right reasons.
hence a proffessional proposal and a project that will benefit the community generally and in this case young footballers.
it is welcome news and highlights deficiencies at other clubs which they could address if they have the will to do so but in particular the FFT.
I understand though what dallas is saying there should be a way for small developing clubs to get accessto outside funding and that is where the FFT should be playing a role.
if a club like woodbridge came to the FFT with a sound proposal how much assistance would they get to improve their facilities or their junior development?
give the result of the election maybe the greens are the party to approach.

Long Memory said...

Richard, you may be right. After all, Nick McKim was a junior regional representative in soccer in his younger days.