Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time for Summer Cup finals

Photos (Top to Bottom): Sean Collins will referee the Premier League Summer Cup final; Patrick Galloway will be in charge of the Premier Reserves Summer Cup final; South Hobart striker Kostas Kanakaris will be expected to produce goals; Knights keeper Alex Tatnell has yet to be beaten in the tournament; South Hobart coach Ken Morton supervising training at Wellesley Park during the week [PlessPix]

Matthew Brown is the only doubtful starter for South Hobart when they take on Glenorchy Knights in the Summer Cup final at 7pm at KGV Park on Saturday.

The defender, a former Knights player, suffered a corked thigh in last weekend’s 1-0 win over New Town Eagles.

Brown has been having intensive treatment but may not be fit in time.

Josh Heerey has not trained because of a cold but should be available for selection.

South Hobart coach Ken Morton has great respect for Knights and realises that it will not be an easy game, even though Knights will be without their coach, Eamonn Kelly.

“The last time they beat us they were without Eamonn,” said Morton.

“They have an excellent midfield featuring Josh Fielding, James Sherman and Danny White, while Amadu Koroma is bright up front.

“It’ll be a difficult game for us.”

Kelly is in Newcastle attending a wedding.

Knights will also be without assistant coach Nick Harrison, so the team will be coached from the bench by Ben Peter and on the field by skipper Josh Fielding.

Harrison will be at a rowing regatta in the north of the State with his son.

Knights will be without defender Tony Dzelalija, who is suspended after being sent off against Kingborough last Sunday.

Neither South Hobart nor Glenorchy Knights has conceded a goal in the tournament, and both were undefeated in reaching the final.

South have scored seven and Knights have netted five, but these have been against different opponents, of course, as South were in Group A and Knights in Group B.

The Reserves Summer Cup final is also between Glenorchy Knights and South Hobart and kicks off at 3pm.

The women’s Summer Cup final, commencing at 5pm, is between Olympia Warriors and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport.


Anonymous said...

And the countdown begins! The best two teams in the South in my opinion, should be a bloody cracker.

Anonymous said...

Quero parabenizar as equipes que chegaram na final. Que vença o que errar menos.
Walter, gostaria de ver fotos da final dos reservas, principalmente de Mizael Linhares Caires.
Desde já, muito obrigado.
Hernane Caires ( BRASIL )

statewide league forever said...

knights had an ordinary couple of teams to play off against. but good on them, you make your own luck. gross! am i getting a soft spot for knights? kelly and crew are doing well with a bunch of yuong guys who definantly have their tails up in the air. i'm sure south have a wee tny bit of confidance about their squad.

how did browny get his corked thigh?

chris jones said...

contrary to popular belief, bombs is a top bloke, and regardless of the yellow, myself, and i don't think anyone else, would try and injure anyone on purpose. i did have eyes for the ball but i did see browny there so whats the problem in trying to protect myself as well. i hope browny gets up he's a top addition for the young and improving south.

statewide league stop trying to make something out of nothing dickhead

Go Knightssssssss! said...

I believe Morton's comments are incorrect re Kelly's absence. Fairly certain he was there for the 3-1 victory at Grove Road, would say Morton was thinking of the Laka Cup game before that where Knights won 1-0 at South and Kelly was absent.
Shouldn't make too much difference.
Hopefully Knights dont end up with 9 players, a field player in goals and no subs left after 60 minutes like in the finals last year, although i believe its interchange this time.
Im tipping a cracker, Knights to win 3-2, both defences to be really tested by some quick and skillful players. Hopefully a big crowd will add to the atmosphere

Anonymous said...

sean collins refereeing senior summer cup final. oh my god that league of yours is looking up. lol

Anonymous said...

so morton doesn't rate smith or clay?

chris jones said...

president/head of referees- that would make sean the most qualified for the final then wouldn't it? i remember that patrick from a couple of years back when he was doing games then. he has common sense above his shoulders

big oli said...

patrick is good. where is kim?

will big oliver be playing saturday for knights? i heard that he may have just the weapon to pound south?

beachside olimpia said...

south haven't scored 7 have they? 1-0 v zebras, 1-0 v eagles and then olimpia?
neither side has been that impressive but hopefully they put it together!
both sides only had one real test...

south v zebras (first game and could have really gone either way)

knights v clarence (knights dominated play and could have won by more but only put one away and could have even lost it in the end)

those are the top 4 sides and the rest making up numbers

chris jones said...

big oli, i think your talking about another weapon that perhaps he has pounded you with???

I can't believe its not butter! said...

beachside olympia
knights never looked like losing to clarence. no offence to clarence but they did struggle in there attacking third that day.

Anonymous said...

Jade Clay is a massive bonus for the Knights, so far in Summer Cup the wide areas have been the only dissapointment for the Knights team.

Clay v Scott should be a great battle to watch.

the air up there said...

anon 9.44, ken also mentioned amadu up front (who has not looked like a senior player this year so far?

Atletico # 1 said...

Mizael e otimo jogador!!!!

que tempo ruim brazil???

GALO! Primera teme!


smithers ol man said...

CJ Most on here know who i am or have guessed by now. I agree we all should at least use our first name but with the crud on here it may turn to personal insults which would further lower the blogs standards.
Ithink walter knows who i am but just for fun lets see who can post a guess or two and if noone gets it ill post my name or a clue later --- ok -- you may even wanna ask wassi or his dad they both yapped to me at work when i was there unloading
cheers mate

smithers ol man said...

I want to congratulate the teams that reached the final. Walter would like to see pictures of late bookings, mainly Mizael linehares caires .
Now, thank you.

my rough translation of anons brazilian message to walter

chris jones said...

irate i've decided not to get caught up in the games now. i had my fun on here and ready to take my medicine, but those that keep telling others to grow a spine and come out must do the same. i heard you were coreys dad, which means you must have more of a spine than anybody haha. if people want to get personal thats fine, i'll just let everyone know about my personal life for when i try to have a private holiday, and we can discuss the problems in person

Anonymous said...

haha. second sentence asks to see pictures of the reserves final, not 'late bookings'. i can see how the mistake was made though

smithers ol man said...

ya anon portugese loses a lot in the translation but its all good

cj you win the lollipop correct first guess mate.
my post didnt actual want people to use real names just a user id apart from 5 million anons so if replies were sent at least the correct person new roughly who it was for otherwise anon gets pissed off for reading anon number 655,s return message and replies in kind for no real reason if you get my drift
anyway for both teams in final enjoy the game and ill be waiting to see if knights can pull it off

chris jones said...

hopefully now football in tasmania can have a community where we don't have to hide behind false id's. even though some of us don't live in tas, does not mean we don't care about the level and state of football that it is in tassie at the mom. i hope that there is some sort of restructuring or anything- having a stateleague again would be massive for the growth of football again and the standard would definantly grow. and i think the bottom line would lift aswell which should be important.

anyway stick to the post-
ahhh two teams that i despise seem to have earned their place in the final. i'll go with the knights in penalties. south don't like the rough stuff, but they are silky skilled. googs and corey and fish and co. to show their class and professionalism

jerrie kruijver said...

at least i can irritate nigel now lol

smithers ol man said...

Chris i was hoping to fly over from nsw to watch final but circumstances outside my control (no bloody money haha )prevent trip at this stage
Hopefully we will get some fair and honest match posts after the game and i wont die wondering ehhhh

smithers ol man said...

Jerry your never an irritation old fella just a pain in the butt at times hahah all the best mate

smithers ol man said...

jerrie wanna side bet -- south win i send you computer replace one you bought of me 100 yrs ago .
knights win you dress in croatia colors and attend all south games for season hahaa

jerrie kruijver said...

lol nigel.the only trouble is knights tops instantly dissolve and become new town eagle colours.i love to see eagles get up lol

Corey Smith said...

is this for real? doing my head in!

chris jones said...

i'd lve for the eagles to scale their old heights. there are a few guys there who have played together for a few years now, and really need to take a few games by the scruff of the neck. relying on 3 or 4 guys a week is not going to get many teams to the top. just stick to their game plan and work together is all anyteam can do

Anonymous said...

anyone care to name a knights line up for the final

Anonymous said...

President of FFT officiating final!!!!! Seems like a clash of interest there

Anonymous said...

Alex. T
Hugi Holmes Grundy Robetrs??

Clay T. Sherman Fielding White

Amadu Corey

sniper said...

why does sean collins look like he is trying to find someone that might do him harm? hes been in the top job for 5 minutes and already he feels all the eyes watching him? the way he referees this game will determine the type of stance he takes during his tenure as head honcho

donald jeffery marcus spakman said...

corey sounds like you should be paying for your old man to come down for the weekend to watch your final or you could get vikings to pay for him and just call him the new brazilian nigeldo, as for the game liam scott might actually have to mark someone this week and will get exposed as he is an average player, good to see chris jones come out of the closet but i hope 8ball rests in peace

ginger said...

south to win 1 nil.
cant seem to score more than 1 in a game (in the south anyway!) and defense solid.

south should comfortably win the reserves final.

south have an interesting weekend next weekend too.
seniors/reserves and u19s play zebras on saturday then hudson cup final on sunday. big weekend for their season to start with. just as well they have 96 players to choose from.

Anonymous said...

assuming they make the final, ginger

Anonymous said...

Knights squad.


Grundy, Huigsloot, Holmes,
Clay, Sherman, Fielding, Smith
Koroma, Hopes


Bloody good squad. No weaknesses.

Observer said...

Do not agree with official of FFT refereeing the final ,or any other game for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Roberts in there too i imagine, at wing. So, my apologies.

That could be the Knights only weaker player.

Lineup said...


Holmes Grundy Huigsloot

Garth White J Sherman Fielding Robb

Smith Koroma

T Sherman

They are likely to rotate Robb and Koroma's positions, well that's what Kelly would do. Clay hasn't been seen much so doubt will start but will probably come on after 20 or so.
Where do you start with South?

Anonymous said...

weakness is their goal keeper, and centre backs..

Lineup p2 said...

oops.. named Garth twice. Reckon forgot big Jimmy Hope, good for a goal if can get the service in the air. Reckon he might bench.

Spectator said...

Knights reserves beat South reserves 2 out of 3 meetings last year ginger, dont discount them with Myonge Kamba, Jackson Marsh, Nektar Vavoulas, Chalky, Matt Nowicki and a few others with senior experience playing. Their seconds are decent. Knights have more depth than people give them credit for and as most Knights teams do, they have a sensational fighting spirit.

South will be favourites with their quality and style of play but I just hope it isn't a push over game for them so there is something to watch during the day!

Anonymous said...

grundy is a total liabilty

Anonymous said...

south lineup?

Anonymous said...

hahaha surely Garth is starting for Knights, what is going on there?

Anonymous said...

Garth isn't starting I meant

Anonymous said...

If Garth starts Knights will lose. I imagine he will start on the bench.


Grundy, Huigsloot, Holmes

Clay, Fielding, Sherman, White, Robb,

Hopes, Koroma

Weakness is certainly not CB. Huigsloot and Holmes are both exceptional up and coming players, and Googys experience will be vital, and rub off on those players. Weakness certainly Tatnell, will be interesting to see how he goes.

Anonymous said...

anon 5.21 do you honestly think hopes and robb will start in front of smith? lol

anon 4.42, no white???? lol

line up will be the following


huigy grundy holmes smith

white sherman fielding clay



or they will push smith forward and bench hopes?

week link is bench!

Anonymous said...

south line up should be but wont be -

moncur (way better tthan kruijver)

scott brown brown lo


ladic downes beecroft



Oliver Adebayor said...

i want to talk for myself, i am oliver and i have not registered yet after my change from my native land.

i think i am well equipped for the season

i also think that knights has lacked penetration going forward in the past and i could help to maximise this area

i would love to give south a pounding this week but unfortunately i am a bit hung and have not had a chance to sign and pay registration

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forgot about Smith! yes, though, you are right.

chew those gums said...

i wonder when morton will stop selecting on name and start selecting on abaility? ladic and ludford have done nothing so far in cup! to many ding dings!

Jonny Rotten said...

The Benches will make the difference in this game, South has a far better bench than the Knights.

10" Trouser Snake said...

Armadu to score the winning goal

u left ur lights on said...

amadu to be dragged after 20 mins for doing nothing

batter oli's sav said...


mail order referee said...

when did the refs become so attractive?

ploughing members said...

well done oliver on speaking up!

i have seen you plough through on goal at training and you have certainly added a valuable member to the squad with your size

Anonymous said...

mail order ref

thats absolutely outstanding best comment i have ever seen on this blog

quality son quality

Anonymous said...

Its great to see senior women and men's finals played back to back; well done for FFT beginning to understand the importance of women football. Let's just hope the league rounds are structured the same way.

Hopefully next season we will also see the end of the 3 tier structure, but FFT need to make the call now, not at the last minute.

The league structure, both in the North and South should be senior men/women with youth squads for reserves say U21's with 3 eligible older players U25.

Then assistance should be made to encourage clubs in the tops couple of flights to have U15's downwards.

Also serious consideration should be given to a state wide comp.

Hope the new FFT CEO with have enough smarts to make things happen and drag Tasmanian soccer out of the wilderness.

Punnet said...

Anon 4:56... How can you say that about Grundy being a liability? He's the only one that gives 100% week in week out. He may not be the most skilled but he goes hard and straight at the ball ... not like a lot of the very soft people that play the game now. Bet you wouldnt like to be on the end of one of his hard tackles. He'd be one of the first guys id pick if i wanted someone in the trenches with me ... or are you just running scared????

Anonymous said...

Bit dissapointing the reserves and the seniors are 4 hours apart, both clubs could of been playing back to back.

Anonymous said...

the only reason the womens game is in the middle coz know one will watch it, if it was up first, ressies should play before seniors like always ay

Anonymous said...

punnet, grundy dives in, is slow, and will kick the ball back to south hobart.

Anonymous said...

possible knights reserve side,


russell green vavoulas millington

paite marsh kamba j.harrison

nowicki juma

i bet the knights coaching staff balls this up and play that angry bald russell fella centre of midfield and he will get the run around from his more skillful south opposition

Anonymous said...

tis is womens comp a joke... waste of time and boring to watch

no club rivalry at all

cake walk 10-0 to tis

Tatters said...

tatnell is a star, he will not be the weak link thats for sure

Anonymous said...

did collins appoint himself?

he is one of the worst refs jackson marsh has ever had jackson told me....


Marsh said...

I hope he sends corey off in the seniors

Anonymous said...

i heard that knights have signed chris jones for the one off game to continue his synical sequence of elbow attacks on his arch nemesis matt bomber bombs crill dr brown

Anonymous said...

TIS Women in the final, great to see the supposed cream of youth football in the final, although how would they go against a team from the North.

It might still be a long way behind the mainland standard, but its improving.

For those who constanly knock women sport, should hang their heads in shame. Soccer can be played by all. It is a truely community sport and we should support it, not constantly bag it out.

Yoda said...

Appreciate i can Mr.Collins contribution, however cannot be good his refereeing tomorrow.

Anywhere else this would happen not. Ivan or Kim choices would be mine.

T.Sherman influence could have, in goals or with goal(s).

Mix of young and old good to see in our before season final. Like this i do. Koroma, upton, downes,fielding.

Pleasing to see.

Anonymous said...

why is every1 getting excited about greg downes lets be serious whats he actually done this year or for that fact any year the boy will not cope with the likes of your shermos and your whites the boys stil a child

Anonymous said...

greg downes is quality and twice the player already sherman is and was at the same age.... stop writing about yourself shermo

apple head said...

gregs only ever played tasmanian premier league stevey wonder would look good in this league

Anonymous said...

chris jones didn't rate the league, came back got 1 touch

james sherman played vpl, done nothing that makes him a stand out

josh heerey played in melb, and is 2nd rate south player

the list goes on

lets be serious and realise that some players here are not that much below players in vpl, greg downes, liam scott, shay hickey etc could all play over there

if koroma gets offered a contract then anyone can

lets have a tas soccer wags segment said...

anon 8pm get a grip

womens soccer is fantastic

tis program is waste of tax payers money

give us club vs club

Anonymous said...

anon 827 not 1 of them players you jz mentioned could get a game anywere else in aus for instance shae not a bad player but if he didnt run around in circles he would be a far better player he as the skill to take on 3 maybe 4 players on at once but then hasnt got a brain and doesnt no what to do with the ball it doesnt make you a good player if you can take sum1 on but then kick the ball out of the stand

First coaching casualty 2010 said...

appointments of referees are a problem, but we can sort the problem.

i would love to see a ratings sheet given to coaches after every game and also to the players and we could have an auction for a dance with the best ref at seasons end?

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a Div 1 Preview?

Or can none of them field a

First coaching casualty 2010 said...

shay is spelt SHAY not shae, get it right.

i checked my team sheets from last year when shay and i had on field relations

stranger than fiction said...

at the end of the day theres eighty odd comments on this discussion i bet any money there want even be this many in the stands tomoz night

First coaching casualty 2010 said...

all my friends will come tomorrow to watch me ref, most probably 5 referee assesors

so that makes at least 6 people there if walter comes

Anonymous said...

Stop having a bitch about it, tomorrow will tell all.

Anonymous said...

This game tomorrow could be a game which will show who will be the favourite for the premiership title and also will be a make or break for the referee i cant wait to come and watch the game it will be great game to watch from the stands.

First coaching casualty 2010 said...

it is not bitching and i believe bitching is a very naughty word.

wash your mouth out anon as we have no room for you in our competition

i prefer to call it exchange of intelectual opinion

Anonymous said...

Esse Mizael linhares Caires joga de mais!!
Podem investir nele que tem futuro.

(Gabriel Linhares Caires) BRASIL

smithers ol man said...

Its quite comical reading the comments on how bad our teams are compared to the mainland as i sit here looking out my window at a game in progress in nsw.
to be honest there only div 1 and divisions here go down as low as div 9 so old farts like me can still have a kick --- but tassies top 5 sides would wipe the park clean against the side in action here now.
Agree that compare us to an aleague team theres worlds apart but premier league or div one its all par at the first hole.
Wowwww 5 hours to go my time before the grandstands fill to capacity for g/k vs south final

smithers ol man said...

I just mailed you express delivery a set of knights gear made of disolve proof material to wear aftewr tonight but sadly the die from the shirt ran into the shorts and there now pink haha.
Its ok though noone will notice if you sit up the back ol mate

jerrie kruijver said...

lol nigel,as long as i dont surrender bragging rights over to you ill be happy.i admit seeing knights win any game at all gives me indigestion lol