Monday, February 2, 2009

Summer Cup Groups

Kenneth Hansen and CEO Michael McIntyre conduct the draw (bottom) and with witnesses Brian Dale and Darren Frost (top)

The groups in the Premier League section of the Summer Cup competition, commencing on Saturday, 14 February, are:

Group A: Glenorchy Knights, University, Clarence United, Kingborough Lions United
Group B: Hobart Olympic, Tilford Zebras, New Town Eagles, South Hobart

Round 1 matches in Group A are: Glenorchy Knights v University; Clarence United v Kingborough Lions United

Round 1 matches in Group B are: Hobart Olympic v Tilford Zebras; New Town Eagles v South Hobart

Round 2 matches in Group A are: Glenorchy Knights v Clarence United; University v Kingborough Lions United

Round 2 matches in Group B are: Hobart Olympic v New Town Eagles; Tilford Zebras v South Hobart

Round 3 matches in Group A are: Kingborough Lions United v Glenorchy Knights; University v Clarence United

Round 3 matches in Group B are: South Hobart v Hobart Olympic; Tilford Zebras v New Town Eagles

The Premier Reserve League competition will mirror the Premier League section.

The groups in the Division One section of the competition are:

Group A: Hobart United, Beachside, DOSA, New Town Eagles

Group B: Nelson, Christian United, Taroona, Metro

Round 1 matches in Group A are: Hobart United v Beachside; DOSA v New Town Eagles

Round 1 matches in Group B are: Nelson v Christian United; Taroona v Metro

Round 2 matches in Group A are: Hobart United v DOSA; Beachside v New Town Eagles

Round 2 matches in Group B are: Nelson v Taroona; Christian United v Metro

Round 3 matches in Group A are: New Town Eagles v Hobart United; Beachside v DOSA

Round 3 matches in Group B are: Metro v Nelson; Christian United v Taroona

The Women's Premier League section draw was also made at FFT Headquarters this morning and the groups are:

Group A: Kingborough Lions United, South Hobart, University, Tilford Zebras

Group B: Tasmanian Institute of Sport; Glenorchy Knights, Clarence United, Hobart Olympic

The schedule of matches is:

Round 1 in Group A: Kingborough Lions United v South Hobart; University v Tilford Zebras

Round 1 in Group B: TIS v Glenorchy Knights; Clarence United v Hobart Olympic

Round 2 in Group A: Kingborough Lions United v University; South Hobart v Tilford Zebras

Round 2 in Group B: TIS v Clarence United; Glenorchy Knights v Hobart Olympic

Round 3 in Group A: Tilford Zebras v Kingborough Lions United; South Hobart v University

Round 3 in Group B: Hobart Olympic v TIS; Glenorchy Knights v Clarence United


Anonymous said...

Why are Newtown Eagles in the Div 1 Draw, there's not much point if they can't enter in the season proper. Or have FFT once again moved the goal posts?

Anonymous said...

any news on dates, times, venues for games????
FFT website no use. anyone would think it didnt start next week!! glad i'm not a shift worker!!

Anonymous said...

They hadn't decided on that yet and the actual draw was the only business conducted.

Anonymous said...

Re. the first 'Anonymous' post - are Eagles not in Div.1 this season? Also read the flyer from Hobart United (on FFT site) which suggested that that have a Div.1 but not a Div.1 Reserves?

Walter - any chance of doing an article about structure and teams for the upcoming season?

Anonymous said...

Is Brian Dale asleep in this shot??

Anonymous said...

Re. the 2nd anon post.
Does anyone else think its a joke that the competition starts in 10 days yet rosters are not readily available!!!
Why is it that the north and north west dont seem to have trouble getting organised early???

Anonymous said...

southern clubs have wanted the extra time for nominations - been that way for years. Everyone knows what weekend it starts - so where is the issue?

Rosters are on FFT website 10 days before first match. No issue at all.

Anonymous said...

Last post, it is an issue for Newtown Eagles who with proposed changes that may or may not happen, cannot properly organise a team without knowing for sure whether they are in Div 1 or Div 2. I understand the the debate why they shouldnt participate, (perhaps more comment) but the team is severely handicapped with the lack of certainty.

Anonymous said...

"Rosters are on FFT website 10 days before first match. No issue at all.". And the rosters for the real season are .... ?

Eagles are in the SPL? Therefore they can't be in Div1 or have the rules changed? After their Reserves their next team must be in Div2 surely (and therefore a social team in the Summer Cup)? I note that Huon Valley aren't in the Div1 section - so what's the latest about the setup for the real season? Not enough Clubs to fill the 8/8 plan?

ps can we all stop being "Anonymous"?

Blackjack where are you?

Anonymous said...


clubs have had DRAFT SPL/NPL rosters for some time.

nomination deadline for regular season not yet reached - so those in Div 1 not yet known. May have to try and run with 6 team league?

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon of 10.57 pm.

I understood that the FFT were determined to create a two tier system of eight clubs with facilities and teams to improve the game. There had to be eight clubs in the new Div1 and promotion and relegation. All sixteen with grounds and junior pathways (and so on).

There are some that couldn't see that being a possibility. If there are only six Div1 teams then, if I were a Taroona or Metro supporter, I'd be really peed.

Anonymous said...

May be misinformed, but only 3 stand alone clubs in Division 1 can field Senior, reserve and under 19 teams as specified by FFT. The document also specified automatic promotion, with no need for playoffs. Maybe clubs that cant provide this have been put off entering, or FFT need to lower the criteria.

Anonymous said...

TIS boys playing in Hudson Cup.

TIS girls playing in Southern Premier League section of summer cup.

TIS boys apparently playing for University in Premier League U19 comp for season 2009.

Havent heard what TIS girls doing during season proper.

Anonymous said...

How can UNI not field their own U19 side and meet the FFT rules?

If it's a TIS squad they are not playing for UNI - rather, it would be instead of UNI.
If that's true UNI should be out of the Premier League.

Anonymous said...

Anon of 3.36.

Has anything changed with the FFT and rules over the last few years? Why are you surprised?

The criteria were always stupid, the re-organisations of leagues over the last ten years were stupid, the management (at other than club level) in Tassie has been stupid. Just my opinion loike.

Re. the Uni. U19's - will Uni. be allowed to play any of the TIS guys where they want or will they be stuck in the 19's? Anyone from Uni. in a position to reply?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, what do people think, who will be the clubs going to make final and why, would be interested in seeing people thoughts! cheers

Anonymous said...

Im guessing Uni will not be allowed to promote any of the TIS players from U19's to their reserves or senior squads. Seems fair.

Anonymous said...

UNI/KNIGHTS vs South to be the final. Reasons Uni and Knights are the best teams in that group and South are the best in the State

Anonymous said...

Clarence will make the final.

Anonymous said...

The whole structure is a joke at best, the intent to try to increase the level in Tasmania, but the proposed structure only denies many youth players the opportunities as they have to travel further to the clubs which has teams and resources to accomodate, and most clubs fees are expensive, but given FFT charge like wounded bulls, no wonder.
So in short the structure
each premier (mens) league team must have a reserves and U19's the same for Div 1 clubs with mens teams. For the women teams(club) no real restrictions.

I also agree allowing new town eagles entry in Div 1 summer cup not on, and allowing TIS to be used at Uni's U19 should be a no.

Anonymous said...

if new town eagles has a team good enough to play division one they should be in there.if they win the premiership they should gain promotion after all only the best teams should be in the top league.its not hard to rgulate and stop those clubs who might have 2 teams in a league to switch players between those sides.trying to stop teams from entering a league sounds more like a fear of competition instead of promoting our sport

Anonymous said...

making decisions regarding wich league a club should play in should be made on the playingfield.not around a boardroom table

Anonymous said...

Every club had plenty of notice that the structure would change in 2009. Everyone agreed on the restructure at a president´s meeting in 2007.
It´s just a shame that some clubs have not got their acts together yet with hunting down the required players (particularly youths, U19s) and as such are letting everyone else down. The 8/8 structure would be great in a perfect world but I somehow knew back in 07 that by the time we got to this point, some clubs would still be sitting around with their thumbs up their proverbials, not doing anything about meeting the agreed criteria.
As much as we´d like to, we can´t pin this on FFT, regarding the structure. If we need to blame anyone, we should blame ourselves. We as clubs collectively made this decision.
The only thing we could criticise FFT for is for raising their fees again. This does not help the transition as many prospective players will be turned off by the higher fees they will have to pay, particularly in the current economic climate and therefore we will struggle to fill the spots.