Monday, June 7, 2010

South move 13 points clear and effectively wrap up the title

Photos (Top to Bottom): Taroona keeper Robert Hortle is helpless as Greg Downes's free-kick swerves past him into the net; Match officials Patrick Galloway, Kim Barker and Chris Ware; Mr Galloway calms down Taroona's Hugo Luttmer and South Hobart's Tom Roach after tempers boiled over; Match Manager John Meehan accompanies the officials from the pitch; Hugo Luttmer has put Taroona ahead; Team-mates congratulate Luttmer on his goal; Hugh Ludford (left) battles for possession with Taroona's Matthew Hedge; "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow that ball away", says South Hobart's Dr Matthew Brown, while Bart Beecroft admires his power; South's Greg Downes in a race for the ball with Taroona's Jordan Wright; South's Jonathon Lo leaves Jack Elliott and keeper Robert Hortle sprawled on the ground after scoring; Team-mates congratulate Lo; Bart Beecroft (left) gets a pass away despite the attentions of Taroona's Toby Dove; Beecroft tangles with Taroona's Marcus Atkinson; South's Andy Brennan can hear Taroona's Sam Johnson approaching; South's Shae Hickey eludes Taroona's Hugo Luttmer [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Kelvedon Park, Saturday, 5 June 2010)


Taroona 1 (H Luttmer 19)

South Hobart 3 (J Lo 35, G Downes 43, A King 90)

HT: 1-2 Att: 90 Ref: P Galloway

Taroona: Hortle - Wright (Tubb 73), Schaap, Johnson, Elliott - Dove (Macgregor 63), Atkinson, Wyatt, Abbott - M Hedge, Luttmer (D Carey 63) [Substitute not used: Darragh Carey] [Coach: Ben Horgan]

South Hobart: Kruijver - Pennicott, Ludford, M Brown (Wuk Bum Heo 69), Scott - Hickey (Kanakaris 85), Roach, Downes, Beecroft - Lo, Brennan (King 69) [Substitute not used: Williams] [Coach: Ken Morton]


This win gave South Hobart a 13-point lead at the top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder. South would need to lose five games now - there are 9 games remaining - to relinquish their title, and that just isn’t going to happen. The champagne in the Wellesley Park club rooms can be taken out of the fridge and uncorked because the title belongs to South.

Taroona matched the visitors in the opening exchanges and South certainly did not have things their own way.

Taroona goalkeeper Robert Hortle did well to smother an effort from Greg Downes in the 13th minute as he was put through by Andy Brennan. The corner came to nothing, but South did force a number of corners in succession and Hortle was kept busy catching and punching balls that were floated into his 6-yard box.

A square pass in midfield by Jim Pennicott in the 19th minute paved the way for Taroona to take the lead. The pass was intercepted and Toby Dove’s shot from the right was only parried by Sam Kruijver. The ball fell to Hugo Luttmer, who drove it into the net to give the home side the lead.

Downes rattled the Taroona bar before Jonathon Lo equalised in the 35th minute. Kruijver cleared the ball up-field and Downes slipped it through for Lo to run onto and, despite the attentions of Sam Johnson and Jack Elliott, slipped it past Hortle to make it 1-1.

Downes ensured South of a 2-1 lead at half-time when he netted from a superb free-kick in the 43rd minute.

Midway through the second half, Downes almost scored again from a free-kick from the left, but the ball struck the crossbar. Pennicott was onto it in a flash, but Johnson managed to block the youngster’s shot.

A minute later, the adventurous Pennicott blazed at goal from range, but the ball just cleared the bar.

A flurry of substitutions then followed from both sides as they tried to gain the upper hand.

South’s fullbacks, Liam Scott and Pennicott, were constantly finding space and time to attack as the visitors applied pressure. Scott fired just over the bat from range in the 76th minute, while Pennicott had a shot blocked in the 80th.

South substitute Andy King finally killed the game off in the final minute when he scored with an excellent shot from the right from 25 metres.

King’s cut-back from the right almost gave South a fourth goal, but Tom Roach was unlucky as his shot struck the crossbar.


· Taroona coach, Ben Horgan, said:

“I was pretty happy with the effort from the boys today. I thought they stuck to our game plan pretty well and it was only a few moments of quality from South Hobart that separated the teams today.

“At 2-1, I thought we were still playing well enough to get something out of the game but we started to tire from chasing a goal and they killed us off with the third goal.

“We had a meeting during the week because the players were disappointed with themselves last week against Eagles and we came out of it with some points to focus on, which we did, and I think it was a much better showing.

“The challenge for us now is to get to that level every week and then improve on it because we still can’t be satisfied with a 3-1 loss.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“A hard-earned three points. We had to work hard for the win today.

“Taroona played with great spirit, everyone fighting for each other, and we had to match that spirit.

“Overall, we had good opportunities to put the game to bed, hitting the woodwork three or four times and I thought we controlled the game and had territorial advantage for long spells.

“Three great points. I am very happy with the performance and, of course, the result.”


Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs isnt it when a team virtually wins the league with a full round of matches to go.Doesnt say much for the remainder of clubs.

djalbacore said... the history of the league how many titles has South Hobart won compared to other clubs? And lets go back say 25 years as a starting point?..No doubt South Hobart are the dominating team all credit to them..guessing you are living by the minute and not the hourglass.

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs when one club is allowed to suck everyone in from the age of ten with delusions of grandeur, at the expense of Tasmanian football as a whole.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:42, what it says to me is South Hobart have a full time coach and all the other clubs dont. pretty simple. Full time coach = better cattle. better cattle = winning games. As I have said before, if South dont win every trophy on offer this year it will be a failure as it was for them last year.

Anonymous said...

djalbacore ,go back 50 years if you want to be serious.You will find that South have not won many at all until recently.

The big bad wolf said...

But south are starting to huff and puff so i would be careful if Walter's captions are anything to go by!

Anonymous said...

go back 10 years and south were not winning much either!!!! but since then they have taken football in this state to a new level, so get off your horse and try and emulate or succeed it or shut up!!!!

I am guessing you may be an eagles supporter reliving your past glories as your current team is useless and your club will fall apart in 10 years?

jerrie kruijver said...

the real sad state of affairs is the sour grapes that come to the fore when somebody is succesfull.the real differene between south and the rest is the sheer hard work the players at south have been willing to put in preseason.the coach might be full time but the players are just like everyone else and have to make the time.instead of whining ,put in the same effort and emulate what they are doing and that includes going after youth.souths formula obviously works for them and they are not unbeatable,but unless you match their effort you will be chasing their tail for a long time to come. come on eagles,i want to see you in the finals

Anonymous said...

South havnt won much until what?

I dont think it is fair to begrudge them the success they are having.

Yes, they have a full time coach and credit to Morton for turning the players he has into a winning outfit and working hard for it. A severe case of tall poppy syndrome i think.

They are the best footballing side in the state by a long distance, with the best coach, best players, best youth set-up providing the best pathways. Why begrudge them? If only a few other clubs would follow their lead rather than slagging them off the whole time, Tasmanian football would be in a better state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Then when everyone has gone South Hobart will have to play with themselves.

R U Serious Ref said...

I find it funny that Anon 4.46 just asumes that someone makes a comment about past glories & they think that that have to be an Eagles supporter. What, did no other clubs win lots back then. Yes Eagles did win lots while South won nothing but Juventus won heaps as did Croatia & Olympia as well as teams up North.
All these South fans think that Kenny has done wonders for the club & has changed Football in this State. How quickly they forget about the work that Nathan Robinson did for their club. Before he came along South were a bit of a joke. I played in many a game in Reserves & Seniors were we gave South a real touch up as did a lot of clubs. Nathan came along & helped turn the club around but how quickly people forget. If I was a South supporter I would maybe pull my head in a bit with all this Kenny is king stuff & do a bit of research and look @ the work Robbo did for your club because without him you would not have the success yo are having today and the club would not be as strang as it is.

Yes I am a former Eagles player but I also a former Juve, Metro & Croatia player

Anonymous said...

South have won. Other clubs need to use their time constuctively now, forget about what save have or are doing, and focus on what they can possibly do to improve their own club. If that is to start pre-season ealry - fine. If that is to try and seek expert coaching - fine. If that is to approach players from other clubs - fine. No good crying about what you can't control. As for south having the only the only full-time coah - correct. But not a full time south hobart coach, he spends alot of his time running his soccer school and various other soccer related bits and pieces. The players work hard, but twice a week like everyone else.

Title 'race' is boring now. whatt about something that is still up for grabs - like Laka cup or vic tuting. Will Fishy go back to back?
Usual vote getters like croswell or McKeown? Maybe one of the South midfield? Id be more interested to hear some chat about that.

First time poster - long time reader.

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest how much does Kenny charge for the kids to be in his soccer school?

jerrie kruijver said...

anonymus,if you ring south hobart and leave your name the might tell you

Businessman said...

Anonymous 8.37pm, how much Morton charges for kids who attend his soccer schools is easy to find out. It's not a secret. Just look up the school's website, or pick up a brochure at any number of businesses such as cafes in North Hobart.

I wish people would get off Morton's case. I've watched the man working in Tasmania since the late 1970s and he's miles ahead of any other coach working here. He used to leave Tasmania every now and then to take up coaching positions overseas but he's always come back. Of course he changed clubs regularly when he was in Tasmania. Why shouldn't he? He was always the best coach here and clubs wanted him Wherever he went, he was successful, and that's why clubs wanted him.

Now that he is with South Hobart, he has brought them success. He is not, as some people on here like to say, the full-time coach of the club. His full-time job is running his soccer school, and there's nothing wrong with that. If he can make a full-time living from running a soccer school here, then good luck to him. Why don't others try? People own and run driving schools, and other small businesses, so why shouldn't Morton run his own small business, namely a coaching school. If people want to send their kids to the school and pay the going rate, they are entitled to do so. No one is forced to enroll their kids. In fact, it's Morton's Soccer School that sponsors South Hobart, and not the other way around.

Get off his case, please. The man has decided to settle down in Tasmania and has the expertise and business acumen to run a small business, and that's what he's doing. If other people had the same energy and expertise, and experience, perhaps they'd do the same. Good luck to anyone who can make a living from the game in Tasmania.

djalbacore said...

yes as i said congrats to South Hobart great team great job..and no i am not an Eagles supporter..however history tells us change can happen quickly...r u seious raises a vey good point when Nathan Robinson went to South Hobart that was a turning point in the Club Culture...T think i touched a can someone do the premiership team numbers for the last 25 years and place them on the blogg

Anonymous said...

my darky for 2010 vic tuting is Welch, but more likely is Marchello, Clay, or McKeown. Will be close this year i Think.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Robinson was crucial in bringing South Hobart to where they are now. He brought a professionalism and dedication to training and instilled the right attitude. He took a team from 2nd last in 2001 that got walloped a fair few few times to premiership winners in 2002.

I think if you ask a few of the senior South players like Dave Cooper, Bart Beecroft, Daniel Brown, Tom Roach and Jon Lo they will speak very highly of Robbo.

South went stale under Spinner Adkins.

Ken Morton has taken what was already a very talented group of players to the next level.

Keith Roberts said...

In reply to djalbacore query re winners. I've listed the winners from the State Leagues 1978-81 and 1988-99 plus Premier South 1982-87 and since 2000.
NewTown Eagles 7, Hob Zebras 6, Glenorchy Knights 5, Rapid, University and Sth Hobart 3, Devonport 2 (State Lg), Caledonians and Olympia 1.
Zebras dominated with wins 1983,84,85. Eagles 1988-1991. Note Sth Hobart's 3 titles all being in recent years. Check out FFT, Competitions, then Statistics for winners since 1910.

Anonymous said...

Surely Brett Anderton contributed in getting South off the mat???

Richard Bennett said...

so did many others anon 1.23.

kevin wright and george krambousanos assisted and mentored nathan in his early senior coaching at south and john wilkinson was the best I have experienced at south as a coach. he would make a difference to any current PL team.

djalbacore said...

Thanks for that Keith..makes for interesting reading as a clubs success and character surely must be mentioned over many a year not just recent in saying that south seem to be on the right pathway

Anonymous said...

those names mentioned for vic tuting are a laugh, ricky self by 100 votes

Anonymous said...

ben croswell still best player in the league

Anonymous said...

Richard Bennett - I agree. John Wilkinson installed a professionalism within South Hobart SC but he didn't have the players to execute the game plan. He was before his time. A brilliant coach.

Credit must also go to Spinner Adkins, Brian Roberts, John Barker and Tony Chaffey etc who spent years developing the South Hobart juniors.

What benefits that paid with the likes of Bala Moore, Ben Harbinson, Bernhard Klasen, Will Russell, Bart Beecroft, Dean Willcock, Ben Crosswell, David Cooper, The Hedge bros, Tom Roach, Daniel Brown, Jon Lo and even now with Andy Brennan breaking through.

Sometimes you need to look beyond the coach to who else is within the club. South have always had quality people in the background coaching the reserves, 19s or at a committee level. Chester Willcock, Rod Hill, Jed Donoghue, John McCormack, Luke Atkin and Matt Rhodes to name a few.

Taroona / Olympia / Metro are on a similar path but there can be no shortcuts in a exercise likes this. It will take time but the rewards can be a strong club culture and impressive young players.

Anonymous said...

just proven that south reap the benifits of running central region ....and people say its not.. how niave and blind. Thank god some people see beyond promises.South coments on some clubs should get off thier *@# and do something about junior development. well maybe they are but not the way you have. Hence thier is minimal if none negativity about thier junior programs. ? when ken is finished with south what happens then???????????

Richard Bennett said...

anon 11.16
simple answer the club culture remains in place when individuals move on. it's called progression planning.

Anonymous said...

Running a business and being a coach are two diffeent things but it tends to merge into one when the business name is plastered across the Club's tops, the business capital (Korean players) is siphoned through the Club's senior team and the Business mans/Coach's partner is President of the Club.

The real conflicts and potential for unrest comes when these committed dedicated players are overlooked in favour of the Koreans or soccer school graduates. It may not happen too much in the 100th year but it will happen soon and when the business is no longer welcome things will change - some people (or cattle) will move on (in their droves).

djalbacore meremly highlights that we live in the moment - at our peril.

Brian Roberts said...

South do not run Central Region .

Ask the Central Region President

Chris said...

Mmmm I'm pretty confident in the fact that South Hobart don't have any involvment in the running of Central. The Executive are a group of very diverse people, with connections to many different clubs and it is focused on delivering junior players with opportunities to particpate, learn and most imporantly have fun while playing soccer.

Beachside HSC
Vice President CRJSA

Chris said...

Mmmm I'm pretty confident in the fact that South Hobart don't have any involvment in the running of the Central Region Junir Soccer Association. The Executive are a group of very diverse people, with connections to many different clubs and schools and it is focused on delivering junior players with opportunities to particpate, learn and most imporantly have fun while playing soccer.

I think one of the issues facing our sport is the changing ability to attract and retain the volunteers who in the past were the key to keeping clubs successful and viable.

This is something not only facing our sport but any organisation that relies on people to volunteer their time.

If we don't start finding solutions soon we will continue to see more clubs collapse and less people playing at the senior level and thus there will be less revenue coming into FFT and FFA and thus less support back to clubs and the sport.

Perhaps we should be looking at ways to help existing clubs set up and manage themselves, including how to gain sponsorship, develop youth programs and create pathways from junior to club competition which will help grow and strengthen the sport.

What I tend to see is a lot of people knocking each other and any individual they can target, which is only continuing to run the sport down.

Beachside HSC (player) and,
Vice President CRJSA

Anonymous said...

then y is centrals president ex south, and his kids came through south, and all coaches are involved with south except for one,and 99% of last years regional players are playing with south... no brainer.keep it in the family thats what they have done and will continue to do ...if any one could find out what coaches have been involved with central that were not involved with south .. now thats a challenge

roundball said...

Anon 9.07

Look further than the end of your nose, a few coaches, one namely a fantastic coach and gentleman - Tory Pepper, had central regional teams for years, but associated with eagles.
Young kids do not only attend schools in their local neighbourhood (and as such become "associated" with the various regions). Some actually (for various reasons) have to travel to other suburbs and schools, and become friends whom often travel or attend these trials as a group. We have picked a few youngens up from central and eastern squads, but more so from northern suburbs. Why, numbers go to South - unsure, possibly we do not offer to juniors what they do?
But, the water is getting murky when you suggest that one club are winning games due to gaining players from these junior sides - what don't we have talented kids in our areas also?

Chris said...

Same old knock, without wanting to give you any more oxygen to go on with, The coaches with the U11's including the president come from University, Kingborough and South Hobart.
I don't think Ben Horgan is at Sth Hobart and Besides Ken Morton who is coaching U12 I dont think any other team coach is from South Hobart.
No doubt your next argument will be that Ken and all these coaches were handed the roles and it's all about favourites yada yada. All coaches including Ken and Chris were interviewed by a panel made up of representatives from the schools/clubs that form the CRJSA. I am happy that the selection committee were committed to picking the best applicant for each position.

Again I put it out there it seems easier to sit back under an anonymous name and throw unsubstantiated half truths about then it is to stand up to try and make a positive contribution to the sport.


Anonymous said...

cheers chris

latest anon conspiracy=silence