Sunday, May 2, 2010

South Hobart in a higher gear than Tilford Zebras

Photos (Top to Bottom): Mark Moncur helps Daniel Brown to fix the goal-net; Zebras' Ben Crosswell gets past Daniel Brown but Bart Beecroft is waiting; Kostas Kanakaris (left) tangles with Zebras' David Cox; South Hobart goalkeeper Sam Kruijver clears ahead of Dwayne Walsh; Zebras' Dwayne Walsh gets a pass away; Sequence of three photos showing Andy Brennan's lobbed goal; Brennan is congratulated by his team-mates; Walsh battles with Brown near the corner-flag; South's Greg Downes (right) gets in a header against Zebras' Andrew Telega; Liam Scott and Adam Young in an aerial duel; Kostas Kanakaris (right) races Andrew Telega for the ball [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (South Hobart, Saturday, 1 May 2010)


South Hobart 4 (A Brennan 30, 42, T Roach 71, J Lo 78)

Tilford Zebras 1 (J Welch 61)

HT: 2-0 Att: 200 Ref: C Phillips

South Hobart: Kruijver - Pennicott, D Brown, M Brown, Scott - Wook Bum Heo (Lo 59), Downes, Beecroft, Kanakaris, Hickey (Ludford 80) - Brennan (Roach 67) [Substitute not used: Moncur] [Coach: Ken Morton]

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Fagg, Telega, Cox, K Engels - Young (L Engels 70), Self, Cairns, Welch - Crosswell, Walsh (Muller 75) [Substitutes not used: Macgregor, Voss] [Coach: Romeo Frediani]


This win put South Hobart 7 points clear of second-placed Glenorchy Knights on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

South coach Ken Morton always seems ‘to pull rabbits out of a hat’ when needed, and he did so again in this match. The ‘rabbit’ was a player with the speed of a hare, Andy Brennan, who scored twice on his senior debut.

Striker Brennan, who scores freely in the reserves, and midfielder Greg Downes, were called up in the absence of Jonathon Lo and Tom Roach. Lo and Roach are both medical students and had examinations that day which did not finish until kick-off time.

Lo and Roach were included on the team sheet and both came on during the second half and both scored.

Wook Bum Heo is taking time to settle down and Lo took his place, while Roach replaced teenager Brennan, who played as a lone striker for long periods, supported by Kostas Kanakaris, Wook Bum Heo and Shae Hickey.

Brennan put South ahead on the half-hour when he collected a free-kick by goalkeeper Sam Kruijver and cleverly lobbed over Zebras keeper Troy Kaden.

Downes missed a couple of good chances as South took the running and created all the openings. He headed wide from Jim Pennicott’s cross in the 33rd minute and then had another effort blocked by Kaden after Brennan also missed a half-chance.

Pennicott put Brennan through down the inside-right channel in the 42nd minute and the youngster grabbed his second goal of the match by coolly slotting past Kaden.

Jayden Welch pulled a goal back for Zebras in the 61st minute from Adam Young’s right-wing cross as Kruijver was slow to come off his line. It was virtually the only decent shot Zebras had all game.

Ten minutes later, Zebras were again two goals behind as substitute Roach beat Kaden to a ball from Bart Beecroft and nodded home.

In the 78th minute, a precise cross from the left by Hickey was met at the near post by Lo, who prodded the ball home from close range to complete the scoring and give South a 4-1 victory.

South even got to use their fourth substitute, goalkeeper Mark Moncur. He came on before the match kicked off and gave Daniel Brown a leg up so he could fix the goal-net at the canteen end of the ground.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“A good result for us, and I thought we played good football as well.

“Not ideal conditions because it was a swirling wind, but I thought we dominated the game and could have had a few more chances in the first half.

“Two nil was a dangerous score, and we said that at half-time, but we were able to get on with it in the second half as well.

“A great result and a very competent performance.

“Andy Brennan was superb. He’s only a young boy but he’s got great potential and I think an hour was enough for him. It’s a different pace at this level and I think he started to die a little bit.

“But, his runs in behind were good. He always threatened the back of defenders and that’s what we wanted today, and he scored two great goals.”

· Tilford Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, said:

“I’m disappointed. I thought the first 20 minutes of the first half were great.

“In the second half I thought we were going to come out and score a goal and take it from there.

“Three of their goals were pretty soft. We allowed them to score. Simple goals.”


Anonymous said...

Hand South the title now. It's all over and we have just hit winter.

The Zebra's are not the team they were with Lapolla at the helm. Having no Mainella, Falzon, Pullen, Cox, Fotak etc has seen them drop off the pace. Smith is a huge loss as well.

The title is the only trophy that matters. Ignore what Clarence did last year, it was a consolation prize. They are a long way off being consistent enough to challenge.

Anonymous said...

hey anon, if "the title is the only trophy that matters" then why do South enter the laka cup? ask Morton if he thinks its the only trophy that matters? Face facts mate, South are SOUTHERN champions and Clarence are STATE champions and current cup holders. oh snap!

Face facts mate... BAZINGER!!! said...

Really getting sick of these Clarence supporters. I'd much rather win a trophy which u have to earn through playing 21 games over something like 25-26 weeks. Rather than being an average side all year and playing south, a team that had the toughest game of the year the week before against knights (which went 120mins and penalties) in a one off game. Well done for that week u were the better team. but it cant be compared to the league. BAZINGER!!!

Anonymous said...

20 odd games in the league season - that is what they play for, not cup competitions or a final series that no one is interested in.

Ask Andrew Brown what trophy he realy wants to win. He is a Liverpool supporter so he knows what the league means to a club.

It was a good effort by Clarence to win the prizes on offer at the end of 09 but its meaningless compared with the big prize.

South have the resources to hurt teams. Pace, skill and strength. Dog Brown has been huge this season. Strength in depth with three wins Vs Zebra's in all divisions last weekend.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.12pm you are a sad individual in a clarence bubble if you honestly think that state title rubbish last year means clarence are regarded as highly as south?

i support neither side and i can tell you that not a single player outside clarence rates clarence as a good football team

gag said...

The gap between South and Zebras is fast becoming a gulf.

This year South squad is a lot better than last year's with a couple of new arrivals (old boys Lo and Roach) and a lack of injuries - I wont bother estimating the distance between South and Clarence at the mo.

Anonymous said...

Clarence is such a great club - let us all sing your praise. So welcoming to visit, your fans are so delightful and witty, your players so clean and fair spirited. Your coach is so approachable and understands the big picture and greater good for all who love the game. A winning coach is always a good coach.
Plus you ARE the State Champions - lest we ever forget...

Go south and every other team that plays Clarence because as you know us Australians love to go for the underdog...or was that mongrel vs underdog?

Anonymous said...

Clarence not doubt were not as good as South last Season BUT go to the South website and read their player profiles. Almost to a man they list their biggest disappointment as losing the State Premiership.

No Clarence are not as good as South but don't begrudge them two well earnt titles in 2009.

2010 is another story.

Anonymous said...

All you clarence bashers, not once did anon 12:12 mention that the league isnt the most important trophy to win, it was merely stating a fact. We all know South is better than everyone at the moment. Do you think maybe that person was throwing a line out to see what they would catch?? Bit too easy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

south do seem to have a big hang-up about losing to clarence last year. maybe thats because they are by far a better side and found it embarrassing???

the player profiles on the website mentioned before are actually semi-humorous.

south squad has infinite depth at the moment but will face a tough task at the lions den this weekend, depending on the weather, south players' propensity to find themselves at obar on a sat night and remebering they lost 3-0 there last year.

Anonymous said...

zebras to finish just inside top 4. dreadful display on saturday and were given a footballing lesson. to soft across the park with lazy strikers. if they are not careful the club will go downhill very quickly

Anonymous said...

anon 11.18 pm.Agree. Too soft this year.Players are pampered too much.If only they would put in the effort that team manager , coach committee etc ,put in off the field, they would be in a much better position.Too many things taken for granted.There are a few players in there that do not deserve to be.Unfortunately depth isnt there , and first team regulars know their positions are safe.

Anonymous said...

so which players are to soft in you opinion? who could replace them? great club tho but some overachievers