Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday night results

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Glenorchy Knights 0 lt South Hobart 3 (K Kanakaris 60, 74, Lo 77)


Glenorchy Knights 1 (T Sherman) lt South Hobart 2 (A Brennan, E Lovell)


Draw for first qualifying round of Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy, to be played on 5 April 2010:

FFT Under-15s v Taroona

Kingborough Lions United v Launceston City

Somerset v University

Launceston United v Tasmanian Institute of Sport

Burnie United v Beachside

Olympia Warriors v New Town Eagles

Metro v Ulverstone

Hobart United v Nelson Eastern Suburbs


pete said...

i think its a disgrace that the tis and state teams are allowed in the laka cup, its named after a legend of our game and i think its taking something away from the cup by allowing these teams in it, would you see any youth teams in the english fa cup no you wouldnt, our game in the state is a joke as it stands dont make it any worse with stuff like this

Rage against the machine said...

Oh, grow up Pete. To compare the game here with the English FA Cup is just ridiculous in the extreme. Exposing the young lads in an open competition will be a great experience for them and I am sure Milan would be thrilled to know there are some up and coming youngster playing in a cup named in his honour. Some people will NEVER be happy in this state. I hope the kids win it!!!

Observer said...

Agree 100% Pete.The Laka Cup is a competition for clubs not rep teams. Let them play in the season proper , but keep them out of these types of competitions.
FFT cant get any worse. Just not possible.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely keep the state team out of these cup comps.FFT your a joke,clean the lot out starting with the ones that have hanging around for far to long.....

Pixel 40 said...

I think it is very good Idea I saw state under 15 today against HUFC and they have improve a lot from our last practice game, at the end the strong teams will be at the final, and the youth will have had the most amazing experience, premier league player and supporter need to grow up and let the game develop, if you don't like it go play lawn balls

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that you want to stop the youth from playing?

No wonder the game in Tassie is so far behind.

With petty think like this the game has no chance, wake up guys.

Pixel 40 said...

agreed anon.