Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South on safari at Lightwood and bag three points

Photos (Top to Bottom): Lightwood Park, the home of the Lions; Kingborough try to launch an attack out of defence; South apply pressure in the Kingborough goalmouth and Tom Roach heads at goal; South's Daniel Brown nods the ball at goal; Kingborough's Ryan bevan (left) and South's Shae Hickey battle for possession; South launch an attack down the left through Bart Beecroft; Josh Heerey has possession for South and Kingborough's markers are just a little too far from their opponents; Hickey and McDonald fight for possession in midfield; Tight marking by Kingborough forces South to retreat in order to retain possession; South's Liam Scott and Kingborough's Tom McDonald in a battle for the ball; A tight situation in the South Hobart penalty area; Kingborough's Andrew Davies and Ryan Bevan work the ball out of danger; A clash of colours with the assistant referee?; A free-kick routine for Kingborough; It ends with Greg Freeman heading tamely over the bar; South's Shae Hickey is congratulated by team-mates after scoring; South apply pressure even at a Kingborough throw-in; Another Kingborough set-piece; This one ends with Sam Kruijver easily fielding the ball; South Hobart's Daniel Brown heads clear; A solitary wedge tail eagle soars above the lion park; South's Jonathon Lo heads at goal [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Lightwood Park, Sunday, 9 May 2010)


Kingborough Lions United 1 (A Davies 25)

South Hobart 4 (T Roach 27, S Hickey 37, G Downes 45, J Lo 68)

HT: 1-3 Att: 90 Ref: K Barker

Kingborough Lions United: Leamey - Davies, Lucas, Iseli, R Hinkley - Bevan, Andrews, Marchioli, Schuth - Greg Freeman (T Pearce 62), McDonald [Substitutes not used: C Hughes, D Pearce, Bremner] [Coach: Geoff Freeman]

South Hobart: Kruijver - Heerey (Williams 86), M Brown, D Brown, Scott - Hickey (Brennan 76), Roach, Beecroft, Downes - Kanakaris (Wook Bum Heo 70), Lo [Substitute not used: Pennicott] [Coach: Ken Morton]


Kingborough were probably at their most dangerous at set-pieces, from which they scored once and missed several more good chances.

Marc Iseli and Andrew Davies both went close from Joel Schuth’s corner in the 23rd minute.

Davies atoned two minutes later when he volleyed home after Marcello Marchioli’s clever free-kick had caught out the visitors’ defence.

Greg Freeman missed an excellent chance when he was left alone but failed to get to an inviting cross.

But, South were level in the 27th minute when Tom Roach scored at the far post from Josh Heerey’s cross from the right.

Greg Downes almost added another in the 33rd minute from Shae Hickey’s left-wing cross.

Hickey made it 2-1 for South in the 37th minute when he broke down the left, cut inside, and placed a perfect low shot past David Leamey and inside the far post.

Downes, who was having a fine game, killed off the contest on the stroke of half-time when he netted direct from a free-kick taken from just outside the left of the box.

Sam Kruijver was called into action five minutes after the break when he blocked at Tom McDonald’s feet as the striker threatened to break through.

A minute later, with the home side obviously getting their second wind, Joel Schuth fired just wide of the far post.

But, South rallied and Jonathon Lo forced a fine save from Leamey in the 56th minute.

South made it 4-1 in the 68th minute when Downes sent over a right-wing cross and Lo headed at goal. Leamey could only partially save it and the ball hit the inside of the post and rolled over the line.

Downes smashed a great effort against the bar and Ross Hinkley cleared off the line as the visitors increased the tempo.

Substitute Andy Brennan proved a handful for the Kingborough defence when he came on, while in the closing minutes Downes had a header cleared off the line by Ryan Bevan and Lo sent a firm header from Wook Bum Heo’s right-wing cross over the bar.

The win gave South Hobart an 8-point lead at the top of the ladder, while Kingborough remain fourth.


· Kingborough Lions United coach, Geoff Freeman, said:

“I thought, particularly the first half, was a good game and I thought we battled well.

“We could have been two up and had one scrambled off the line. At 2-0, it could have been a different story.

“To concede straight away after we went 1-0 up really hurt. And then, we had another opportunity to make it 2-1 with Greg’s free header, but it wasn’t to be.

“If you don’t take your chances against the top sides, you’re going to get beaten.

“Four-one probably flattered them, but then again, they could have scored more. I suppose it was a kind of interesting score-line.

“We battled well and we tried hard, but South are a very good side.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“I think their opening goal shook us up a little bit, but after we got the equaliser I think it was one-way traffic for the rest of the game.

“We could have had a lot more goals. A lot more chances came our way and we should have taken those chances.

“It was a good performance from us. We controlled the tempo of the game, we controlled the football and we played well.

“[The title] is not ours yet. We’ll take it one game at a time and, to be fair, I think we have to. If we get complacent now, then that’s when we’ll lose it.

“We’ve got the Lakoseljac Cup next week away to Northern Rangers, who are a good side, so we’ll take it one game at a time.”


Anonymous said...

Kim was very good in the middle.... dont see what people are on about.... keep it up!!

Walter do you know if coreys retirement rumours are true??

Anonymous said...

An entertaining game to watch and the Lions may have lost but have no disgrace. I thought at times the South defence looked very exposed. Plus the back line didn’t distribute the ball well it was like they lost the ability to read the game. If the Lions had managed to convert the second goal things may have been very different. Second half the Lions dropped heads and you can’t afford to give the top team any room at all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the lions dropped there head in the second half, how come South did run all over the top of them and win by 5 or 6 goals?

Anonymous said...

South in true south fashion missed umpteen chances in particular in second half. No doubt who was in charge of the game. My point was that the Lions had an opportunity to open up the guests and missed it in the first half. If the Lions thought they were anywhere close to beating South overall and over 90 minutes your sadly mistaken. Maybe the Lions didn't drop there heads, perhaps you weren't fit enough, whatever Lions completely outclassed in second half.

Anonymous said...

Corey has made the World Cup squad.

He leaves for the warmup games in 1 week.

Anonymous said...

Is there a more picturesque ground in southern Tasmania?? When the weather is good it's delightful sitting on the hill.

Walter were you sharing the eagle's nest to get these pics??

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Corey hasnt retired

Der Scheinmeister said...

Nice shot of the eagle!

jerrie kruijver said...

i hope the eagle payed for the pleasure of watching the game and he was counted when the spectatornumbers were tallied up.it looks like those numbers are even worse then last year.

Anonymous said...

ha funny jerrie unlike most money hungry clubs kingborough have no need to ask for gate taking there is no point and would just reduce the fans even more..

Anonymous said...

RE: Kelly quits in the paper....

As it was wrongly put in the paper today, Mr ross reported that kelly couldn't attend training or games. YES He could, no one was stopping him being there to show support to his players that he's still around. He just couldn't coach as due to suspension. If you were so passionate about "your" club why wouldn't you be there in a moral capacity to show confidence in his players and club. It's easy for him to hand down suspensions for breaking the code of conduct to his players, but once imposed on himself, he quits. None of the players he suspended quit, they wanted to be at the club. Did them time came back. This is the second time Eamonn has walked. The club gave him a second chance when he left them 1st time...

Anonymous said...

Just hope that South can control the mouths of certain MSS members before their big day on 23rd. They are as bad as any others people complain about on this site. Would not be surprised if Lions bench put official complaint to FFT

Anonymous said...

Ok Jerry, here is a little exercise for you. How many registered players at South Hobart? Sorry you can't count the Central Region development squads even though they have been used as South Hobart's development programme for as many years as I care to remember. And you can't count all the women's teams that have now gone to taroona because they weren't receiving the eaqual recognition due them. I would suggest the numbers would have actually fallen over the past few years.

jerrie kruijver said...

anonymus i was talking about the apparent drop in spectatornumbers at premierleague games.senior player numbers dont seem to rise at all as teamnumbers seem to be the same.i suppose with another 2 clubs falling over and the remnants merging into southern fc maybe even playernumbers are going down as well.

jerrie kruijver said...

as far as the number of registered players at south i can only go by the number of senior sides they have playing.i think it is only 3.premierleague,reserves and a social side.