Monday, September 14, 2009

South rely on penalty shoot-out to earn place in grand final

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' Alex Holmes tackles South's Kostas Kanakaris; Knights' Adrian Lawler beat Kostas Kanakaris to the ball; Knights' keeper Alex Tatnell takes a cross ahead of South's Josh Heerey

Glenorchy Knights 2-4 South Hobart


South Hobart dominated play and possession yet again in a match without turning that superiority into goals.

Even after extra-time, and with Knights down to ten men after 51 minutes and nine men after 88 minutes, South could not find a goal.

They will have to do better against Clarence United in next Friday’s grand final if they are to win.

Amadu Koroma could have put Knights ahead in the 3rd minute when he broke through on the left of the box, but his shot from an acute angle was blocked by South keeper Mark Moncur.

It was generally all South from then on and Kostas Kanakaris was unlucky when his shot hit the right-hand post on the half-hour.

In the 36th minute, Kanakaris set up Josh Heerey at the far post, but he mis-cued his shot high and wide of the target.

Knights were dealt a major blow six minutes into the second half when Mynonge Kamba was sent off for a foul on Daniel Brown.

Brown went off for treatment and, although he came back on, he soon had to be replaced.

Ten minutes from the end, Heerey had another chance but shot straight at keeper Alex Tatnell.

An amazing incident in the 81st minute almost cost Knights the match.

A through-ball by South Hobart failed to find an attacker and Tatnell slowly shepherded the ball as it rolled towards goal, hoping to use up precious seconds and take the match into extra-time.

He was not alert to his surroundings, however, and almost allowed Kanakaris to nip in and steal the ball.

In the 88th minute, substitute Julius Ross put substitute Seth Otte through to the edge of the box, with Tatnell racing off his line to intercept.

Tatnell managed to deflect the ball wide of goal as Otte shot, but Tatnell immediately fell to the ground and rolled about in agony.

He has had a bad ankle for some time now and it was obviously this injury which had been aggravated, although whether he and Otte actually made physical contact with each other was difficult to determine.

Tatnell could not continue and, with Knights having already used their three substitutes, outfield player Tom Sherman, who had come on in place of Koroma in the 72nd minute, donned the gloves and keeper’s jersey.

Sherman was up to the task and saved well from a Kanakaris header in the dying seconds of normal time.

He denied Kanakaris again in stoppage time, while Bart Beecroft also hit the bar with a shot.

The Knights held on during the 30 minutes of extra-time, despite some close shaves and glaring misses from South, so it came down to a penalty shoot-out.

Corey Smith, who had played at the back for Knights, hit his spot-kick high over the crossbar, while Beecroft converted for South to put them in the box seat.

Breno Dos Santos scored for the Knights to make it 1-1, but Hugh Ludford beat Sherman to give South a 2-1 advantage with each side having three penalties left.

Alex Holmes struck the post with his spot-kick for the Knights before Liam Scott scored to make it 3-1 for South.

Although Jade Clay netted the Knights’ fourth penalty, David Cooper then strode up and scored to give South a 4-2 win and dash Knights’ hopes of pulling the game out of the fire.


· Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“Well, I would have thought it would have been embarrassing for South Hobart if we’d won.

“They showed a fair bit of bottle, our guys, to go to nine men.

“To last out as long as we did, you know, to go to penalties, I think was a credit to them.

“They showed the commitment that we’ve been asking for all year and, yeah, the result is immaterial.

“I just praise them for what they’ve done and what they’ve shown the crowd and how entertaining we can be, even with nine men.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“My initial thoughts were that we wasted too many opportunities in the front third and, certainly, when the Knights went down to nine men we should have finished the game off.

“Full credit to them. They battled it out right to the end.

“They’re always a problem for us because they play aerially.

“They play a lot of balls from the back to the front quickly looking for knockdowns, so we had to obviously keep our concentration and discipline.

“But, if you miss chances, they’re still in the game, and they were always in the game.

“Thankfully, we put the penalties away.

“I thought we would have lost it on penalties.”


Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Lawler (Green 46), Holmes, Smith - Robb (Roberts 80), Fielding, Kamba, Dos Santos, Clay - Hope, Koroma (Sherman 72) (Substitute not used: Peter)

Sent-off: Kamba

Penalties missed: Smith, Holmes

Penalties scored: Dos Santos, Clay

South Hobart: Moncur - Pennicott (Wardle 68), Ludford, Cooper, Scott - Eaves, Brown (Ross 56), Beecroft, Heerey, Hickey (Otte 83) - Kanakaris (Substitute not used: Kruijver)

Penalties scored: Beecroft, Ludford, Scott, Cooper

FT: 0-0

Penalty Shoot-out: 2-4

Att: 500

Ref: C Phillips


Corey Smith said...

Match review a touch harsh walter? I would say that it was pretty even until half time and would even go as far to say that we looked the more likely to score in the first half!
Amadu one on one and the ball jade clay put through to fielding could have made it 2.... kosta hit the cross bar for them and other than that the only chance was when they got a cross in after a blatant foul missed once again by poor refereeing.

Not much credit in the article for a team that battled like knights did on the day against the best side in the competition! credit where credit is due!

Walter said...

I'm terribly sorry, Corey. I guess I must have dozed off.

I know a few people who left early just so that they wouldn't do that too.

Corey Smith said...

lol what a pathetic response.

my qualm is not the quality of the game after half time (we all know that it was reduced to a joke by the refs decision on mk's tackle).

my qualm is that there is no mention of how good a performance it was with the barriers that were faced! In my time playing in some good side(4 premierships)I have never been involved in such a gutsy TEAM effort!

Every player in the knights dressing room could not have given more than they did and that is all that can be asked for. It mentions that south failed to take their chances etc but there is no mention of the fact we defended well (boring and behind the ball it may have been but very gutsy) and also still created some opportunities on the break with limited numbers...

Corey Smith said...

watch the highlights before the send off and let me know who had the better chances up until then?

Tom said...

sorry corey but i would have to agree with walters write up.

the game was not great to watch... even in the first half, the pace was slow and both teams were very defensive. yes, the knights fought hard but it wasnt good to watch. south were still dominant in the first half even though both teams had their chances.

looking forward to fridays game, hopefully south will produce a better display

Walter said...

Corey, I have never claimed that my reports are the only version of events and analysis of games. That is exactly why I interview both coaches after the game and publish their comments in full.

You have shown your bias by blaming the referee, and by conveniently ignoring the fact that the Knights could still have won the match in the penalty shoot-out, when there was a completely level playing field (sorry about the pun).

You missed the first penalty, and that was the beginning of the end for your team. End of story. Will you now have the audacity to suggest that your kick should have been retaken?

Anonymous said...

Walter, having a bloke that's never kept in his life in a penalty shoot out, against the states best is what you'd call an even playing field? ;)

Felt the game was pretty much 50/50 in the first 35, Knights with one more chance than South from my recollection. Last 55 was all South, how they did not finish some of those tap ins with the quality they have is beyond me!

To be honest, overall the game quality was crap. There has been a big rivalry between the two clubs for a few years now and I feel that the tension itself was enough reason to watch!

As for the refereeing, you can't be too upset with that red card, shouldn't be making tackles like that (rubbish) and not be punished.
The rest of the game was pretty badly done though really, lots of stuff was missed both ways.

Corey Smith said...

tom - the game was slow because both teams are superior tactically and defensively than the game before. For example how can you throw away a 4-2 lead in extra time? and still be playing an off side trap when up by 2 goals? I'm no Alex Ferguson but I would be probably changing my tactics when I went two up in extra time?

As far as our game is concerned.... penalties are a lottery.... mine was pathetic at absolute best but oh well i gave everything i had on the day and it wasn't good enough..... The game itself as a spectacle WAS spoilt by a pathetic refereeing decision! There was no way that tactics could have been any different after the send off than to sit back and counter attack! This is why the game was not a spectacle and that is what my point is?

Why would my penalty be re-taken? I wish it was but sadly it was just a terrible pen!! I haven't missed the target on a penalty ever before and I have no choice but to suck this one up!

Referee didn't cost us the game but he cost the spectators by killing the contest.

heartbreak said...

Hey Walter, just re assuring your post, it wasn't my bad ankle that was hit, it was my foot, but it was the same foot, and i have strained the tendons connecting from my toes to my foot. It happened through Seth and I connecting feet and unfortunately i came out worse for wear

Marty Nidorfer said...

Walter, keep up the good work mate, and boys, unless its an error such as who scored a goal etc, accept his observations.
This blog is fantastic, apart from critism towards the guy who runs it.

Tommy said...

Tactical superiority leading to a dull game? Yeah that would be it.

Walter said...

Hi Marty

Glad you like the blog, and I really do appreciate your support and comments.

I think I can handle criticism. After all, it's only opinion, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don't think anything has verged on the personal.

Walter said...


The best goalkeeper in the world shouldn't be able to save a well-taken penalty.

Sherman had shown in the time he was in goal before the shoot-out that he was a formidable custodian, so I don't think him being in goal was a factor.

Goalkeepers do make wonderful saves in penalty shoot-outs, but I still think that means there was something wrong with the spot-kick.

I reckon it was a level playing field when it came to the shoot-out and Knights blew it!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Corey...
As a mate you know Im on your side, but in this case what are you talking about? Are you saying the refs decision to send of Kamba for his tackle was a poor decision?

If so my friend you have a lot to learn... Having only seen the tackle on the highlights of the game, you cant say that it wasnt a send off its tackles like that, that put players like yourself out for seasons...

You may like to have another look at the tackle should you get a chance...

If the Knights a reduced to 9 players why should credit be given?
If anything South Hobart should be persecuted for not finishing you guys off..

Knights put themselves in that position why should credit be given? The end result doesnt change due to effort... You know that!

Tommy said...

Whilst I tend to agree with you Walter one could argue that being two men down the Knights may have been missing two kick takers therefore weakening their first five.

In this instance I doubt Tatnell was going to take one, and I'm not sure about Kamba but he might have. Fatigue is perhaps another consideration.

I personally think this tournament is not a good idea and I hope South win because they deserve it. They've proven themselves over the course of 21 games. By rights themselves and Northern Rangers are the only two that deserve a shot at being state champs. If the rest of us can't beat them over the course of a season we shouldn't be given an opportunity in a knockout scenario.

Having said that, it is what it is, and congratulations to both sides for being there.

I think South will win comfortably, the styles of the sides lends itself to South.

Dick Adams said...

In the 1955-56 FA cup final Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann played the final 17 minutes with a broken neck.
Surely some little strained tendons have nothing on this.

Walter said...

Ah, such debates are wonderful! Keep it going fellas.

Tommy, I don't think Tatnell would have taken a penalty, which leaves Kamba. I don't know whether he would have.

Knights may have been more physically tired than South when it came to the shoot-out, but in terms of psychology and morale, Knights should have been in a better frame of mind than South.

Knights should have been buoyed by the thought that they had survived to that stage with just nine men and now things were equal again and the game was there for the taking against a South side that may have been dispirited by their inability to score in the 90 minutes.

All speculation, but hey, that's what it's all about. Keep it going!

smithers ol man said...

mmmmmmmmm well what can one say.
after watching the youtube replay replay replay - freeze frame by frame by frame and seeing the send off i think i need new eyes if thats a send off.
the player came from the side not from behind, contested the ball in a fair manner - no elbows, no studs up and definately not late as both players were within a split second of contacting the ball. at worse a penalty kick but it didnt even really warrant that , should have been play on.
the game appears lively and certainly worth watching as both sides appeared to be giving there all to win but these lame ass send offs are a disgrace whatever happened to (intent to foul) i saw no deliberate attempt and if thats a genuine foul then we better order in a few dozen netball skirts to wear next year.
now the good side congrats south and commiserations knights and gooooooooo the newcastle jets yaaaaaaaaaaaa
ps:walter keep it going mate gives us somewere to be armchair expects we all enjoy the blog

Marty Nidorfer said...

My prediction, (without any form guide apart from this site) South easily by 3 minimum.
Walter cheers,
Tommy, see you Saturday, apparently you are Emcee.

Captain said...
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Captain said...

Corey, you come across as a bad loser when you make these comments.

Your team fought out the game well. The send off was debateable but ref's there to make a decision and that's the way he saw it.

Your coach made 3 subs inside 75 minutes in a game that was heading to extra time.

Good on him for trying to grab a win in 90 minutes. However, A neutral observer might say that the Knights' own actions led them to be playing with 9 men for 40+ minutes.

You put yourself about as someone who wants to grow the game and help develop youth. The way you conduct yourself at times suggests you are unsuitable to mentor/coach young players.

If you want to be a leader, how about some humility and good sportsmanship ...

Amazed said...


yes you need new eyes.(your corey eyes are not appropriate)

contact was after the ball was gone - that is a late tackle.

contact was with studs to opponent's leg.

late tackle - endangering the safety of an opponent = red card.

the action was not an attempt to kick the ball in any direction but more of a downward movement that could only result in injury to the opponent if contact is made.

hopefully referees will continue to attempt to protect players by appropriately punishing dangerous tackles. We want skilful players to exhibit their skills.

Anonymous said...


I agree with alot of what you have just said, but one thing i just have to clarify...

Corey is a horrible ambassador for the outdoor game, thats no secret I tell him that everyday... lol

But the effort the guy puts in with the kids the indoor game cant be questioned.

His attitude and diligence with Futsal is of such a high standard and its no wonder why all the junior parents and kids love him... He has offered a lot of opportunities to kids who would not get the same opportunities in the outdoor game. Myself included in that.

Hopefully one day he will be able to bring that side to the outdoor version...

seriously though said...

Bloody Hell !
I certainly hope I'm never playing when Corey or Irate 1 ever take up refereeing.

If you watch the Youtube replay (a luxury the ref didn't have at the time) you can see that when MT' studs made contact with Doggies ankle the ball was about 5 metres away.

I reckon he's lucky he didn't break his leg.

Tackles like those end playing careers and should be stamped out.

Corey, you should accept defeat gracefully and stop always looking for someone to blame.

Good game- good send off - you lost - get over it !

Corey Smith said...

Not once have I mentioned we didn't deserve to lose??? We lost yes!!! That is not my point and never has been if you actually read what's written.... I have not blamed the referee for losing.... but I blame him for killing the game as a spectacle (Have I not said that already??)

Consistency is the problem... MK's tackle is no different to one on fielding 5 minutes later?

Its a matter of opinion and my view is that if you look at any other league in Australia our league here is soft. Fact.

Tommy said...

So to keep the game a spectacle should players never be sent off?

Soft or otherwise you know what you get when you walk onto a field, cross the line and you're off, simple.

First coaching casualty 2010 said...

It has happened again.
Corey Smith posts and there are 25 + posts on the topic, It is amazing how this happens, Loved or Hated? I am guessing a bit of both, However he certainly interests people, It's funny as he had a very good game saturday but still managed to let his side down, I personally get a good laugh out of his posts, he uses the blog well for as his free promotional tool

toyota1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
toyota1 said...

amazing corey smith ,it is laughable that we persist in even commenting on whether it be behavioral or meathead problems.did corey miss the penalty or did someone else miss it ,maybe it was the ref he has blamed everybody else for losing .maybe corey should have a look at the previous game and learn that you can go out and play entertaining and attacking football without being totally defensive no wonder people were walking out at half time after seeing such a mouth watering game before.this site was so much more interesting when you were suspended but no doubt some of your peers are right in their comments about you . can you give us the stats on your career without us asking please .oh we didnt ask.who would care

toyota1 said...

totally agree with your comments captain wouldnt you love to have your kids subjected to this bloke as a role model .yes chris maybe he has provided a good pathway through futsal but would you employ him all he has done is made a job for himself ,wouldnt you like to see him in the real world.

googles said...

omg i can not beleive anyone is having a go at walter, this guy should be getting paid thousands of dollars to go every day of his weekend to watch the crap we call soccer in tasmania, if it wasnt for this guy there wouldnt be any coverage at all so lay off the guy, seriously who gives a crap who wins this finals series its a waste of time, as for the weekend knights vs south who cares who won the shootout or the 15 other times you have played this year against eachother, time for a change fft state leauge or state games against other states at this time of the year or its going to get worse and worse, as for kamba or what ever his name is if he actually got to take a penalty it would of been his first kick all year he is terrbile

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, and you may be right about the write up. Why don't you attend the grand final and put fwd an article of your own. No disrespect, but you probably don't have the vocabulary that Walter has but I'm sure you have enough savvy to put something together. Show us how a report should be written. I'm interested to witness you're rendition. I won't be able to make comparisons, as I won't be there but I'm sure there are those on here who will be attending the match to make comparisons. Now that the season is over and there is no more football, your effort will surely give us something to talk about.

smithers ol man said...

I certainly hope I'm never playing when Corey or Irate 1 ever take up refereeing.
by what ive seen maybe i should take it up and fit some of you lot with bifocals while im at it.
if you load the whole clip and then go frame by frame you will notice both the feet were grounded at point of tackle being made and it appears the knights players knee collided with the inner leg of the south player...
no studs made contact in this tackle and the ball was close to being contacted by both players at almost the same time resulting in it rebounding away --- not 5 metres away when tackle made.
this was my view of the film clip i didnt make mention of this to denegrate any person or player - unlike some idiots on here who use the blog to make there personal snipes at players or people in general. i enjoy the blog i enjoy the friendly stirring and the news updates but guys why do we have to bring walters blog down just to get in cheap shots at players that wont advance our game or tassies future in the sport.. haha ok so i had a shot about the bifocals but all in humour lets keep it that way.
ps: im off to jets a-league next home game 7000 fans adds a bit more atmosphere with players like young roonie coming out of the woodwork

Anonymous said...

Just looked at a souths v knights game on you tube. The one where the goalie was stretchered off. You look like a decent player, and by the way that wasn't your fault that the goalie got injured, contrary to what was said by the youtube video provider. Going back to my suggestion, that you should maybe try to put fwd a report yourself on a game, I know how difficult it is to do as I have attempted to write game reports myself. You can only write from your on perspective, unless you get opinions from others to fill in the blanks. These opinions have to come from credible sources. I've come off after games with my own ideas how the game has unfolded, only to read contrary reports from scribes whose job it is to report matches. I think Walter has his own style, and I have mine. The differences between us is that he is a professional and I'm not. My reports are probably not subjected to the same editorial scrutiny as his are as I have only written for a local rag as opposed to Walter's task of writing for a mainstream newspaper. So, to put fwd an article with these kind of constraints can't be easy. His reports most likely have to be succinct and formulated to report on the events, and excuse me if I'm wrong Walter, to promote the game So I would imagine too much focus on negative aspects of the game, such as poor refereeing decisions would defeat the purpose of his task. Blogs such as this one are a good place to opine and give a perspective of event(s)and get feedback from the owner. I used to get a tad upset with Walter's reports (and by the way I wasn't that good a player)that I didn't get a mention for setting up a goal or doing something good but I soon got to realise that I was only focussing on myself, and that my contributions were probably minimal, and didn't warrant a mention. I do think you have a right to question reports, and good on you for doing so. Some of the replies to your comments were a bit silly i.e "criticizing Walter" that's what blogs are all about. It's good to get a bit of insight into why things were written. And Walter I disagree with your comment on penalty kicks. I've seen some well taken penalties saved by average keepers, never mind world class goalies I've also witnessed poor oenalties being scored against the likes of Peter Cech etc.

Walter said...


Thanks for your contributions. They always make for interesting reading and I'm glad you've given reporting a try yourself.

I know how you feel. In my own playing days, I occasionally wondered why I didn't get a mention in the paper in a particular match report. But then again, I did get a mention in other reports, so I guess it evened itself out.

Now that I write for a paper, I can see the difficulties reporters have. Limited space is the problem. I have mentioned before that it is almost impossible to adequately summarise four or five games in 14 sentences. Given this limitation, on ehas to try and mention the main points. There are a minimum of 22 players involved and so it is rare for more than a few to get a mention in any one report. Those who score goals obviously have an advantage as they must be mentioned. If one summarises 4 games in 14 sentences (remember you generally also lead off with a catchy introduction that may not mention anything about the game itself but rather what the results have done to the ladder), one generally has three sentences about each game. If the sub-editors then also cut the story, which they usually do, then that's even fewer sentences per game and fewer players can get a mention. And the sub-editors more often than not know nothing about soccer and sometimes leave out sentences or incidents that I thought were important but that they didn't.

Walter said...


They also sometimes introduce strange, alien terms. For example, I cringe every time they change my report and say so-and-so 'kicked' a goal. We don't 'kick' goals in soccer. We score, head, hit or net goals, but we don't 'kick' them.

On this theme, I am disappointed at some of the language that is creeping in to soccer reports, mainly ones from the wire services such as AFP, AAP, Reuters and so on, usually in overseas match reports, but also in A-League reports. For example, moer and more I am reading about goalkeepers as 'stoppers'. They aren't. They may be 'shot-stoppers', but 'stoppers' are centre-backs, or centre-halves in the old terminolgy. I also don't like terms such as 'at the top of the box', or 'turnovers'. These are basketball terms ('top of the key') and shouldn't be used in soccer (football) commentaries. I know language changes, but these examples to me indicate a lack of true knowledge of our sport. But, I digress. Back to the core arguments.

Walter said...


So, these are the things one faces with limited space. If one then also mentions referees, there'd be no space to say anything much at all. This isn't to say that really strange refereeing decisions shouldn't be mentioned. They should. But, generally one could argue day and night about the merits of most (not all) send-offs, and so it's often better to just mention it and the referee's reason for it.

As for the blog, this is where I can write as much as I want. That's why I started it. This is partly in frustration at the lack of space I get in the paper, but also so that I can mention team line-ups so that EVERY single player - even the substitutes who never got to play - get a mention. They can have a look and say, "Hey, I did play in that game. There's my name in the line-up." When Gordon Burnett wrote soccer for The Mercury in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, he published the squads in Friday's preview. Nowadays, there's no space in the paper for that with soccer (Aussie Rules has no such problem).

As for the content of the report, I try and look at it from an objective point of view, as a neutral observer. I was a player and a qualified coach and I have
no allegiance to any club. I played for five clubs and was senior coach at three clubs, so I hope I do come across as unbiased in my reporting. I try to look at a game from a coaching perspective.

You say that perhaps my agenda in the paper is to promote the game. I don't know if I consciously do that. I try and report it warts and all. When I have tried to promote it by mentioning the atmosphere and the crowd and so on, the reports have sometimes been cut and it all falls flat. The cynical side of me says such cuts are deliberate because whoever is in charge doesn't want to promote this great game of ours.

One final point. In regard to penalties, I was arguing from the theoretical point of view, namely that a perfect penalty should be unable to be saved, even by a world-class keeper. I still hold that to be true. But, human frailties and luck play a part and that is why penalties are so fascinating. But, a perfectly struck spot-kick is impossible to save unless the keeper has bent the rules by moving early.

Sorry about waffling on, but I do enjoy the debates on the blog and thank you, and everyone else, for contributing.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the send off in the semi. should have been a yellow. Plus the dummy from the souths player preceding the incident looked a bit daft.

toyota1 said...
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toyota1 said...

chalky 23 either young or stupid or play for the same club as corey i dont think ive criticised some of your stupid comments but obviously you have played a bit maybe ressies a spot on the bench here and there for the seniors yes i suppose that qualifies you to comment on things that you are probably not versed in .as for sniping all the things i have said have been said to the person .young fella have you had a son play under corey and hear him yell and come out with the fff word 30 times at a half time break at 13 year old kids with disgusted parents looking on .this is a blog site so dont tell me that i am hiding and sniping as you are .hoping to hear back chalky 23

harden up maggots said...

corey u lookd quiet handsome in the kingbrough lions jacket on sunday at the showgrounds

Corey Smith said...

Utter rubbish toyota1... enough said!

Walter - all of my above posts are purely differences of opinion and are not meant to take away from the wonderful job you do reporting! You know my view on that so enough said...

To the last post re- jacket worn...... thanks for the comments but how relevant is that to anything?

I am a big believer in putting my name to comments and that if you do not have your name to it than it does not hold any weight whatsoever as it is purely pot stirring fabrication.. Anyway off to prepare for the real season!

Captain said...

hey Corey now you're off to the futsal can you give us the url to your blog site so we can get on there and bag the refs and have a general moan about things.

i am talking to the bad corey arent I or have you already morfed into good (futsal) corey ????

Corey Smith said...

More than happy for you to log on to and I am almost certain that our Tassal Super League site will have a chat feature eventually. Both are very visually friendly sites.

There will be footage of the games up every round from Super League. Probably a good chance to see some quality games. Will be a much higher technical standard. There will even be footage of Southern premier Leagues for both men and women and juniors every so often.

I am sure that if you wanted a moan about the refs there will be plenty of opportunity as we actually have qualified refs in all grades from 6 yr olds through to seniors. That gives you options for you moaning as opposed to having the same week in week out to moan about in outdoor.

Good luck with it anyway. Its been a pleasure.

Captain said...

excellent - good luck with it :)