Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TIS fight back to draw 2-2 with Zebras

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tilford Zebras reserves who played against the TIS this evening; Zebras ' Sam Hall about to take a free-kick; Zebras scored first and TIS defender Will Abbott was left to collect the ball from the back of the net; A Zebras attack [PlessPix]

Tasmanian Institute of Sport 2-2 Tilford Zebras Reserves

The TIS and Tilford Zebras drew 2-2 in their match at KGV Park this evening.

Oliver Bird put Zebras in front early in the match and they held that advantage at half-time.

Toby MacGregor then netted to make it 2-0 for the Zebras.

TIS fought back strongly in the second half, however, and they managed to score twice to share the points.

“I couldn’t believe we led 2-0 and then let it slip away,” said Zebras coach, Michael Connolly.

“To be fair, though, TIS had most of the possession in the second half.”

The TIS lost 5-1 to South Hobart reserves last week in the first of their regular midweek matches against Premier League reserve sides.


This week's edition of the Melbourne paper "Goal!Weekly" features the southern and northern Tasmanian Premier League rosters.

If you cut out the page - which also features a colour photo of last season's title-winning Clarence United squad - you won't have to rely on the internet to see when your team is playing. The roster will be there at your fingertips for ready reference.

It's a pity FFT couldn't print a fold-up roster on cardboard as they once did and distribute them to schools and the wider community.

"Goal!Weekly" also has the regular half-page Tasmanian report, complete with a colour action photo of Taroona's Marcus Atkinson and Olympia's Ben Phillips.

The paper is available at Ellison Hawker, Angus & Robertson, and The Mall Newsagency in Hobart for $4.


Anonymous said...

photo #2 Walter is Sam Hall with ball.

The Big Dog said...

Surely someone can say something negative about the TIS.

Anonymous said...

Grow up Big Dog.

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poor kingbrough.... what ever will they do now without lyle!

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Seriously ?? Matt Lyle instead of ryan smith or texy...

Is the jamie walker who plays for the tis the same one who played for olympic recently ??

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Walter said...

My error. Sorry Jeremy. I've fixed it in the weekend match report.