Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lions unlucky not to beat Zebras

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tilford Zebras starting line-up; Kingborough Lions United senior squad; Referee Sean Collins welcomes Zebras captain Andrew Telega for the toss as officials Patrick Galloway and Michael Sprod, and Lions captain Marcello Marchioli look on; Lions keeper David Leamey punches clear; Lions' Greg Freeman is congratulated on his goal by Brett Andrews; Zebras' Daniel Lapolla slips the ball inside for Andrew Telega to score; Lapolla is congratulated by team-mates for his 'assist'; The Lions' Michael Palmer (right) asks questions of his team-mates as Leamey picks the ball out of the net; Zebras' Daniel Lapolla controls the ball as the Lions' Marc Iseli moves in; The Zebras' Jayden Welch on the run past the Lions' Ryan Bevan; Former Zebras star Sergio Pace must be thinking: 'Gee, I was faster than that' as Leamey collects the ball ahead of Matt Hall; Daniel Lapolla shields the ball from Andrew Davies; Lapolla tangles with Tom McDonald; The Lions' Brett Andrews gets a pass in just ahead of Ryan Smith [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (KGV Park, Sunday, 28 March 2010)


Tilford Zebras 1 (A Telega 12)

Kingborough Lions United 1 (G Freeman 4)

HT: 1-1 Att: 100 Ref: S Collins

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Fagg, Telega, Smith, K Engels - D Cox, Self, Walsh (Young 70), Welch - D Lapolla (L Engels 70), Hall [Substitutes not used: Fisher, Voss] [Coach: Romeo Frediani]

Kingborough Lions United: Leamey - Palmer, Davies, Lucas (Schuth 38), R Hinkley - Bevan, Marchioli, Iseli, Freeman (T Pearce 87) - McDonald, Andrews [Substitutes not used: Brown, Nugteram] [Coach: Geoff Freeman]


Kingborough Lions United deserved to win this game purely on the chances.

And, they also had cause to question some key decisions that went against them.

For example, in the 79th minute, the Zebras’ last defender, Ryan Smith, appeared to foul Joel Schuth just outside the box as the Kingborough player raced for goal. Mr Collins waved play on when a red card seemed warranted for Smith.

And, in the last minute, Zebras goalkeeper, Troy Kaden, dropped a cross from the left by Schuth and Brett Andrews fired the ball into the net, but Mr Collins had already blown his whistle for a foul on the keeper.

It seemed as if Kaden may have collided with a team-mate, but in any case, no goal was awarded and Kaden took the free-kick.

No wonder Kingborough coach Geoff Freeman had a wry smile on his face when interviewed after the match.

Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, when asked to comment on the foul on Schuth and the play-on decision, said that Schuth’s legs ‘were left behind’ after the incident.

Kingborough took the lead in the 4th minute when a back-pass by Henry Fagg put Kaden in trouble. The keeper had no option but to try and head the ball clear, but the ball fell to the lurking Greg Freeman, who rounded Kaden and scored.

Ross Hinkley almost added a second for the visitors in the 8th minute, but his powerful shot was directed straight at Kaden.

Zebras drew level in the 12th minute after splendid work down the right by Daniel Lapolla, who rode a heavy tackle and stayed on his feet before squaring the ball inside for his captain, Andrew Telega, to shoot past keeper David Leamey.

Telega had a marvellous game for Zebras, saving his side on several occasions with timely interventions and also going close to scoring with a couple of headers from set-pieces.

The second half was a mere five minutes old when Kingborough’s Ryan Bevan shot narrowly past the left-hand post.

In the 62nd minute, a free-kick by Hinkley found Andrew Davies, who headed tamely at goal when he should have worked the keeper.

Seven minutes later, Bevan headed straight at Kaden following Schuth’s free-kick.

Zebras replaced Dwayne Walsh and Daniel Lapolla with Luke Engels and Adam Young 20 minutes from the end in an attempt to liven things up in attack, but it was the Lions who continued to set the pace.

In the 77th minute, Freeman broke through the middle and seemed certain to score, but he somehow fired wide.

Two minutes later came the controversy involving Smith and Schuth.

In the 85th minute, Luke Engels managed a fierce shot at goal, but it flew straight at Leamey.

A minute later, Freeman worked his way through the defence on the left of the box but his shot was straight at Kaden. The ball rebounded to Schuth, whose shot was blocked.

Freeman was replaced three minutes from the end by Trent Pearce.

Within seconds of the change, Zebras earned a corner, from which Telega headed narrowly wide.

The Lions thought they had the winner a minute from time when Kaden dropped Schuth’s cross, but joy turned to disappointment when Andrews’s effort was ruled out by the referee.

Marcello Marchioli almost headed into his own net from Fagg’s cross in the last minute, while in the fourth minute of stoppage time, Marchioli’s right-wing cross was headed over the bar by Bevan.


· Tilford Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, said:

“Pretty scrappy all the way around.

“I don’t think we took control of the game at all.

“There were some positives, but I think the negatives outweighed the positives.

“We’ll go back to training and do another hard week and see what we can come up with next week.”

· Kingborough Lions United coach, Geoff Freeman, said:

“I’m really disappointed with the result.

“I think we did enough to probably get a little bit more out of it.

“I think we were a little unlucky, and we rode our luck a little bit as well.

“Zebras definitely created opportunities, but I think we probably had the better opportunities and, if a few things had perhaps gone our way, then we probably could have won it.”


Anonymous said...

Any news on the drawa for the cup games on Easter Monday. Can't seem to find them on the FFT website. Is it just me or should this information be available given we are only a week away from the game????

Walter said...

Anonymous (11.15am), if you care to look at the Friday night results section of this blog you will see the complete draw for the Easter Monday cup games. They've been up on this blog since Friday evening.

Anonymous said...

what about game times though?

Anonymous said...

Would be interested to hear Sean Collins' view on 'that tackle' in the Zebras - Kingborough game.


His explanation at the time was that it was a fair tackle... Make up your own mind

You go girl! said...

Dear Bloggers,

I am very ashamed to be a reader of this blog and listen to continued abuse towards referees.

Sean Collins is one of the best in the game and has done more for Football in Tasmania than any other man in recent history on and off the park.

In Football terms he brings character and charisma to the game with his great sense of humours, re-pore with players and outfits such as the head band etc.

I personally would like to thank Sean for his contribution and hope he continues doing the fine job he is presently.

I watched the Zebras v Kingborough game and I can tell you that there were far more mistakes made by each single player than there were by the referee, yet still so many uneducated silly comments on here.

Vote 1 Sean Collins for CEO.

Anonymous said...

"You go girl" u have 2 be joking. if you watch the video of the game, especially that incident at 5.25 into the video, you shall see what is a text book straight red card. Yet he waved play on. It has everyone questioning how he could wave on such a clear foul.
He and no one else can justify it.

Inaun said...

You go girl -

"I watched the Zebras v Kingborough game and I can tell you that there were far more mistakes made by each single player than there were by the referee"

Are you having a laugh? If i made that many errors (and they weren't just basic errors, they were crucial decisions that appeared obvious at the time, and even more obvious now on the video) i wouldn't expect to get a game in the SPL the following week.

We're not playing at the highest level, and players understand this and accept that the refereeing won't be of the highest standard either and that they may, at times, have decisions that they don't agree with. What players don't accept and find infuriating is seeing the same people make the same decisions week in, week out, and still we get no change in personel.

You go girl, surely that tackle in the video should have been one of the easiest refereeing decisions to make...?

will said...

The reffing on sunday was terrible and cost kingborough the game, it was extremely poor. I played u19s earlier on and we didnt even have a ref. not good enough

jerrie kruijver said...

well if you want a change in personel and see better referees you better stop anonymus blogging and start refereeing and do a better job then the current referees.if not willing to do that put up and shut least the refs we have are having a go and it takes a lot of guts to do the job.

Anonymous said...

jerry there is nothing wrong with saying refs need to do better. mediocrity cannot be accepted

melikesfootball said...

My,My how we like to ref bash when our sides dont get the results. There is no way that a referee in an amutuer competition like that in Hobart would go out of their way to influence a result. Usually the team that takes its chances wins, despite how "bad" referee decisions are considered to be on the day.
So everyone should just grow up and just enjoy what ever standard is put in front of us, if you don't like it, there are plenty of other codes one can follow.

Anonymous said...

Yay, finally someone who's not an idiot commenting on referees in Tasmania. Isn't it funny how some clubs always blame the referees when they don't get results?

I'm not denying it was a red card but seriously Kingborough, take a look at yourselves. Who'd want to referee you? No wonder we don't have any referees left in Tasmania.

Completely agree with you go girl!

The players make millions more mistakes per game than the referee, yet you people are the first to blame the referee for losses and results that don't go your way. How about that one-on-one that Greg Freeman missed near the end of the game?! wow...

And well said Jerrie. If Tasmanian football had less 'anonymous' bloggers making malicious comments and more people making positive contributions - like Sean - we'd be a lot better off.

Referees do need some guts to have a go, especially when they are refereeing teams like this.


melikesfootball said...

To take it a little further, soccer in Southern tassie would be a lot worse off if people like sean collins were turned away from the game due to the negativity. Sean would have to be the fittest referee running around at the moment, he may not be the quickest, because age gets all of us in the end, but I would bet my last dollar that he would win any beep test performed.
Also, Sean has decided to commit a lot of his private time to volunteer to be on the Board and make some difficult and at times unpopular decisions. And Also, I believe that Sean is an employee of Forestry Tasmania, hence probably single handedly has recruited the number 1 sponsor to football in this state.
So for all the people that keep bagging refs and in particular Sean...Think again!
We can not afford to lose people like Sean.

Anonymous said...

Im looking at this from both points of view:

1) We all agree it was a foul, and a blatant red card, poor by Collins however, need to move on.

2) Strongly agree with Bearnapper and Me likes football. Even Jerrie. People need to lay off referees. Players are more faults for their errors. Who's to say Boro would have scored the resulting free kick anyway? Zebras would have stuck all men behind the ball and played for the draw if they got a red card.

the uni bombers past and present said...

Sean, you do occasionally baffle us but we still love you - ignore the naysayers old mate!