Saturday, February 7, 2009

South Hobart catch the eye at Steve Hudson Cup series

South Hobart produced an impressive display to take the honours on the opening weekend of the Steve Hudson Cup competition at Launceston's Birch Avenue by thrashing Riverside Olympic 8-1 this afternoon.

South Hobart, missing striker Billy Gasparinatos and midfielder Igor, led 5-0 at the break.

Gary Upton was outstanding in midfield, while the goals by Bart Beecroft and Matthew Brown were particularly impressive.

Shae Hickey, who had an excellent game, netted twice, while Beecroft, Julius Ross, Brown, Jonathon Ladic, David Abbott and Hugh Ludford, the latter with a penalty, all got on the scoresheet.

Daniel Brown made a cameo appearance in the final quarter of an hour after missing most of last season.

Riverside were no match for South Hobart and their consolation goal came about ten minutes from the end through Meldrum, with the score already at 8-0.

"Our first-half was an absolutely super response to our 7-0 loss against South Melbourne and we played dominating football," said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

"Our midfielders were breaking forward and we used width, which is different to the past, and we were very positive today.

"I think the lads picked up some lessons from that South Melbourne game.

"We fell away a bit in the second half but it was all over by then."


Anonymous said...

It definitely looked like Riverside were shocked to play against a team as well coached as South Hobart. The midfield was too good and the game was won in the first thirty minutes. I don't think that this would be the same emphatic scoreline next time the two teams play however. It took the half time break for Riverside to take in what they had to do. All credit to South Hobart though they look hard to beat and were by far the better team.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts re Div 1 south and who should participate. Mr Kruvier has a great arguement as to why a strong club should be rewarded. Walter, what is the history of promotion relegation in the south since the state league finished up? I suspect not many teams have "earnt the right" on the field, rather a circumstance of team or teams opting out of the old state league. Should a strong Div 2 side earn the right to play Div 1 regardless of club???

Anonymous said...

just a little question walter.if dosa can take a 2 year holiday from playing division one and walk straight back in to it can a pemier leage club take a break and walk straight back into the premier league?

Anonymous said...


any club can nominate a team for any division - but nominating doesnt give the club a right to be included in a roster.

No doubt FFT will welcome DOSA back into Div 1 if it allows a viable competition.

Anonymous said...

anonymus surely simply nominating is not good enough,surely you have to prove on the park whether you belong in that league or not

Anonymous said...

is it not a slap in the face of division 2 teams if dosa can simply walk back in?

Anonymous said...

DOSA have proven over a period of time that it deserves to be in Div One.

Anonymous said...

well,i cant argue with that,coaching hard work and training are no longer needed to win promotion.simply nominate your team and you get in the second best southern must be a relief for the premier league teams,they can take a year off andwalk dtraight back in and to save any rivalry between clubs we simply nominate who should win the premiership.come on folks give teams some incentive to play for a prize and reward those teams that actually earn it with a promotion to a higher league

Anonymous said...

It is funny how any team "deserves" which div they are in because of numbers. Surely a team deserves promotion from performance, ie winning the Div they are in, or playing off with the last from the div up. Give every player at every club this opportunity and we wont lose players and participation because guys and girls will be loyal to one club, unlike some clubs that turn over significant numbers every year with the hope of promotion/ success.

Anonymous said...

how right you are

Anonymous said...

not sure whereyou think we are living.

this is tassie we do not have 50 clubs that want promotion from div to div. - we barely have 12 that aspire to the top level.

once nomiated , there are benchmarks that teams are asked to meet, and if they cannot meet them at the time of nomination, they are asked what measures they are putting in place to enable them to meet them.

FFT would be only too pleased to have more and more clubs who aspire to play at the next level - but they simply dont exist currently.

The big issue for 2009 is whether there are enough clubs who can field teams in the new Div 1 structure.

Anonymous said...

yes anonymus we are in tasmania,wich is small but nevertheless sits on a goldmine of footbaltalent.while we must plan ahead and continually look for avenues to help existing clubs to grow and expand we must nurture the players that we have at present playing.after all it is them that finance the clubs and fft thru their fees etc.they are the our only true asset we i assume that the best players we have are located in the premier league,premierleague reserves and division 1.just imagine if we let the reserves play in a division where they mix it with all the other teams.whatever team wins the premiership gets promoted while the lowest gets relegated,should two teams of the same club end up in the same league it would not be hard to regulate in such a way they cant interchange players but must get needed replacement from a lower league,wich will level the playingfield and will give oppurtunity for some one else to rise,this way it would be easier for the better players to rise to the forefront and we end up with leagues filled with teams of nearly the same standard and thabetter games and the players are playing for a real prize,promotion to a better league.i know it is important to ask clubs to measuers in place to accomodate youth teams etc,but that shouls not handicap the players they have from reaching a highere standard after all the players they have is the sole reason that club exists at all.with a small population we cant support that many clubs but we can support those clubs we have to the hilt to make them stronger,by strong i mean a large pool of potential players that will make the club financially viable.lets not forget that word of mouth in the end is the best recruiter we have,if we have players that have a real incentive to gain promotion etc their enthousiasm is bound to rub off on other potential player.let the clubs show the community that they really want people to come and play,no matter what standard they are every one that comes in is a another form of revenue to help ease the burden.the off season should be utilised to the maximum to try and recruit as many people we can,no doubt if we really show the community we are interested in them they will show more interest in us and we will also get more publicity wich we so sorely lack,i think walter deserves a medal for being able to withstand the apathy that seems to greet him wherever he goes'again i say enable the players we have to play at the level they are suited to do not penalise the players for the fact that certain clubs cant meet the standards that fft are laying down dont kill the goose that lays the golden egg