Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beachside, Metro, University and TIS should secure semi-final places in Division One Summer Cup

Beachside should make it a hat-trick of wins in Group B of the Division One Summer Cup competition when they meet Northern Suburbs DOSA at 11.30am at Wellesley Park on Saturday.

Sam Howarth is the only player unavailable for Beachside and coach Nathan Robinson will retain the other 13 members of his senior squad for this match.

“We are looking forward to making it three straight wins in this competition,” said Robinson.

“DOSA, however, had some impressive young players on view when we played in a friendly a few weeks ago, especially their goalkeeper.

“We want to progress through to the semi-finals though as the roster season for Division 1 appears not to begin until the 27th of March 2010.”

University take on Hobart United at Wellesley Park at 2.30pm in Saturday’s other Group B game and this should be a close match.

The winner will join Beachside in the semi-finals from Group B, while a draw will put Hobart United through on goal-difference.

On Sunday, in Group A at North Chigwell, Huon Valley takes on Metro at 11.30am and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport meet Nelson Eastern Suburbs at 2.30pm.

Metro are assured of a semi-final berth, while the winner of the TIS versus Nelson game will join them.

A draw will put TIS through to the semi-finals.

Ryan Thurley comes into the Metro squad, while goalkeeper Nathan Grandin and Mykel Porter will share the duties, playing one half each.

Valley are finding the going tough and Metro should win at a canter.

Craig Stockdale has withdrawn from the nelson side because of a quadriceps strain.

He may be replaced by Matt Fone, who is equally at home in midfield or defence, but the youngster may have work commitments which would rule him out.

The other players are the same as those who were in the squad against against Huon Valley last weekend.

“We had a straightforward win over Huon Valley, but given results to date in the cup, we are expecting a much tougher match versus the TIS,” said Nelson’s coach, Michael Roach.

“I saw them last week and I was very impressed with the way they moved the ball versus Metro.

“We need to lift the intensity of our game and this will be a good opportunity to do that against a fast, skilful team.

“Craig Stockdale being out certainly costs us a bit of strength and experience, but on a good note, Bill Hanley returned last week and he looks quick and strong.

“Likewise, Tom Gordon hit a hat-trick and looks in good form, if we can create some chances for him.

“It should be a good close game.”

In the Steve Hudson Cup in Launceston on Sunday, southern sides South Hobart and Taroona clash in one semi-final at 2.30pm, while Ulverstone take on Prospect Knights in the other semi-final at 10.30am.

South Hobart will have been involved in the southern Summer Cup final on Saturday night and this game will test the resources and commitment of Ken Morton’s squad.

“We finished second in our group after beating Northern Rangers 3-1 last week, so we play South Hobart in the semi final on Sunday,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“Lucas Wyatt and Duncan Carey will miss the game as they both have to work unfortunately, but hopefully we’ll have Garry Hamilton and Jordan Wright available to come into the team.

“They were unavailable last week and missed Tuesday night’s training with flu but should be fine by Sunday.

“Hugo Luttmer should also have recovered from a corked thigh and will start up front.

“It will be a huge challenge for us and we’ll need to make sure we convert any chances that we create and concentrate for the full 90 minutes.”

There is a bye in the North-West Summer Cup because it is a long weekend.


Bill said...

It's certainly going to be a tough game between tis and Nelson. Thanks to a lot of hard work, with plenty of depth at the club this year, Craig won't be too sorely missed, but will be welcomed on return. Matt fone is an ex junior regional player who plays good football intuitively.

Anonymous said...

TIS in a drubbing. Nelson are actually no good.

Anonymous said...

Nelson have never actually been good

Anonymous said...

Nelson FTW

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From the dire situation they were in last year..Hobart United has come out of nowhere to beat Uni 4-2 and secure a place in the semis.

Any one knows what has changed at the club that has made them a force to be reckoned with this year? Even their team spirit seems amazing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hobart United has done what Olympic did. United went back to its black roots. Its an African club once again; with skill and flair.

Looks like soccer clubs, particular down in the South may well become ethic based once again again

Saleh said...

Dear Anonymous at 10.08pm..I think you could use a better choice of words..especially with Harmony day aroung the corner.

As much as HUFC is a club made off predominantly african is a MULTICULTURAL club with players from England,Italy,Malaysia and South America.

And I proudly say I am from HUFC eventhough I am not from an African background but the team is like my family.

Anonymous said...

Well replied..shame about the comments from Anonymous abouth HUFC. Eventhough my son is playing for South Hobart that comment made by Anonymous (10.08pm) is toatally uncalled for. Football afterall is a World Game.

Anonymous said...

would it be offensive to say greek roots when discussing olympic?

most of the players look like they have dark skin who play for united. touchy touchy tasmanians

Anonymous said...

anon 3.18 we have had this debate before. there is a big difference between derogatory national and ethnicity comments.

touchy tasmanians are usually accused of being the opposite far more often so no bite there I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

If Nelson are are no good then the tis aren't travelling too well if their coach has to step into goals for a possible penalty shootout. Poor sportsmanship at the very least!

Pixel 40 said...

Anon 10;08pm
I think I understand what you mean by going back to when they started
which is an awesome. Development for their club

or do, you word can come cross to strong, I for once feel happy that the African community start supporting their club , as they should have for the last 4 year
I wish and hope that, their players, and their committee, mature and play an important roll in making the club move forward not back word

Pedro Ramirez

Pixel 40 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

exactly pedro - that's all the original comment meant I believe. The blogger didn't mean anything racial by using the word 'black'

out of interest, what is the ethnic breadown on an african basis at united? are the players predominantly Sudanese?

Pixel 40 said...

yes they are anon
and that is what make the club strong, but the luck of discipline
let them down
I am shore mark will change that culture?

Anonymous said...

replying to many of the comments, i am a member of HUFC's senior squad, and i am certainly not african but the boys are family still
it has certainly been a pleasure to play with those boys, the coaching staff have been terrific and the best ive had so far. i have seen the changes from last year, and those changes are clear. the players attitudes have changed, the coaching staff has improved, and gotten rid of thos small annoyances. good luck to metro beachside and the rest, it will be a good season for div 1

Pixel 40 said...
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