Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warriors postpone 50th anniversary dinner until March 2011

Photo: Olympia Warriors president George Mamacas [Plesspix]

Olympia Warriors have postponed their 50th anniversary dinner until March next year.

The dinner was originally scheduled for 12 June.

“We haven’t cancelled the dinner,” said Olympia president, George Mamacas.

“We’ve postponed it until March next year.

“There are a number of reasons, one of which is that the whole Estia Festival, which ran over the past two months, has just been completed.

“There’ve been a few functions of late, one of which will happen on Saturday night, which will be the Heart Foundation dinner, which is being put on by the Greek community.

“We felt that it being winter, also, didn’t help the cause.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a general down feeling within the club at the moment based on its performance at the senior level, but we feel, given time, we hope to get enough support within the club itself that the function will be a success in March.

“There’s nothing sinister about it.

“We just decided that we wanted to have a good celebration and, in the middle of June, and we’re on the bottom of the ladder and we haven’t won a game yet, it may not be the best time.

“Who knows if we’ll win one by then. I’m hoping we will, and I think we will, but we don’t know for sure, but that has certainly played a part in postponing it.

“But, at the end of the day, we just felt it might be better as a launch of the 2011 season.”

I guess that explains George's comment at Saturday night's game against Clarence United.

Pacing up and down the touchline during the game, George was heard to say: "I wish I could go home and go to sleep and wake up next year."

Actually, the postponement is probably a good thing. My research shows that Olympia played its first game in 1961, so 2011 is the correct year for the club's 50th anniversary.


Tonight’s scheduled Premier League game between Glenorchy Knights and Taroona was postponed for a second time.

The game was originally postponed last month because KGV Park was closed for repairs to both goal-mouths.

Both clubs are reported to have consented to this latest postponement.


Anonymous said...

Beachside v Sth Hobart friendly on tonight Walter. SHould be a good hitout for both sides.

Anonymous said...

Seems Like Warriors are in a bit of a panic. Having watched a few of there games yes a young team with a few issues but the season is still young and I have no doubt the team will pick up. Obvious talent in team and decent coach -success will happen.
Good Luck to the club and teams.

Anonymous said...

Chris hey has done the right thing at olympic.Stick by him george.Nick harrison has some chance at knights let hope he has courage to take it.

No corey smith you are not they best players in the state you never where.And yes its time to go and youll find no one else will be intrested either corey you are undiscplined and are not that good of a player .Sorry to tell u truth corey lets hope nick harrison can take his chance.