Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): New Town Eagles' Andrew Clark (left) pursues Olympia's Alex Nandan; New Town Eagles' Ben Whitehall (left) turns past Olympia's Mark Wakefield; New Town Eagles' goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford can only watch as Aaron Parcy's shot hits the crossbar; New Town Eagles' Andrew Clark heads clear after Lee Mason's shot comes back into play off the underside of the bar [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 1 (A McKeown 12) dw Olympia Warriors 1 (K Grillas 46)

Kingborough Lions United 2 (G Freeman 14, 42) lost to Tilford Zebras 4 (J Welch 13, R Self 30, D Walsh 53, 70)

Clarence United 5 (L Cripps 8, S McIntyre 34, 73, B Parker 75, B Hamlett 79) b Taroona 0


New Town Eagles 1 (J Hadfield) dw Olympia Warriors 1 (A Langdale)

Kingborough Lions United 2-2 Tilford Zebras

Clarence United 2 (A Hardwick, L Marsh) b Taroona 0


New Town Eagles 0-0 Olympia Warriors

Kingborough Lions United 1-2 Tilford Zebras

South Hobart 2-3 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 4 (A Browning 2, S Jacob 2) b Taroona 1 (Stevenson pen)

Southern Division One

Metro 6 (Dawes 4, Marney, Morris) b FFT/U-15s 2

Beachside 8 (Klasen 3, Pullen, Harvey, Pennicott, Howarth, Direen) b Southern FC 0

DOSA 1-9 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

University 1-1 Hobart United


DOSA 0-6 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

University 1-3 Hobart United


University 1-6 Hobart United

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Northern Rangers 6-1 Somerset

Prospect Knights 10-1 Launceston United

Ulverstone 4-1 Launceston City

Devonport City 3-3 Riverside Olympic


Anonymous said...

Reserve scorers for New Town vs Olympia
Hatfield for eagles
Langdale for Olympia

Anonymous said...

eagles were terrible today, lucky to get a point against a very ordinary opponent. possibly went in overconfident id say.

Anonymous said...

Saw the boro play today alright early but look very flat in the second half, only a few blokes looked like they wanted to be out there... Self was excellent, good win for the zebras, all over the lions in the second half

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Eagles reserves goal an own goal by the keeper?

Anonymous said...

Thought Olympia where a bit better than ordinary, controlled possession and looked more likely side to win it.

Anonymous said...

clarence v Taroona = 5 - 0
McIntyre 2,Ben Parker,Ben Hamlett,Cripps.
Reserve Clarence v Taroona 2-0.
Clarence v Taroona 3-0

Anonymous said...

Anon 7PM - On what planet is a shot from a free kick which the keeper just gets a finger too and own goal???

Anonymous said...

i see the cracks are starting to appear at metro. Does anyone know about the incident involving the senior coach and the under 19s player?

I'm Back said...

Anonymous @9.43. Not sure what cracks your talking about but you seem to be in the know so why don't you enlighten us ?

Anonymous said...

We played against the Metro u19s on Saturday and really enjoyed the contest. Metro played with plenty of passion and if there are cracks at Metro, they certainly didn't appear in the team we played.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9.44am,

Their are only two cracks appearing at Metro at the minute, the financial gaps left by the previous management and the negative crack-pots that believe negativity and lies will re-build lost faith.

Rather than sit in your car or throw stones in the background, come along and provide positive feedback (P.S. You better ask if your allowed to first).

Anonymous said...

Anonymus 3.48
why don't you put you name to your gutless comments
and get you facts right before you make incorrect statements.
For your information I know that you are refering me, but if you check you would have probably found out I got the ground with 10 minutes remaining in the under 19s so I don't know what happened between your senior coach and the player.
I also find it quite disgusting that you keep rubbishing the old committee and in particular my father in law when people involved in last years committee put slot of time and effort into keeping the club going.
And for your information I do hope that Craig and his committee do come good on his ideas he put forward last year but with half wits like yourself whoever you maybe, he needs alot of luck.
Andrew Rubenach

Anonymous said...


Being a past player that was involved with Metro you must understand that because the committe and the choices they made have caused a number of players to leave the club over the years and a number of players to not come to us specifically beacuse of them.

I know this first hand, beacuse these people have told me this so this isn't some attempt to stir the pot.

I hope finally Metro can get rid of this stigma and Craig and his team can implement all their ideas.

From what I have heard they are planning I have no doubt that Metro will be a great club to be around in the coming years.

I hear the only thing stopping them is just saving up some money again....

and P.S your line about hiding behind Anonymous is ridiculous. I can work out from reading these forums that your groupies give as good as they get and I'm not even tied up with the club anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.16,
If you are a past player that has no involvement with the club, you seem to have a fair knowledge of the current committees ideas and the clubs finacial position.
If the current committee members are talking about the clubs financial position as you have indicated outside the proper forum then i would suggest craig should be rapping someone across the knuckles.
I suggest we call this topic closed for the betterment of the club and lets hope that at some stage the clubs does reach the heights that it has promised for so long.