Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford snatches the ball ahead of Taroona's David Abbott; Eagles' Adam McKeown is injured but played on; Eagles' Blayne Hudson watches the ball as Taroona's Duncan Carey prepares to challenge; Eagles' Ethan Menzie prods the ball in midfield; Taroona's Toby Dove (right) slide-tackles Eagles' Jacob Clamp; A happy Eagles coach George Krambousanos celebrates the three points [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 4 (M Anderson 12, A McKeown 45, B Whitehall 51, A Leszczynski 69) b Taroona 2 (N Pitchford og 77, D Carey 79)


New Town Eagles 2 (S Kent, D Gebresilasie) b Taroona 1 (S Mohamad)


New Town Eagles 1-2 Taroona

Southern Division One

Hobart United 10 (A Guot 4, L Temby 3, Thon, J David, Adar) b FFT Under-15s 1

Division Four

Woodbridge 1-1 Beachside


Anonymous said...

n pitchford own goal walter please explain???

Walter said...

Anonymous (7.02pm), quite simple, really. Nathan turned Macgregor's shot into his own net. The ball would have gone wide. There was quite a deal of discussion about it afterwards and the referee gave it as an own-goal.

Anonymous said...

L. Temby for Hobart United. Did he used to play somewhere else last year? I recall him scoring goals in either Premier Legaue or Reserves?

Walter said...

Luke Temby played for University and recently signed for Hobart United.