Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Olympia set a new club record of 10 games without a win when they lost 3-1 to Clarence United; New Town Eagles' Ben Whitehall climbs above Glenorchy Knights' Juma Barabara; Knights' Josh Fielding shields the ball from Eagles' Andrew Clark [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 0-0 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 3 (A Barron 27, B Parker 38, L Huigsloot 85) b Olympia Warriors 1 (K Grillas 23)


New Town Eagles 0-3 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 0-0 Olympia Warriors


New Town Eagles 0-2 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 6-1 Olympia Warriors

Division One

Beachside 4 (Dunne 2, Klasen, Pullen) b Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Northern Rangers 3-3 Launceston City

Riverside Olympic 2-3 Ulverstone

Burnie United 1-4 Devonport City

Launceston United 3-4 Somerset

Latest News

Glenorchy Knights coach Eamonn Kelly resigned this morning. Nick Harrison and Josh Fielding were in charge of the team for today's match against New Town Eagles. Kelly was suspended for two matches after being sent off against Clarence United last week and is due to appear before the disciplinary tribunal after the referee submitted a report to FFT about his behaviour at the end of the first half of that match.

And, the Knights' Corey Smith was sent off today in the match against Eagles after collecting a second yellow car for a foul on Eagles' Joshua Quon. He had earlier been cautioned for a foul against Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford.


Anonymous said...

Corey up to his old tricks again.... who is to blame this time? I didnt see Kim anywhere near the ground.

Brian Roberts said...

Division 4

SHSC 4 Southern F C 0

An entertaining game Southern F C had just as much of the play but G Pennicott plus others always got a toe in to thwart the S/FC attackers .

At the other end individual enterprise secured victory .

Anonymous said...

A great game today between Beachside and Nelson belying the final score. Nelson had a horrible 15 minutes after Craig Stockdale went off injured and gave away 3 goals, otherwise the play was pretty even between the two teams. A great game by Dunne, Pullen showed his class and Klasen directed the play from the foward line. For Nelson Fone, Lenck and Gaskell showed the club have a lot to offer in the future. A pleasure to watch.

Anonymous said...

what a great day for knights, corey smith sent off again and announcing his retirement after the game to team mates, then eamon resigning/sacked which one you want to believe, harrison to take over short term with brad marsland assisting him

Anonymous said...

Corey Smith wins a yellow car for a tackle? wow some tackle! Any news from WWP this evening greeks vs the ferrals?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.56 - interesting view of the beach/nelson game. Poor first half from both teams but beachside stepped up a gear in the second and nelson couldn't get near it. I think b/sides keeper only had 1 decent shot to save all game and that was from hanley late in the game.

Pretty decent gulf in class between the 2 sides at this point in time

Alan said...

Division Three Results
7. Round
Saturday, 08/05/2010 10:30 University Wanderers - Huon Valley 1:4
Saturday, 08/05/2010 12:30 University Bombers - Barnstoneworth 3:0
Saturday, 08/05/2010 12:30 Taroona - BeachSide 2:1
Saturday, 08/05/2010 12:30 Olympia Warriors - Clarence United Black 0:2
Saturday, 08/05/2010 14:30 University Players - Kingborough Lions 3:5

Alan said...

North Premier Results and Scorers
7. Round
Friday, 07/05/2010 20:30 NTCA Northern Rangers Launceston City 3:3 (2:1)
Saturday, 08/05/2010 14:30 Montello Burnie United Devonport City 1:4 (1:3)
Saturday, 08/05/2010 14:30 Birch Avenue Launceston United Somerset 3:4 (1:4)
Saturday, 08/05/2010 14:30 Windsor Park Riverside Olympic Ulverstone 2:3 (1:0)
No match: Prospect Knights

Northern Rangers - Launceston City 3:3 (2:1)
Goals: 0:1 Antonio Macri; 1:1 Declan Cushieri; 2:1 Des Schipper; 2:2 Antonio Macri; 2:3 Steve Throup; 3:3 Todd Hingston (Penalty)

Burnie United - Devonport City 1:4 (1:3)
Goals: 1:0 Astyn Johnson; 1:1 Chris McKenna; 1:2 Alan Eadie; 1:3 Alan Eadie; 1:4 Chris McKenna

Launceston United - Somerset 3:4 (1:4)
Goals: 1:0 Thors Nimely; 1:1 Danny Eaves; 1:2 Danny Eaves; 1:3 Danny Eaves; 1:4 Andrew Keygan; 2:4 Thors Nimely; 3:4 Jake Fleming

Riverside Olympic - Ulverstone 2:3 (1:0)
Goals: 1:0 Will Guy; 2:0 Mark Cristy; 2:1 Braydon Mann; 2:2 Braydon Mann (Penalty); 2:3 Braydon Mann

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.56 obviously a bias beachside supporter myself being a nuteral supporter i believe that the game was rather even. both sides having there share of attack but nelson having a bad patch, scrapy defence and to many players pushed forward plus beachside taking there chances clinically proved them the better side on the day. nelson looking promising for the future playing what looked like a young side and trying to play a good brand of football, anon 6:56 i agree with you totally Fone, Lenck and Gaskell all impressed me today. beachside were exceptional pure class and obvious experience a lot of great players and leaders. Div 1 surprised me today a great standard fast paced at times and both teams playing a passing style of play and showing good technicle ability at times. SPL teams you better look out either of these teams could easily course upsets next year if successful with promotion. Nelson looking a very promising squad for the future, beachside a very experienced highly quality side. either side could do damage in the SPL in future seasons

Banksie said...


You are like the old BBC Grandstand Vidiprinter.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Nelson missed some guilt edged chances in the first half. They moved the ball well at times but never really looked like being able to deliver a knockout blow.

B/Side stepped it up in the 2nd half and were never headed.

agree with the other anons, nelson played ok.

Anonymous said...

If you were at the game you could tell which team had the experience. Nelson had 6 teenagers in the starting lineup. Beach has a team full of ex prem league players so for nelson to do fairly well is a good effort. Obviously there was a bad patch in there where beachside scored 3 goals rather quickly, but that is something beachside so well when the other team drops their head. Overall beachside were the better team not missing passes robbo cleaning up well and pullen controlling the game. Looks like Nelson could do well in the future, just a little bit away at the moment

Anonymous said...

Honestly who on earth from the SPL is going to be scared of Beachside or Nelson, get a grip of yourself the gap is just too big from div1 to SPL.

Anonymous said...

Rumour is Cat Colegrave is in line 4 the knights job.

Anonymous said...

franco previdi for the knights job?

Spectator said...

anon 11:09 the gap from div 1 to prem didn't seem too big for taroona this year, as indicated by beating zebras on friday night. who says another div 1 team can't step it up again?

Anonymous said...

I would say the bottom 3 or 4 sides in SPL would all be capable of dropping points against beachside or nelson. I'll guess we will see when nelson play NTE in the cup.

Anonymous said...

thank god the knights have finally got firm with their club leaders. Good on them with their decision to suspend Kelly for his behaviour. All they need to do now is keep it up and be just as strict on their players. That club will be VERY lucky not to lose some of the good blokes in their squad. If corey does decide to retire it would be the best for him, the club and the game. His ego is far too big for him to be a positive influence at glenorchy or anywhere else for that matter. He should concentrate on his futsal which is where his strengths lye. I bet there is one or two new players at the knights who are now regretting their move!

Wow said...

who is brad marsland? Corey did not announce any retirement!

Anonymous said...

If there is one club that will get over this, it is the Knights. They have done it before and will do it again. The players are getting the results not their coach.

Anonymous said...

as a new player to the knights I DO NOT regreat my move im enjoying it so much its a fantastic club

Disgraceful said...

Committee not liking eamonn. Saying he thinks he is the club. More like the committee thinking they are the club! People need to realise the club is the players! ask the players as a whole what they think should be the right course!

Anonymous said...

Knights will only become a tighter unit as a result of Kelly copping out again. It's happened before and we coped, with no depth whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

More petulance by kelly but we seem to have some sensitive types in charge of SPL clubs - blow yr noses and harden up!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a new player at the knights, and I'm sorry to say, the biggest mistake of my life. I don't want to say much more in case my identity is worked out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:55 PM

Bit of a cop out?? If you have a problem with a team you dont go onto a blog under an anonymous and bag out your club, doesnt matter how bad it is..
Remember, no one makes you stay there, no one made you go there. Suck it up or move on....

Anonymous said...

You are NOT a knights player anon 8.55. If you were you would of left by now because we don't want you if you post crap like that. Walter surely you could see through this post, that it is someone laying in the boot while they can.

Anonymous said...

I hear Brad Marsland will make a big impact at knights. He comes from the old school model you kick 4 goals we 'll kick 5. A real gem!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:09...

Sure, there is a gap between Div 1 and SPL (we should hope so!) but we're kidding ourselves if we think it's "too big". It would be easier to make the statement that South Hobart should be in an even higher league of their own compared to the rest of the SPL given the gap at this stage of the season.
Can you honestly say teams like Warriors are that much better than Beachside???
Beachside, with the playing list they have would comfortably smack a team like the Warriors and take points of at least the bottom 4 SPL teams... if some of those players actually wanted to, that is.

I do agree that Nelson with so many youngsters has a promising future ahead. They were competitive around the ground and solid in defence for 2/3 of the match but against what is clearly the best team in Div 1 - had no forward pressure to really worry them. Over 90 mins, Beachside always looked like they would walk away with 3 points.

p.s. lol @ 9:36

Anonymous said...

annon 8.55 if its the biggest mistake of your life then get your gear and go we dont need people like u at the club

interested said...

Disgraceful said ,unfortunately mate, the club is not the players ,nor the committee. It is a combination of the committee players AND supporters.Players do not run the club.The committee run the club.If the players run the club as you suggest, then maybe there is the problem right there.The committee is largely responsible for the success or failure of a club.Not necessarily just success on the field. Success off the field is also important. It seems that two clubs in the premier league that have had more issues than any other club are clubs that have let the players dictate (run) the club in the past.When they dont get their own way ,they sulk and give up or leave etc .You sound like you are one of these players.The committee's job is to instill discipline and professionalism in the club. If that includes suspending the coach because he has not towed the line ,then so be it.Be a man and take it on the chin if you are in the wrong.Regardless of the referee's performance ,carrying on like a pork chop will not improve the situation and sets a bad example to youngsters.

simon said...

good to see marsh back playing in the ressies for knights where he belongs, i think chalky russel will get game time in seniors now that kelly has gone, also matthew rice is a good young up and comer who could play before the year is out

Anonymous said...

didn't beachside do well against south hobart earlier this year? Don't know there are that many SPL clubs that claim that

Anonymous said...

Losing 4-0 is not competitive in my books.

End of Story

Anonymous said...

intresting to see that people are makeing comment on things at the knights and they proberly dont even no the full story. actually i garantee u dont no the full story.