Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sunday results - 1 May 2022

Photo:  Cara Lashmar of Kingborough (left) and Madeline Lohse of Launceston United in a battle for possession. [PlessPix] 

Women’s Super League

Kingborough Lions United 0-5 Launceston United

South Hobart 2-0 Clarence Zebras

Taroona 3-1 Olympia Warriors

Photo:  South Hobart's Bridie Cooling beats Clarence Zebras' Caitlin Stalker. [PlessPix]  

Southern Women’s Championship

South Hobart 0-4 Clarence Zebras

Taroona v University [Taroona forfeited]

Kingborough Lions United 1-3 Glenorchy Knights

Photo:  Olympia on the attack against Taroona today. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Action at Sabdown Park between Hobart City Beachside and Kingborough Lions United. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro shoot for goal against Hobart City Beachside at North Chigwell today. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Veteran Hobart City Beachside keeper Michael McKenna stops a Kingborough shot. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Kingborough's Danielle Kannegiesser heads for goal against Launceston United today. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  South Hobart's Bonnie Davies, who scored both goals, in a race for teh ball. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Action from today's Taroona versus Olympia game at Kelvedon Park. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Kingborough's Nick Cuthbertson (right) goes for the ball. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro on the attack against Hobart City Beachside at North Chigwell today. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Why FFT did not roster an experienced umpire and linesmen to SH vs CZ wsl leaves me dumbfounded. It's amazing only 1 player went off injured. Finally in the 2nd half cards started to be issued; lost count maybe 10....

Anonymous said...

Umpire…disgruntled dad that lost today?

Anonymous said...

Umpire lol.. How long have you been watching football?
At least have the basic terminology down before you start telling us how the rules should be interpreted by a and I quote "umpire".

#AFL person

Anonymous said...

Launceston were excellent in the WSL yesterday and deserved their win..

However Kingborough with their attacking talent should be doing better but defensively they are poor.

Coach sticking with the same defenders who he has used for many years but are not doing the job...

Anonymous said...

I watched the Clarence game as well as the Taroona game on NPL TV and chalk and cheese as far as the quality in the middle. Clarence should of received a penalty in the first half for hand ball. This game was ugly to watch and players safety was on the verge. as Tony berry said i don't know if i'm watching Rugby or Football and come back Tony Peart.
Taroona play a good style of football and besides Launceston played better football over the weekend. Shelly Cook is in a league of her on as there isn't a female keeper in the same street.
I've heard Knights are being granted a WSL licence and i personally think FT should review the women's game full stop as Clarence and Olympia can't full fill their obligations and the south doesn't need another team in the competition as Ulverstone should be next
Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi don't really understand your comments how are Clarence not fulfilling their commitments. Taroona couldn't even field a champs team and have been slaughtered this year in both WSL and,Champs .
Knights surley are not being even considered as their champs team is no even that good .
Ulverstone was drained of its players and won't be competitive.
Should go back to a Regional comp as game go down hill every year since WSL started as best teams from the south don't travel due to work commitments,even Devonport coach has said that best players don't travel for Zebras

Anonymous said...

If the team Knights put out on the park on Sunday in the Championship were to play in the WSL they would be slaughtered. They have a few good young girls who need to play WSL next year but I doubt it will be at Knights but that is up to them I guess. Unless a team in the south pull out Knights wont get a gig I would think

Agreed with above there is no room for 8 teams in the WSL unless they are from the north.

Ulvie should never have been kicked out, but can the coast support two teams I doubt it..

The best model I believe is 4 from the south and 2 from the north (the two northern teams now have a big advantage being the only 2 teams in specific regions)..

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.45pm

How could FT possibly grant Knights a license, there is not enough talent for 5 teams (needs to be 4 south and 2 north).

I watched Knights play an under strength Kingborough reserves team on the weekend and they do have a couple of young girls who will be WSL standard if not now certainly next year, but really they would have to recruit a new team and sorry but the older players in that team would not cut the mustard.. If I were any talented young Knights female player I would be heading to WSL club next year (if playing at the highest standard is what they want)

I do tend to agree the whole womens comp needs to be reviewd. Ulverstone should never have been removed from the league, they actually won the competition in 2018 and were competitive up until there axing from the WSL at the end of 2020. Any new license needs to go to them to be honest and they are keen to re enter.. To be fair when the comp was reviewed at the end of 2020 when Uni who finished bottom decided to withdraw Taroona should not have been included.

In my opinion WSL in 2023 if we maintain the current 7 team model needs to be:

Olympia (based on past success and they will rebuild)
Ulverstone if they want (they have been treated poorly)

In my opinion

The best model should be

4 south and 2 north

My thoughts


Anonymous said...

The South and Cla zebs game the umpire definitely lost control of the match. Definite handball in the box, which should have been a penalty first half to Cla Zebs. A free should have been awarded outside the box to Cla zebs in the 2nd half when the goalie was allowed a second chance - ump did a drop ball for the goalie (not juniors). These two crucial decisions may have altered the outcome. There were decisions regularly throughout the game that should have been carded and weren't allowing play on for both sides. Players safety in a game should be paramount!

Anonymous said...

A regional comp maybe be the answer best team from each club in Northern and Southern Championship or Premier League or World Series or whatever you want to call it, then a reserve comp etc

Lets be fair the WSL structure does not work:

North doesnt change: all clubs enter a team probably not a second tier


New Town
Metro (maybe)
Beachside (maybe)

Each team with a second team in a Premier League Reserve

Good to see some talk on Womens football