Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Olympia Warriors senior squad versus New Town Eagles; Olympia's Jayden Hey passes to team-mate Ben Phillips as Eagles' Simon Strang tries to intervene; Olympia's Jayden Hey gets in a clearing header ahead of Simon Strang as Ben Phillips and Ethan Menzie watch; Eagles' Simon Strang (right) closes in on Olympia captain Hugh Richardson; Eagles attacking in Olympia's penalty area; Olympia defend an Eagles corner; Olympia's Adam Hedge (right) gets in ahead of Eagles' Adam McKeown [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Olympia Warriors 2 (B Cronk 14, A Hedge 51) dw New Town Eagles 2 (A McKeown 12, 26)

Taroona 2-2 Clarence United


Olympia Warriors 5 (M Hedge 2, D Kunwar, R McCallum, D Peppiatt) b New Town Eagles 2 (M Fennell, J Marshall)

Taroona 0-0 Clarence United


Taroona 2-0 Clarence United

Division One

Metro 0-3 Beachside (B Pullen, P Dunne, L Atkin)

FFT Under-15s 1-5 Hobart United

DOSA Northern Suburbs 2 (D Rokundo, D MacKinnon) dw Southern FC 2

University 1-1 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Division One Reserves

Metro 1-1 Beachside

University 0-2 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Division Two

Olympia Warriors 3 lt New Town Eagles 4 (R Leszczynski, A Shackcloth, P Shackcloth 2)

Division Three

New Town Eagles Red 1 (J Jones) b Clarence Black 0

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Burnie United 13-0 Launceston United

Prospect Knights 1-7 Northern Rangers

Riverside Olympic 1-0 Launceston City

Somerset 1-2 Ulverstone


Anonymous said...

was Olympia worth the draw???

1 point does not make a season, have to back up next week for South Hobart.

Anonymous said...

It was actually a great game, with both teams creating chances to take the win. A draw was definitely a deserved result for both teams.

Anonymous said...

Walter The Final Score at Burnie was 13-0 it was 5-0 at half time

Anonymous said...

clarence were lucky to get a point today taroona were all ova them well done taroona

Anonymous said...

good effort by olympia to come from behind twice. turned a small corner today. will be interesting to see them against the yardstick in south next week.

dipendra said...

12 nil to burnie utd????
in premiers???? hope to see some kind of review!!!

Anonymous said...

Both Clarence and Taroona played well today. A game of two halves.

Taroona won the first half but Clarence came out hard in the second and scored twice quickly.

Pressure absorbed from both sides until Taroona grabbed the equaliser.

Anonymous said...

what kind of review would you like to see? think that should be 13 anyway. was there a review after your side lost 11 nil last year dipendra?

Anonymous said...

rangers won 7 1 walter. burnie 13 nil

Bill said...

Walter, Nelson div 1 reserves beat uni reserves 2-0.

Bill said...

Walter, Nelson div 1 reserves beat uni reserves 2-0.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say burnie were good. Launceston are just no good!

Anonymous said...

burnie have a great line up see what there like against a decent team. unfortunately lonnie have been rubbish for a few years an are getting worse an dont seem to be getting any better

Anonymous said...

Good to see you including some of the Div 2 & 3 results Walter considering most teams/games are of a higher standard than Div 1 Reserves... if not the bottom half of Div 1!

tcolgrave said...

Yeah im afraid Launceston are just very bad. The few good players they have come through leave because of the poor results and how poorly its run these days...
Sad really, cant see thier senior club surviving alot longer as there is no depth in the u/18s ect either
Another year of whipping for Launceston ahead one would fear

Brian Young said...

A tight competitive clash at Kelvedon between Taroona & Clarence Utd, with two well-matched sides in an arm wrestle.

The draw was a fair result, but one suspects that after their more than a hint of improvement last season, Clarence would have hoped to gain all 3 points from the newly-promoted team in order to convince themselves that this improvement has been sustained & is continuing.

Anonymous said...

well done olympia

Anonymous said...

wats with the TIS players playing for various clubs? Cronk playing for olympia, hamilton playing for taroona. how is that going to work when the TIS is playing in the laka cup?

Anonymous said...

Cronk has left the TIS and the Hamilton playing for Taroona is the older brother, not a TIS player

Anonymous said...

clarence must be regretting the loss of some of the young guys they didn't give a go last year. Maybe they should have looked beyond their favourites. Those guys are performing well for new clubs and some of clarence are M.I.A. Disappointing start after all the talking up in 2009

TopCorner said...
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Anonymous said...

Clarence were always going to lose some players. You can't keep everyone happy - faves or nay.

They would be happy to (still) have the players they retained.

Good to see four that left getting senior game time elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The quality of tassie players has dropped a huge deal in the last 20 to 30 years. At the moment anyone can walk into a senior side. The young ones think they are too good and should be able to walk into any team. Back when i was playing which was many many years ago, you would have to earn the respect and the right to be considered in the senior squad, and if that ment playing reserves for a year, then so be it, you were doing it for the team. There were alot more better players around back then than there are now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54pm
Clarence had plenty of chances to win as well, hit the post, shot wide.

Taroona had a lot of pressure put on them in the opening 20mins of the second half and conceded two goals. Then they got back into it and equalised.

Overall, Taroona probably had the best of it overall but failed to capitalise.

The weekend results show how close the league is at this early stage.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous March 29, 2010 8:55 AM

Are you offering a solution or just drumming your own chest?

I can assume that the quality has dropped off because there is more distractions and sports than just Football (soccer) for kids to do these days. Clearly we are losing many skilled athletes to the multitude of sports that are now on offer.

I could add to the list of explanations for why the "talent" level has dropped off but without sufficient justification for your claims, it's hard to critique appropriately.

Instead - Maybe the kids of today should have talented coaches like yourself. But instead gave enough of a toss to come forward and help out rather than scoff and hide in a blog.

Perhaps then they would have a chance!?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55am. The quality has not dropped as much as everybody has said. You cannot simply walk into a senior side, this remark is ludicrous. To play seniors for any club, you need to be a half decent player, depending on the club. The players that South, Zebras and Knights have, will obviously be better standard then Taroona, New Town and Boro. Yet, players are still quality. If they aren't, they simply wouldn't be playing in the top level of Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.55AM

I reckon when you started work people used to get promoted based on seniority but the world has moved on ...

Brian Roberts said...

Anonymous 8.55 am

Your comment that the standard has dropped does not bear close scrutiny .

1. Current Premier / Reserves players are fitter and have better touch than their counterparts of yesteryear .

What you and I ( observing since 1951 ) recall are the few players who had flair and showmanship also the isolated great teams of the past .

Now all 11 contribute not a talented few.

Bear in mind that in years past imports stood out against the locals , I am sure you will agree that is not the case today.

Perhaps we both miss the talented newcomer from the past who stood out from the crowd.

I could fill the page but shall refrain from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Uv been watching South too long Brian

Anonymous said...

Brian, the imports of yesteryear were former internations etc...not brazilian futsal hacks

I want 4 brazilian futsal hacks please said...

The standard has definitely dropped but in saying that it had a huge dip around 2004 and 2005 as many of the senior players were either retiring or retired which left a big generational gap.... we are now seeing that age bracket with the likes of beecroft and ladic and then the younger group behind them coming through now improving every year, the standard is on the rise as we see the league is very young, the older players now are people such as fielding and telega at age 28. i think we are in for some good years.....

on the subject of imports, none have been great in the recent time apart from one brazilian "futsal hack" igor who was the best player in the state, he is not a bad hack as he won the mt gravatt b&f last year in the qld premier and is currently trialling with gold coast utd in the a league?

if he is a hack i will have 4 thanks.......

the other thing with the hacks is that they were completely free for the clubs!! not bad!!