Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knights make it five games without a win

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Knights' huddle before the game; Knights prepare for kick-off; Referee Sean Collins prepares to start the match; The Knights formation; Kingborough's formation; Referee's assistant Ivan Jozlejic, Referee Sean Collins and assistant referee Alastair Cooke; Knights in the Kingborough half and applying pressure; Kingborough come off well pleased with the result; Knights troop off after anotehr disappointing result [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (KGV Park, Friday, 28 May 2010)


Glenorchy Knights 0

Kingborough Lions United 1 (T McDonald 20)

HT: 0-1 Att: 90 Ref: S Collins

Glenorchy Knights: Peter - Millington (Kamba 76), Grundy, Holmes, J Huigsloot - Clay, Dzelalija (Hope 31), Fielding, Marsh - Smith (Green 89), Koroma [Substitute not used: Grainger] [Coach: Nick Harrison]

Kingborough Lions United: Leamey - Brown, Davies, Iseli, R Hinkley - Freeman (T Pearce 78), Andrews (Schuth 78), Marchioli, Bevan - McDonald, Bremner [Substitutes not used: D Pearce, B Hughes] [Coach: Tim Dale]


Glenorchy Knights have earned only two points from a possible 12 in their past four league matches.

They have drawn twice and lost twice in the league, and also lost a State-wide cup match in their past five games.

This latest defeat will be hard to stomach as they had enough chances to at least draw.

Corey Smith hit the post and also lobbed an effort against the crossbar. He also fired narrowly wide and headed just over the bar and also just past the post on other occasions.

Amadu Koroma was wide with one shot, while Josh Fielding had an excellent low drive brilliantly turned wide for a corner by Lions keeper David Leamey.

Jackson Marsh also went close, firing narrowly wide after a corner.

Having said that, Kingborough also squandered some marvellous openings after taking the lead in the 20th minute when Tom McDonald scored with a well-placed free-kick from the edge of the box.

Greg Freeman should have done better in the 25th minute when McDonald picked him out with a cross from the right, but he somehow lifted the ball over the bar.

In the 31st minute, Brett Andrews lobbed an effort over the bar when he should at least have worked the keeper.

In the 41st minute, Freeman raced free on the left but side-footed a tame effort straight at keeper Ben Peter.

Two minutes before the interval, Smith’s poor attempt at a clearance went straight to Andrews, who fired over the bar.

It was generally all Knights in the second half, but try as they might, they could not find a way past Leamey, who produced some good clearances by punching the ball out of a crowded goalmouth.

Marc Iseli battled hard, as did Andrew Davies, Ross Hinkley and Jeremy Brown at the back for Kingborough, and Knights simply could not break them down.

McDonald was always a threat with his speed, but it was an overall team effort that secured this win, with Marcello Marchioli, Ryan Bevan and and Marcus Bremner also playing their part.

Tim Dale coached Kingborough on the night as Geoff Freeman is in Queensland.

The victory lifted Kingborough from fifth to fourth spot on the ladder at the expense of Clarence United. Kingborough now have 14 points and are three points adrift of third-placed Zebras and second-ranked Knights.


· Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison, said:

“When your luck’s out, your luck’s out. You saw the game as well. We dominated probably 95 per cent of the time, but they got a free-kick, and a great strike.

“Other than that, we camped in their half the rest of the game and did everything but score a goal.

“We worked hard at training this week and the players were up to it as far as I was concerned. I can’t do much more than that.

“We hit the crossbar and post but we just couldn’t score tonight.

“We’ll go away disappointed again. We’ll see what we can do against Zebras next week.

“Very disappointed tonight. Very disappointed.”

· Kingborough Lions United coach, Tim Dale, said:

“We’re really pleased to keep a clean sheet. We haven’t had many of those this season so that was really good.

“It’s a big three points for us. We’ve only played here once this year and so to come out and play well, you know, is good.

“It was important that we played to the way we wanted to play. We played to plan. We were dangerous on the break.

“We’re really stoked with the result.”


Anonymous said...

sack the coach...oh wait they tried that, hows it working it out? reserves did well again, pity theres not more room on the bench for them to warm

Anonymous said...

knights knights danny white

nugget morley said...

i thought knights should of won comftably tonight, marsh and smith could of been the heros but instead were the villans, danny white wont be back as it has came out that he had a bust up with the knights committe over a alcohol fueled incident at the croation club, on the bright side heard last night that knights have signed 2 new players from the mainland who will debut next week, think there names were mitchell swan and grahem kearny

Anonymous said...

Rumour is The Knights are going to be flying down Matthew Sanders each weekend to play as he is fed up from sitting on the bench at Grenn Gully.

Anonymous said...

knights dead and buried. all over now. may as well present south with the trophy today.

Anonymous said...

Apprentley Sanders will only be coming down on $28 Tiger Flights so he may only play a few games.

Anonymous said...

i have also heard knights will also be flying down kevin muscat and archie thompson every week to

Anonymous said...

just spoke to a couple of people and the rumor is sanders is returning but will not be playing for the knights

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so serious on the blog, I love a bit of rumours and funny posts, stop being bitter people.

Keep it up Walter

Anonymous said...

How is that Walters fault? As long as the posts are not discriminative or abusive, Walter can only allow them, no matter how much crap people choose to speak.

Was present at the game last night. Boro played to their strenghts. Scored a free kick, and put 11 behind the ball and won. Knights unlucky not to score, but thats football.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you just love the people (anon 1:05pm) who come on here and say how the blog should be run, yet they make no attempt to do any better. Pfft!! I think the man can run it how ever he's sees fit, can he not?

Anonymous said...

fielding excellent low drive?

Anonymous said...

rumour has is it that a knights reserve player flys out to england today to get the shermos back and while hes there hes going to try and find danny white before he changes his name

Anonymous said...

As a mutual supporter Friday night i have seen plenty on Knights game this season, and there senior team is heading for big trouble over the next few seasons, Yes they clearly should of won the game. There biggest problem is when Fielding & Grundy decide to finish up playing, they are the heart and soul of the team with the exception of Holmes they have got nothing else coming through who can show leadership and displays the desire to win games for that club. Next level coming through Smith, Clay, Hugi they will all end punching on with each other rather then playing the ball.

Anonymous said...

How bad is Smith as a bad sport when he turns to the knights bench with 15 mins to go and tells them to take him off when the team is 1-0 down and he is their striker. If i was one of the Knights players i would be disgusted at the lack of care he has shown his team and club, no other club would put up with it.

the chuck said...

how can you say things like that? if you knew what smithers was about you would know he would fight for every one of us in the team! he worked his bollocks off and was unlucky so get off the b*llsh*t bandwagon and lay off him

Anonymous said...

maybe smithers wants to see someone else be passionate in that side for once?

Anonymous said...

Well why did he ask to be taken off with 15 min to go then???? answer that!

Anonymous said...

i look up 2 smithers as a coach and a player absoulute top bloke

Anonymous said...

no one looks up to smithers. he is short.

Anonymous said...

check 1.33 on the you tube clip! how was that even a foul against fish that cost knights the game? well done headband mafia