Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zebras lose a penalty shoot-out

Mark Moncur saves Daniel Lapolla's spot-kick


[South Hobart win penalty shoot-out 6-5]

South Hobart are one draw away from reaching the Summer Cup final in the Premier League section of the competition after drawing 1-1 with Tilford Zebras and then winning the penalty shoot-out and earning the bonus point.

There can be no repeat of last year's final, therefore, when Zebras beat South 3-2.

South need only a point against Hobart Olympic, the team at the bottom of Group B, when they meet next week, to qualify for the final.

They appeared to have suffered an early set-back against Zebras when goalkeeper Mark Moncur brought down Aaron Brazendale on the left of the box in the 3rd minute.

But, Josh Thorpe's spot kick was easily saved by Moncur.

The Zebras' Henry Fagg and South's Bart Beecroft clashed heads in the unlucky 13th minute and both required treatment.

Beecroft was bleeding form a head wound, while Fagg appeared groggy. Both had to be helped from the field but eventually returned to the fray.

South should have taken the lead in the 25th minute when Daniel Lapolla inexplicably gave the ball to Greg Downes, but the youngster advanced on goal and thumped a shot against the base of the far post instead of into the back of the net.

Three minutes later, South were again unlucky when Matthew Brown headed a corner against the post.

In stoppage time at the end of the first half, David Cooper fired straight at Zebras keeper Troy Kaden, while a minute later, Ricky Eaves shot narrowly wide as South searched for that elusive opening goal.

With 11 minutes of the match remaining, Downes put South ahead.

Casual play by Ryan Smith, making his first appearance for Zebras since returning from a year overseas, put the Zebras defender in trouble. He managed to extricate himself from the initial spot of bother, but the ball was not cleared and he was again confronted by Jonathon Ladic.

This time, Ladic found a way past Smith on the right and curled a teasing ball across the goalmouth. Kaden, caught in two minds, was unable to get to it and Downes stroked the ball home from the left side of the box.

Ricky Self came to the Zebras' rescue four minutes from the end when he powered home a magnificent equaliser from just outside the box.

In the penalty shoot-out, Ladic, Hugh Ludford, Downes, Liam Scott, Cooper and Josh Heerey netted for South Hobart, while Gary Upton, the most unlikely of players to miss, struck the crossbar with his effort.

Thorpe, Brazendale, Ben Crosswell, Fagg and Andrew Telega scored for Zebras, while Moncur denied Walsh and Lapolla to give South a 6-5 win in the shoot-out and the bonus point, which kept them top of Group B.

  • South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

"I thought we had enough possession, territorial advantage and chances to have won the game in the hour.

"We don't get a lot out of these games, but one thing we know is that Zebras will be there or thereabouts again.

"They're formidable up front. They've got some dangerous players and they'll always keep you on your mettle.

"Ricky Self had one chance today and it's in the back of the net.

"We've had a few chances and failed to take them."

  • Tilford Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla, said:

"Given the quality of the two sides, I don't think games like these are going to be open games.

"They're always going to be tight contests and I think that was shown today.

"Yes, we missed a penalty. It probably would have opened up the game a bit more.

"But, overall, I was pretty happy with the boys. It was only the second game in."

South Hobart: Moncur - Cooper, Ludford, M Brown, Scott - Heerey, Upton, Beecroft, Ladic, Hickey - Eaves [Substitutes: D Brown, Downes, Kruijver, Ross]

Goals: Downes

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Telega, Smith, Connolly - Self, D Lapolla, Fagg, Crosswell, Brazendale - Walsh, Thorpe [Substitutes: Pace, K Engels]

Booked: Thorpe, Lapolla

Goals: Self

Ref: B Kopra

Att: 250


orlando said...

how did ricky eaves play? suprised to c him up front

Anonymous said...

Eaves seemed to struggle, Julius Ross was much more of a handfull when he came on up front!!

Zebra's Defensive line was excellent catching the south forwards offside on countless occasions. the South goal was also questionable as Downes looked to be offide.

I think both teams struggled with the sortness of the game 1 hour really is not long enough.

Suprised to see Kopra Referee this match up..

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Olympic have 5 of their home games at south Hobart parts of the pitch already seems to be struggling, wouldnt think South Hobart would be very happy at all.. Punish the teams that have a home ground to help out the ones that dont .. hardly seems fair..

Anonymous said...

To Various Anonymous's and the ground issue, maybe I am wrong but when I last looked South Hobart Ground is owned - maintained and payment made to Hobart City Council.
When I checked, provided you have the correct paperwork and insurance requirements are meet , anybody can hire .
I do recognise that South have been the major football tenants but I think you will find Wellesly Park is their nominated home ground, the council like most councils are on a cost recovery route for all facilities -( no different to FFT at KGV - they need teams playing at KGV to cover their estimated 20,000 fee per year , so of course if another club applies to play matches their of course they are going to allow.
As a football fan surely you would rather watch and or play at South Hobart ground than the Athletic centre!!
As to the issue of poor ground condition , who has been training their ? who will train their most of the year ? it's all about making money !