Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TIS win first mid-week clash by downing Olympia

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Olympia Reserves starting XI versus the TIS; The Olympia Reserves squad for the match against TIS; The Olympia huddle befoe kick-off; It was a magnificent evening fand a picturesque setting for the game between the Tasmanian Institute of Sport and Olympia Reserves at KGV Park; A TIS shot at goal; Olympia's Rory McCallum in possession at the back; The TIS moved the ball about well; Olympia's Tim Kothris blocks a TIS pass; Emmanuel Tsakiris was fit to play for Olympia; Olympia deal with a TIS corner; The TIS attack from the back [PlessPix]

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport beat Olympia Warriors 3-1 in their mid-week Reserve League match at KGV Park this evening.

Hugh Foley netted twice for the TIS, which dominated play and could have scored many more goals.

The third TIS goal came direct from a corner.

It was the first win for the TIS in these mid-week outings. They had previously been beaten 5-1 by South Hobart and drawn 2-2 with Tilford Zebras.

Olympia had Emmanuel Tsakiris back after injury had kept him out of the senior side last Sunday.

Kosta Grillas also played for Olympia, as did Chris Kumpulainen.

Grillas has returned to Tasmania this season after a year in Melbourne, while Kumpulainen has been in Europe for the past five years and was previously a senior player for Hobart Olympic.

Tim Kothris also made a comeback for Olympia and seems intent on resurrecting his career, while former senior midfielder Lee Mason also played.

Grillas was Olympia’s scorer. His goal made it 1-1 after the TIS had taken the lead.

TIS led 2-1 at the interval.

“They played really well and we were always second to the ball,” said Grillas.

“Our defence just wasn’t there and TIS thoroughly deserved their win.

Olympia coach, Dallas Joiner, said: “They’re a well-drilled team and have been training for the past twelve months.

“They outplayed us technically, but also physically.

“It was a disappointing result for us.”


Anonymous said...

well done Walter, without your report we would not get any information about these games.

FFT seems to be be very quiet on the promotion of this mid week games???

Anonymous said...

Olympia could be in trouble this year

Anonymous said...

I think TIS will trouble most sides this year. Despite being so young they are very fit, strong and are technically better then their opponents.

archie said...

Hmm...not sure about Olympia's new orange change strip which I assume they decided to wear voluntarily as there was no colour clash. Good result for the TIS who shouldnt be surprising anyone given they are a fulltime squad.

Anonymous said...

oh dear olympia

Anonymous said...

TIS where technically excellent last night. The blonde centre half for them was the best player on the pitch and has a big future if he keeps developing.

TIS will finish close to top of reserve league and would trouble most senior teams.

Anonymous said...

Is this TIS team the same U/15 state team playing in div 1 this year?

Anonymous said...

no. Thew tis is across a few years and is totally independent of the FFT run state teams in terms of players.

the don said...

TIS in Premier League Reserves, State U15 in Div 1 - different teams, different comps.

ginger said...

TIS in the reserves is a great step forward for the development of young players in this state.
i will admit i was reluctant to begin with but will happily put my hand up and say i was wrong.
TIS play with great style and technique. Have team work and tactics other teams would kill for. (although do play dirty on corners trying to set up blocks and screens quite deliberately)

Agree they will challenge for the top half of the ladder. doubt they can finish top though.

Has Cronk left mid season?? that will be their biggest worry is losing players to senior clubs mid season when people realise these kids can play. like with mcintyre last year.

my only hope is that these kids filter into the SPL and help lift the standard of the comp (apart from any that are lucky enough to make it on the big island of course!).

Anonymous said...

but some of the players play in both teams?

Anonymous said...

Players normally leave TIS when they realise that they can't make it further up the national pathway. Thi seems to be the case with Cronk. Can't score at nationals or against other institute teams.
But agree that any of these boys would be a good addition to any spl team.
Let's just hope one of them actually make sit to a higher grade

Anonymous said...

I believe Cronk scored twice at the nationals,and twice at the institute challenge ( to win the game agianst victoria) ?
Maybe there is another reason he left the TIS?

Anonymous said...

Brady Cronk was the TIS'leading forward and scored 32 goals in U19 comp last year as well as goals on the big island tournamnet. He will prove a good pick up for Olympia.