Sunday, March 14, 2010

Knights set the pace in opening round league action

Photos (Top to Bottom): Olympia's Jayden Wiggins fights for possession: That ball should be there any second now!; South Hobart's Daniel Brown in possession; Zebras' Henry Fagg clears with his head as South;s Jonathon Lo moves in [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights began their league campaign in style with a 5-1 thrashing of Clarence United at KGV Park on Friday evening.

And, the enfant terrible of Tasmanian football, Corey Smith, grabbed a hat-trick in the process.

Jade Clay and James Sherman were also on target for the Knights, while Chris Hunt replied for Clarence.

The biggest shock of the opening round came on Saturday afternoon when newly promoted Taroona downed Olympia Warriors 3-1 at home at Kelvedon Park.

Olympia opened the scoring in the 11th minute when Adam Powell played a sweeping pass out of defence to the right to Nick Meredith, whose cross was not dealt with by Taroona.

The ball fell to Fletcher Tracy, who hammered it past Taroona keeper Richard Nettlefold to give the visitors the lead.

Taroona refused to be cowered by the set-back, however, and midfielder Duncan Carey put them level in the 21st minute when he cut in from the right and placed a shot inside the far top corner of the net.

This inspired the home side and their vocal supporters and it came as no surprise when veteran Hugo Luttmer put Taroona in front six minute later.

Garry Hamilton worked his way into the Olympia penalty area and was upended, but Luttmer struck home the loose ball, negating the need for the referee, Ivan Jozeljic, to make a decision about a penalty.

Four minutes before the interval, Toby Dove added the third after the ball cannoned off the goalkeeper as he tried to block a pass and fell perfectly for the Taroona midfielder to stroke it into the net.

The Saturday evening game was at KGV Park, where reigning southern champion South Hobart took on Tilford Zebras.

A minute’s silence was observed before the game in honour of Luciano Longo, father of former Young Socceroo, Dominic Longo.

South Hobart dominated the early possession without being able to score and it was the Zebras who took a shock lead midway through the opening half when they were awarded a penalty by Kim Barker for Garry Upton’s trip on Jayden Welch.

South Hobart keeper Sam Kruijver blocked Ben Crosswell’s spot-kick, but the Zebras midfielder got to the rebound and scored.

Kostas Kanakaris and Jim Pennicott had missed chances for South earlier, but they were now up against a stubborn Zebras outfit that were determined to protect their lead.

It did not last long, however, and the sides were level in the 32nd minute. Kanakaris played a long ball from the left to the right, where the advancing fullback, Josh Heerey, gained possession.

Heerey cut the ball inside to Jonathon Lo, who controlled, turned and fired into the roof of the net to make it 1-1.

South could smell Zebras blood now, but try as they might, they were unable to find a winner.

Zebras keeper Troy Kaden turned a Kanakaris effort over the bar before the end, and South substitute David Abbott forced Kaden to get down to his near post to concede a fruitless corner.

Zebras also tested the South defence on a couple of occasions as Kruijver blocked at the feet of Welch and the same player also drove narrowly over the bar.

South's Liam Scott went off in stoppage time and has a suspected fractured elbow.


Old Man River said...

Taroona players in first photo (L-R): Llewyn Tubb, Ben Schaap, Duncan Carey

Second photo (L-R): Duncan Carey, Llewyn Tubb, Ben Schaap, Lucas Wyatt

smithers ol man said...

L'Enfant terrible (French term meaning Unruly Child) is a French expression. Traditionally, it meant a child who is terrifyingly candid by saying embarassing things to parents.

However, the expression has drawn multiple usage in careers of Art, Fashion, Music, and other Creative Arts. In these careers, it expresses a successful 'genius' who is very unorthodox, striking, and in some cases, offensive, or rebellious.

The Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edn., gives the definition: "A child who embarrasses his elders by untimely remarks; transf. a person who compromises his associates or his party by unorthodox or ill-considered speech or behaviour; loosely, one who acts unconventionally."

*The Webster's Dictionary also defines an enfant terrible as an unusually successful person who is strikingly unorthodox, innovative, and/or avant-garde.**

Walter im amused haaha which meaning did you intend the reference to...must be the last one

Anonymous said...

smithers old man - I think he meant that your son is a prat

smithers ol man said...

anonymous the only prats on here are gutless wonders like you who sit and degrade everyone that are infinitely better than you in all areas get real and go torment the dogs in the park -- hopefully one will bite you and we wont need your crap on here you born again loser
wow did u get to me -- naaa i just like listening to idiots to break my boredom hahaha

Walter said...

Now calm down, lads! My meaning was from Bill Bryson's "The Penguin Dictionary for Writers and Editors" (p115): 'troublesome young person; anyone of embarrassingly indiscreet or unruly behaviour.'


Anonymous said...

haha - smithers old man - walter just re-iterated what I

We can now all see where he gets it from!

Anonymous said...

walter this report and comments reel is an absolute joke. I could respond to that absolutely ridiculous remark but will refrain. credit where credit is due for once.

Anonymous said...

great writeup Walter keep it up

Walter said...

Anonymous (7.40pm), what are you on about? I'm having trouble reading between the lines. What exactly is a joke? Which part of the report don't you agree with? Oh, and if you'd use your real name we could have a proper debate.

Anonymous said...

not suspected its true. Liam Scott for South Hobart has a broken elbow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liam - get well soon :)

Anonymous said...

Did Liam finally have an opponent on the weekend or another cakewalk down the left hand side ?

go corey go corey said...

ok this post is late- kind of like tony d's and whites tackles. haha i just watched that replay, and i am a big tony d fan, he has to be happy with getting one yellow from 3 very high tackles. what a guy. there must have been something in the air at kgv. number 7 for clarence missed the easiest oppurtunity against tatnell, and i think both keepers were on hallucinogens.

corey- he deserves all the praise and critiscm he gets. good on danny for taking cough syrup and getting twisted before the game but seriously-

--- if a coach told his players to snap my leg if i were playing like browny did to corey. i thin he got off lightly. if collins was unhappy with corey, he must have had a word with browny

jerrie kruijver said...

walter we live in an anonymus gutless society now

Richard Bennett said...

agreed gerrie

as previous readers have said it's great to read walters reports and articles but a waste of time reading the comments.

Anonymous said...

Is wiggans wearing sand shoes in the picture?

Anonymous said...

They were on sale at Coles

Anonymous said...

COREY SMITH: "the enfant terrible of Tasmanian football" perfectly put walter!

not birdie- ronald said...

is j pennicott for south hobart in some kind of dare? does he get free mcdonalds for life for looking like ronald mcdonald all the time?

don revie said...

fair play to jimmy P, he can seriously play as demonstrated by him holding a spot in Kenny's senior lineup for a second season. Still only 16! IMHO he has outshone his contemporaries (Abbott, McIntyre, Barron, Walker, Di Falco etc.) since joining South.

ladder for browny said...

Anonymous said...

Sam Macca over that goose pennicott anyday, he is terrible.