Sunday, February 15, 2009

Latest results

Prospect Knights drew 1-1 with Northern Rangers in the Steve Hudson Cup competition in Launceston today.

After a goalless opening half, Reece Kinslow put Prospect ahead 10 minutes into the second half.

Amos Gbaise equalised in a goalmouth scramble about 15 minutes from the end.

In other results, Launceston City held South Hobart to a 0-0 draw, the TIS beat Riverside Olympic 3-2, and Taroona overcame Launceston United 3-1.

Hugh Foley netted twice and Declyn Foley once for the TIS against Riverside, while Chris Cox, with two goals, and Toby Dove, with one, were Taroona's scorers against Launceston United.

In the southern Summer Cup (Premier League Reserve section), Glenorchy Knights beat University 6-1 at South Hobart after leading 3-0 at the break.

Tony Dzelalija opened the scoring for the Knights, while Matt Nowicki scored the second.

Joe Minnucci netted twice, as did Cosmos Paite. One of Paite's goals was a penalty.

University grabbed their consolation goal near the end through Hugh Burgess.

Clarence United beat Kingborough Lions United 1-0.

Hobart Olympic beat Tilford Zebras 2-1 after leading 1-0 at half-time.

Michael Bulis and Emmanuel Tsakiris scored for Olympic, while Adrian Venettacci replied for the Zebras.

Tsakiris's goal came from a splendid over-head scissors kick, the ball zooming into the roof of the net and leaving the goalkeepr flat-footed.

A Simon Burrett goal on the stroke of half-time gave South Hobart a 1-0 win over New Town Eagles.

Jesse Gasparinatos's fierce shot aimed at the top near corner of the net was punched out by Andrew Savage for a corner.

Gasparinatos took the corner and Burrett nodded the ball into the net from close range for the only goal of the game.


Anonymous said...

Joe Minnucci the new Xabi Alonso he only shoots from long range! awesome goals!

Anonymous said...

Taroona appear to be putting a run of decent form together.. guessing they still have work to do?

Anonymous said...

sorry Walter it should have been here , Did Igor play?

Anonymous said...

great goal by the young tsakiris yesterday...quality

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that Taroona,now a Div 1 side down south can win two games convincingly against Northern Premier teams.
Can someone up North advise on the quality of these games that have involved Taroona?

Anonymous said...

Most teams up here play mixed sides and use the comp to give all players a run. So far we at Rangers have probably only played 4 or 5 guys who will be considered as first team starting players in 2009 (Todd Hingston, Sam Luck in both games Mark Ambrose played yesterday. Derek Schipper, TT Kakadumane, Paul Bremner, Marshall Pooley etc yet to have a run maybe this weekend. The Lonnie team they beat yesterday have won the wooden spoon up here the last few years and had a few bout, whilst Knights they beat in week 1 were half strength (4th NPL in 2008). Is the team Taroona put out there normal starting line up?


Anonymous said...

agree mith Mark of NRFC, however, I would suggest the Northern Premier League will be struggling a little in comparison to Southern PRemier League, top three should be all strong, but after that, may be a little light on for tallent!

A lot of tallent has left the north for one reason or another, River lost the Oosterloos to mainland plus a few others, City fail to bring in kids and keep looking to their old retirees for assitance, Sculli back on the weekend, got to be 35+++ going on that wont be supprised if they tempt Mies and JD back to help them win 6 points for the year while their kids go to a club who will support them. Rangers picked up a few and lost a few but probably stronger than 08, Knights had a bit of an exodos, but seem to have recovered a little, Launny cant seem to attract any one of any real quality, Devonport will be up there again and possibly my favourite for the flag. Ulverstone same as Launny, Burnie lost a heap to work away from home in 07 and they havnt come back and somerset will be around the mark again.

Just isnt the tallent getting around up here at present.

Had Taroona played in the NPL last year, they prossibly would have finished 7th or 6th out of what would have been a 10 team comp, and been compatative! thats just the facts!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Barron scored Clarence's goal.

The goal by Tsakiris would have been on EPL highlights and his composed celebration was classy.

I have asked previously about the quality of the Steve Hudson Cup - doesn't sound like it's too high.