Monday, April 15, 2019

There's a serious malaise in Tasmanian football

There is something seriously amiss in Tasmanian football.

What else could one think with scorelines often in double figures?

Saturday’s NPL Tasmania results didn’t reach double-figures, but two of the three games finished 6-0 and the third 5-0.

That’s 17 goals scored against opponents who did not even reply.

It’s even worse in the Women’s Super League, where Olympia executed Clarence United 16-0 on Saturday.

Such scorelines point to Mickey Mouse leagues and makes us the laughing stock of Australian football.

Teams withdrawing from competitions only adds to the picture of gloom.

The floodlights going off during the Challenge League game yesterday is inexcusable.

That sort of things happens in Mickey Mouse leagues.

Games are being cancelled because a supposed unavailability of venues.

That’s a lame excuse because other venues have been available and were overlooked.

The quality of the leading sides is also an illusion at times.

The South Hobart versus Devonport City game was not exactly a showpiece of football, and neither was Sunday’s 2-2 draw between Hobart Zebras and Glenorchy Knights.

Devonport won by the only goal of the game, while Zebras’ two goals yesterday came from an own-goal and a deflection.

Knights scored with a penalty, although their second goal was very good.

Some of the players on view yesterday are reputedly on decent money, yet they can’t even take corners.

It looks as if the public is being duped.

The game is being built up to what it is not, and supporters are starting to vote with their feet.

The attendance at KGV Park yesterday was disappointing, given the clubs involved.

The administration of the game needs to improve, while a lot of players need to pull their socks up (but not above the knees, please!) and perform to their potential.


Charles Calthrop said...

Thank you Walter. Saying what needs to be said. The game is all over the show and the standard of clubs is poor. I am no fan at all of The Muggles at FFT...but if people get on here and blame FFT for everything then we will get nowhere. The game belongs to the clubs and it's players. FFT are an average bunch of fixture producers. That's their responsibility...the clubs produce the rams and have completely dropped the ball and should be ashamed of themselves...all of them for allowing it to get to this. The product THEY are putting on the field is poor and you have hit the mail on the head. So clubs...what are we going to do to fix this...ourselves! We are the real leaders of our own sport not some office in Glenorchy...we should all be embarrassed. Don't even get me started on the absolute disinterest most clubs have in women's football and then make FFT the soft target for this one as well. Thanks again Walter for showing some leadership.

Anonymous said...

There are very few technical players in this comp.and to many average players.when mainland teams come they are a joy to watch cos they all have very good technical players.

Anonymous said...

Maybe srcap challenge league then those players would go to strengthen bottom clubs to get games. But big three clubs would want to keep a reserve team to keep stock pile up.but no reserve team would move players about.just have u19 u17 u15

Anonymous said...

I think describing FFT as "average" is rather flattering.

Anonymous said...

Football Tasmania is the worst run company in Australia if it was private enterprise all of them would be replaced and that is way the game is in so much trouble .

Anonymous said...

This stems all the way back to the previous administration, and there incompetent handling of the team selection process, were as if a team did not guarantee marque players and or imports they were not suitable for the NPL!! Fact!!!
1000 spectators per game, fantasy land then and fantasy land now!!

Anonymous said...

The standard is not good to watch at all and is definitely not worth the entrance fee. Finishing is non existent, set pieces are a joke, players cannot take a simple corner even after going through 3-4 players having an attempt.

Anonymous said...

Like the idea of getting rid of challenge & maybe allow two overage players in u 19 coming back from injury

Anonymous said...

Well said Walter
The clubs can be held accountable to a small degree but it’s the head that guides and puts rules and structure in place and remember these people are getting paid - not like people at club level
The standard , organisation and management all need a major upgrade
Word is we have a technical director at fft
Any of the clubs ever seen him or been offered any help , ever seen him around junior games “ identifying talent and offering support - well besides at Wellesley having coffee with ken and Vicky !!

Anonymous said...

While FFT and the board continually go with a quantity over quality approach for its premier male competition, these results will keep happening.
Their ambition of a 10-team league was promotion and relegation was simply pie in the sky. No other state league sport in Tassie has that amount of teams - simply because their isn't enough top-level talent and/or not enough players willing to commit the time needed.
Go back to 8 teams in NPL Tas (5 south, 2 Launceston, 1 North-West) and concentrate the talent.
As for the Women's Not so Super League, the longer they have no representation from the Launceston region, the quicker the whole comp will wither on the vine, especially when no bus assistance is given to Ulverstone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13
The not so Super League is definitely in a bit of bother. It seems last years winner turned up with a bare 11 with coach and no other support. You would of thought the club would be accomodating extra players due to their success last year, odd? Perhaps a bus may help but more likely problems with the game statewide. Return to North and South might be the way to go?

Anonymous said...

I believe Football Tas proved a 12 seater bus let's hope they don't have any injures game day with one sub it doesn't leave a lot on the bench twelve seater bus for a squad of 15 plus support staff .VERY TIGHT FIT INDEED !!

Anonymous said...

Bring back George Kallis the rosters and programing have being all over the place sadly his replacement is not up to it .

Anonymous said...

They need to change live-streams put a 24 hr delay on it .