Wednesday, May 5, 2010

South Hobart beat TIS in midweek match

Photos (Top to Bottom): TIS and South Hobart prepare for tonight's kick-off at Wentworth Park; TIS goalkeeper sizes up his area as team-mates Will Abbott and Eli Luttmer look on; Referee Jason Priest whistles for the start of the match; Jed Donohue in the South Hobart coach's technical area while substitute David Cooper waits near a group of South Hobart supporters; TIS prepare to defend a corner; Greg Downes (No.7) scored a hat-trick for South Hobart [PlessPix]

South Hobart’s reserves beat the Tasmanian Institute of Sport 5-3 at Wentworth Park this evening.

Greg Downes headed South in front in the 8th minute, while Seth Otte made it 2-0 in the 38th minute.

South led 3-0 before the TIS pulled two goals back to make it 3-2 and set the scene for an exciting finish.

Downes finished with a hat-trick and Otte with a brace for South, while for the TIS, Hugh Foley netted twice and Declan Foley once.

"I was happy with us going forward, but I'm not happy with having two holding midfielders and four defenders letting in three goals," said South Hobart coach, Jed Donohue.

"There's no point in having holding midfielders, who, when they're beaten, stand and watch. They've got to keep going.

"I mean, those Foley boys, showed a great level of energy. They got the ball down the channels.

"When it was 3-2, it was very interesting.

"It was a good game and I enjoyed it."


Members of sport and recreation clubs and associations are invited by Womensport and Recreation Tasmania to attend a free networking function with representatives of Hobart-based print, television and radio media outlets.

Tori Hodgman will facilitate a panel discussion with media representatives including Blair Brownless of the ABC, Brent Costello from WIN TV, and Hanny Alston, the elite runner and world-class orienteer.

One of the aims of the function is to help increase the coverage of women’s and girls’ sports.

The function will be held at the Premiership Room, Bellerive Oval, from 5.30pm to 7pm on Tuesday, 11 May.

While on the topic of women’s sport, Metro women’s coach, Adrian Pickin, is appalled that FFT has scheduled women’s matches this coming Sunday, which is, of course, Mother’s Day.

Pickin feels that FFT should have postponed games in deference to the occasion.


Dalles Hayes said...

Has Adrian bothered to ask any of the mothers what they think about this? I know one that would much rather be out playing football on 'Mothers Day'.

Anonymous said...

Not in the slightest bit suprised that Greg Downes scored a hatrick. He is a top quality young player, a top drawer free kick to complete his hatrick only confirmed this in my mind.

Amazed said...

No games on Fathers day either Adrian?

What about Valentine's day?

or ST PAtick's day?

Hell - why play at all??

reviewer said...

Terrific match between South and TIS with South bossing it for approx 55 mins but failing to react to TIS's change of approach in the last 35 mins when they vacated the central corridor and got extra players out wide to work both wings and started to get in behind South.

South Hobart reserves coach Jed Donaghue on the money with his comments about his holding midfielders but I wonder why he didnt make a change to address the apparent lack of movement.

Overall cracking match - well done to all.

Anonymous said...

If there was such a "lack" of pressure or presence in the middle from south why is it that tis couldn't play through the middle and only started getting somewhere when they got it wide? I thought souths midfield was class

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable game of football - fast and high skills. Bright future for the state of play in this state.
South defense looked far worse once Pennicott departed. He and Downes were the best on park by far.

Baby, it's cold outside said...

It strikes me that with all the whingeing on this forum by many supporters of SPL clubs about South Hobart's alleged monopolising of talented youngsters through Central Reg/Sth Region/State/TIS programs that I'd have expected to see club 'scouts' all over WPP last night identifying likely prospects to approach in the future.

I also wonder if the clubs that were previously associated with current TIS/FFT state players bother to stay in touch so that they can entice them back? I very much doubt it.

I guess whingeing is easier that getting off your butt and showing some genuine interest in a talented young player.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:41, if YOU had bothered to look around wwp last night you would have seen people from at least 4 premier league clubs that i saw. The blog was going well until, yet again, someone had to be negative. The game last night was excellent with many a young lad id have at my club.

jerrie kruijver said...

amazed, please no games on my birthday

jerrie kruijver said...

yes baby its cold would think that the smart thing to do is to ring these clubs that do manage to attract youth to their respective clubs,ask advice and emulate what they are doing.after all those kids need teams to play against so it is in everyones interest to cooperate.also hopefully the majority of those kids stay with their club so as to give every club much needed depth and once their playing days are coming to an end they take youth under their wings.all these clubs with youth should soon see extra senior teams on the park.hopefully fft can see a bit further then the length of its nose and has leagues ready for them to play in,or at least sort out the present shambles

Anonymous said...

I think Jed is a bit harsh about his midfield, against most teams they dominate. It just happens that the TIS has such a strong midfield - most first teams would struggle against them. Great game on balance I think we deserved to win but the TIS made us work hard. It is hard to believe that the average age of the TIS is 2 to 3 years younger then us - look forward to seeing the boys in a couple of years time.

Anonymous said...

Did Seth Otte rip his shirt open when he scored?

Baby, it's cold outside said...

Thanks Jerrie wise words as usual.

My experience is that clubs don't often (ever?)stay in touch with players during their time in Sth Reg/State programs for the purpose of making them feel part of, or connected to the club to ensure they return once they finish with those programs.

That's not to say that these kids dont often drift back to the same club anyway but clubs should be proactively managing this aspect of player recruitment/retention if they want to become more competitive.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I cannot speak for all the women players across the state only those I deal with.

Hopefully in the future, the women standing committee can canvas the women in the sport and provide feedback to FFT in time for for next seasons rostering.

Perhaps FFT could have moved the mens games to Sunday and the women to Saturday to accomodate


Amazed said...


There are many other occasions throughout a season where some special event is happening - religious or commercial.

The rosters have been avaialble for some time.

ANY club wanting a transfer of a match need only seek the view of its opponent, and if both agree, approach FFT with a request to transfer the match.

Whilst there may be some hurdles to transferring many matches if the approach to FFT is made early enough it is usually possible to work something out.

But to be honest - if we play on Anzac Day in the afternoon, then surely we can play on most other occassions.

As for the Womens Standing Committee the normal unwillingness to contribute remains evident in Womens football. Statewide there have only been FOUR nominations for a committee that requires a minimum of SIX.