Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday night results

Asian Champions League (Group H)

Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1-0 Adelaide United

(Hisato Sato 45+1)

Premier League Reserves (KGV Park)

Tasmanian Institute of Sport 4-1 Clarence United


gag said...

Crikey, this result seems to demonstrate just how much depth Clarence lost over the off-season.

Anonymous said...

nandan a star of the future

Anonymous said...

Or maybe shows how well the TIS played. Great game to watch.

behind play said...

Interesting Results the TIS have been having, especially when you consider the number of DIV1 Bashers that get on their high horse and reckon that PL Res is the 2nd best comp in the south and how Div1 is a joke

TIS Results so far this season
Clarence 4:1 win
Olympia 3:1 Win
Zebras 2:2
Sth Hob 5:1 loss

DIV1 Summer Cup
Hobart United 3:1 loss
Beachside 1:1 (win on P's)
Nelson 2:1 win
Metro 4:1 loss

Read into it what you will, but I would suggest that if this was a horse race, then DIV1 has it's nose in front

Anonymous said...

The TIS certainly displayed that they have some good skills and move the ball around quickly, however they still make many fundamental mistakes when trying to pass around too much.

They did deserve to win this game, but Clarence put in a very poor performance and didn't make the most of the chances they had.

Anonymous said...

Behind play

Tis never played Nelson. They beat huonville 10 nil. Also know coach played younger squad members in summer cup

Anonymous said...

It appears that the teams put out on a Wednesday night may not be the same as the Saturday teams. Is this due to player availability?

Unknown said...

tis did play nelson in the final round robin game, and won the match 2 to 1 as reported by behind the play. tis also did beat huon 10nil, but huon are a div 3 team, and played in the summer cup only and then back to div 3 for the season, they also lost heavily to nelson and metro. i also think the results of the tis v prem reserves teams are interesting. all credit to the tis, i'm not surprised they are going well, they are a good side. m roach nelson.

Anonymous said...

Get with the program everyone!

The TIS are playing in Premier Reserves on Wednesday nights and are essentially an U17 team.

The FFT State U15's are playing in the Div1 comp on saturdays.

Two separate and different teams.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.11
I don't think anyone is talking about the U15's. I think you need to update your own program as the TIS played in DIV1 Summer Cup, not the State U15's

anonymous said...

Nandan is a great young talent.
good futre ahead.

the floater said...

The TIS is improving every week. We beat them first game of the year but the TIS was without their normal keeper and one of the Foley boys so were under strength. I watched them beat Clarence on Tuesday night because I like watching them play. I like the way they keep possesion and often play one touch. My understanding that apart from a couple of 16 year olds and 4 or 5 15 year olds the rest are only 14 with one boy aged 13 who played on Tuesday. They are a young team who deserve our support.

gag said...

My original point was based on the fact that the TIS struggled to beat Clarence U19's last year in that comp but now without Nandan, Williams, Lovell and Cronk who have since left the TIS, they still easily beat Clarence's Ressies. It says more about Clarence and its diminished depth than TIS's quality to me. As for the nuff nuffs beating this up into a 'Div 1 is better argument', get real!

Anonymous said...

2*17 + at least 4*16 in TIS.

No doubt TIS is playing at a higher level despite loss of Sweeney, Nandan and Cronk who all withdrew this year.

Shows the regular competition is helping.

Also have to agree that Clarence has lost significant depth from last season.