Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday results - 20 April 2019

Photo:  Taroona's William Darling (No.10) outjumps Metro goalkeeper Colby Connors to head Taroona in front [PlessPix]

Lakoseljac Cup (Round-of-16)

Taroona 2 (W Darling 20, 29) beat Metro 0

Hobart United 1 lost to South Hobart 3 (K Hallam 3, B Lakoseljac 84, N Morton 88)

Launceston City 1 (Dyer 51) lost to University 2 (Fahey 20, 78)

Riverside Olympic 3-0 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Somerset 4 (Batt 53, 64, Whitehouse 68, Berne 74) beat Beachside 2 (Hickey 10, Cox 71)

Photo:  Metro's Brodie Holmes (left) and team-mate Matthew Garth (right) battle for possession with Taroona's David Abbott [PlessPix]

Women's State-wide Cup

South Hobart 2-3 Ulverstone

Somerset 3-8 University

Photo:  Metro's Brodie Holmes is beaten to a header by Taroona's William Darling [PlessPix]

Photo:  Taroona goalkeeper Kieran Siedler sets himself as Metro's Sean Robb is about to shoot and Tarona's Jeremy Stevens goes to tackle while Taroona's Jackson Marsh can only watch the outcome [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro goalkeeper Colby Connors goes for the ball as Taroona's Jackson Marsh races in and Metro's Brodie Holmes watches [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Personally not surprised by the Somerset and Uni results. Beach are not as strong as previous years and Uni are always a well disciplined unit.
The NPl and the Northern and Southern Champ competitions needs looking at . I know that these are one off games and anything can happen but I can say that there are al least half a dozen teams in the both champs that would more that hold there own against NPL opponents. Look at the south 3-1 win over Hobart United.
Does the NPL need to be split so that we can create the best competition for the regions.
Peoples thoughts?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is the next round of the Laka Cup May 11-12?

Its potluck said...

No npl just needs to go back eight tier.cup games anything can happen Newport fourth tier beat Leicester epl

Anonymous said...

Look at Souths squad today. No where near full strength.

Anonymous said...

I think anon has a point. Lok at the Challenge league as an under pinning league they are always at a different venue on a different day to NPL. So you explain to me how just reducing the NPL to 8 teams is going to make everything else underneath fit in to a decent structure.
Some drastic changes have to be made. The challenge should play before NPL no matter where the games are scheduled but wait no one wants to travel and wait 2 hours for the seniors to finish..
So who is to blame the clubs or the governing body?

Anonymous said...

Can only hope someone from Football Tas watches the Somerset v Beachside highlights and rubs Smith out for a few weeks for his two footed assault on Hickey! Make an example of him to rid the game of this type of behaviour. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

And they need to give the other bloke who got sent off just as long for his shocking dive. No wonder our game has such a bad name with people doing that crap

Anonymous said...

Bad tackle yes and am sure fft will deal with but watch the full highlights and @3.20 how did beachside number 4 not get a card when its clear he has no intent on the ball and just as late as Somerset red card and then at 3.28 beachside official enters the field of play and shoves/pushes a player. I'm guessing fft will be busy with those 2 as well. cracking game either way going off highlights

Anonymous said...

knowing BP I would say being a policeman he took offence to what was said to the young Beachside player. I am making an assumption and I could be wrong.
Looking at the size of Somerset I would say Beach were physically beaten up.
The game looked like it was getting very ugly and had the ref lost control.

Anonymous said...

I watched the game and can honestly say that Somerset were a disgrace. Even though the ref dismissed two of their players, he could realistically have marched another couple. He probably didn’t solely because of fears for his own safety..