Saturday, March 27, 2010

South Hobart again beat Knights to go top of Premier League ladder

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (KGV Park, Friday, 26 March 2010)


Glenorchy Knights 0

South Hobart 3 (K Kanakaris 60, 74, Lo 77)

HT: 0-0 Att: 130 Ref: I Jozeljic

Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Green, Holmes, Grundy, J Huigsloot (Kamba 84) - White, Smith, Fielding, Clay - Koroma (Hope 67), Barabara (Garth 77) [Substitute not used: Grainger] [Coach: Eamonn Kelly]

South Hobart: Kruijver - Pennicott, D Brown, Ludford, Heerey - Lo (King 82), Roach, Beecroft, Ladic, Hickey (Abbott 56) - Kanakaris [Substitutes not used: Upton, M Brown] [Coach: Ken Morton]


South Hobart played some superb football in this replay of the Summer Cup final and the 3-0 win put Ken Morton’s side on top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

Two brilliant goals by Kostas Kanakaris and another by Jonathon Lo, all in the second half, did the trick.

South eclipsed Knights in midfield and created some fine attacking moves, while Knights were content to hit the ball anywhere. The Knights’ passing left a lot to be desired.

Kanakaris played like a man possessed. He was everywhere and the Knights found it impossible to keep track of him and his pace was a constant worry.

Tom Roach did a mountain of work in midfield and even in defence, while Jonathon Ladic, Bart Beecroft, Shae Hickey and Lo were creative in midfield.

At the heart of the defence, Daniel Brown was like a rock, while Josh Heerey and Jim Pennicott were reliable as the fullbacks and found plenty of opportunities to push forward. Hugh Ludford was never under pressure and must have had one of his easiest games.

The opening half was goalless, but three goals in the space of 17 minutes in the last half-hour were just reward for South’s tenacity and superiority.

Glenorchy Knights, who were without James Sherman, used Corey Smith in midfield and Amadu Koroma and Juma Barabara as the twin strikers.

The two front-runners were brave and fast and Barabara might have had two goals, but he directed a tame header towards goal in the first instance, and shot straight at goalkeeper Sam Kruijver on the second occasion.

Smith seemed out of position playing deep and resorted to long shots that were easily repelled before they could penetrate the defence.

Whereas South played possession football and passed the ball around well, Knights mostly resorted to the long ball, which was inaccurate most of the time and simply gave possession back to their opponents.

Kanakaris had two good chances in the opening six minutes, but failed to take advantage of poor defending by the Knights.

Koroma had the first chance for the Knights after 19 minutes following a rare mix-up at the back by South, but the alert Kruijver was able to thwart the speedy Knights striker.

Anthony Grundy came to the Knights’ rescue in the 22nd minute when Jim Pennicott put Kanakaris away down the right. Kanakaris rounded keeper Alex Tatnell, who had raced off his line, but his shot from an acute angle was cleared for a corner by the Knights’ central defender.

The corner was met by Daniel Brown, who looped a header onto the top of the crossbar, and as the ball came down, Grundy again saved the day for the Knights.

In the 27th minute, Shae Hickey sent over a cross from deep on the left which found Tom Roach, but his header was tame and was cleared by the Knights defence.

Kanakaris’s speed put him through on the right three minutes before the break, but instead of at least hitting the target, he blazed high and wide.

Seven minutes after the resumption, the Knights’ fans hearts were in their mouths as Tatnell lost the ball in the 6-yard box, but team-mate Alex Holmes came to the rescue and cleared the ball to safety before Kanakaris could pounce.

Knights should have taken the lead in the 58th minute after Daniel White’s excellent cross from the left found Barabara, but his header lacked power and Josh Heerey was able to clear comfortably.

Kanakaris broke the deadlock on the hour with an excellent goal. He dropped his shoulders first this way and then that and mesmerised three defenders before planting a low shot past Tatnell from 12 metres to give South the lead.

Ten minutes later, a free-kick by Josh Fielding was headed straight up in the air by Roach and, when the ball fell to Barabara, he fired straight at Kruijver.

Kanakaris made it 2-0 in the 74th minute with a goal that may rank as the goal of the season. He controlled a cross from the right by Jim Pennicott, flicked the ball up in the air and then executed a marvellous over-head kick that sent the ball crashing into the top left-hand corner of the net past a helpless Tatnell.

He rushed to the South bench to celebrate and was correctly cautioned by Mr Jozeljic for taking off his shirt, but who would deny him his joy?

Three minutes later, Jonathon Lo made it 3-0 when he side-footed home Pennicott’s low cross from the right.

South had more chances in the closing minutes as Roach blasted over the bar from Lo’s excellent cut-back from the left, and Kanakaris spurned a wonderful chance to complete his hat-trick when he fired over the bar from substitute Andy King’s neat pass from the right.


· Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“I thought it was a good game of football.

“We were in it up until half-time, you know, and it was nil-nil at half-time.

“We didn’t create a lot in the first half, not as much as what they created, but we held them well.

“I thought we competed for the ball just as good as them.

“First goal, a good goal. The second goal, a brilliant goal. You can’t take that away from him. That’s what football is all about.

“You take your luck, you take your chances and it was a brilliant goal. Nobody can counteract that.

“Overall, I was pretty pleased with the result. We played some good football, we kept shape, we kept our discipline right up until the last five minutes.

“I thought the referee lost control in the last five minutes, which I think spoiled the game.

“Were they three goals better than us? I don’t think so. They scored three goals and we didn’t.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“Second half, I thought we were quite magnificent in attack, but in the first half, it was a slog and with Eamonn back they obviously had a little bit different shape, different system and people who were doing good jobs for them.

It was tough in the first half to get behind them, but in the second half, after the first goal from Kostas, things started to open up for us and we were able to get in behind them on the flanks and we got some good crosses in and maybe should have had another two or three goals and really finished them off.

“But, a good result for us today.

“They’re a good side and they were very difficult to beat.”


Anonymous said...

Why did Knights wear their black strip tonight? their red and white checks would have looked alot better against south's uniform. because the way they played tonight you could argue that they thought south players were their team mates, it was turnover central. J Huigsloot didn't do a good thing at all, every touch was sloppy, every pass a turnover, every tackle a clean elimination. and the first goal he tried to lie down and hope that he would block the shot, and got dribbled round with ease and was made to look like a fool. Vice captain at Knights, i think they should re-asses that decision

Anonymous said...

Kanakaris is surely in the best 11 players in the south, maybe a call up this year to the side??

Anonymous said...

Eamonn Kelly needs to think before he comments on his team's performance.
“I thought the referee lost control in the last five minutes, which I think spoiled the game". What does this mean his team was already 3 goals down.
Glenorchy never looked like scoring simple as that.

Anonymous said...

what game was kelly watching? his team played hoof ball, and didnt do it well. Souths were atleast 3 goals better.

Yoda said...

Mr Kanarkis put these Youtube highlights in the saved/favourite colum.

Hmm beautiful overhead. Do wonder about the defending inside the box from Glen Knights players. It's been poor the last two games and south are a team that gets the ball into the box or around it as much as possible.

Showed a weakness once again.

Anonymous said...

Kosta absolutley dominated tonight he is by far the best striker in the comp.

South miles ahead of anyone else in the comp at this stage.

Anonymous said...

is white overated or was he simply disinterested last night did nothing of note doesnt even train and gets a game thats great for harmony within the team also who was number 2 for knights he was shocking how did he get a run in that team some strange selections.

Anonymous said...

Scappy at that. Knights contained SOuth well first half, but were blown away second half. I missed the 2nd goal! I went for a bite to eat. Can someone link me the highlights? J Huigy vice captain? Is he? Regardless, why shouldn't he be? The role Knights played tonight, didn't allow a game which allowed to much passing. He was good first half, put his body on the line, and had good workrate. Ridiculous comment really Anon 12:46.

Upton didn't get on? Interesting. Kelly's comments certainly odd. Knights went out to play a scrappy poor game of football, and it didnt pay off, at all.

Observer. said...

Anon 12:46, you speak garbage. Its lucky your name wasn't listed and your hiding behind a cowardly anonymous, given your post is ridiculous. Who at Knights did play well last night? Why single a player out. Huigsloot didn't play to flash, no. But to critisise a bloke who has been one of the Knights best players this year, one bad game and you make the call to "re-asses" a leadership decision? I find your remarks ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Highlights. Knights had thier chances from what i could see.

Anonymous said...

As a South supporter it was a great game to watch and plenty of entertainment - stark contrast to previous week against K Lions. Hats of to the Knights who came out to play and were worthy opponents. Also enjoyable to sit in the stands with your supporters as well.

South just played better football end of story - I thought Ivan did a fine job including the last 5 minutes.

Unfortunate that Kosta didn't pull off the hat trick - what a great 2nd goal.

Felt like football of years past.

Great work Walter.

Anonymous said...

i think that is a very poor match review.... if you watch the highlights you will see knights had several good chances before south score.... take your chances and its a different game.... kelly's comments make sense if you see the game.... the side was in it and 3-0 flattered.... south were the best team and no-one doubts that but it was closer than 3-0 suggests.... ivan did lose it last 5 and it had nothing to do with result but made the game un-necessarily firey at the end...

the priest said...

Sour grapes maybe, Mr Kelly? Knights were second best all night and yes South were (at least) 3 goals better than your mob.

Unknown said...

Eamonn Kelly should not be making remarks about the referee after the game. As senior coach he should know better.

Time for FFT to introduce sanctions just as they do around the world and in other sports.

It sends the wrong message, period

Anonymous said...

Bravo Kosta!!!!

Anonymous said...

how is using the name observer any more brave than using anon?

Anonymous said...

if you're the worst player on the ground during the game you're going to be singled out as a poor player, so anon 12:46 is pretty right in what they were saying, observer. last week v eagles tatnall was singled out, simply because he was the worst player. alot of players are over-rated in the competition, so they will be scrutinised if they don't play to the level of hype that surrounds them.

Richard Bennett said...

players don't mind being scrutinised by those who's opinions they respect certainly not by the long tribe of anons.

must also be very disapointing it is obviously their own supporters.

Roy said...

Poor and one sided review walter. Knights did not play pretty football and did make it scrappy. maybe it was stratergy to sabotage souths game plan of short passing posession football finished by a ball knocked behind the opponents defence. It work for 75 minutes of football. Scrappy how ever does take its toll and the most consistant team won in the end. Hats off to the knights for trying new players, formations and stratergies. I would prefer watch that game again rather then a south vs eagles/kingborough game where they try to get ten men behind the ball! Sure it limits the chance for south to score but at least knights made a couple of easily getable opportunities. South again the better team but compared to the summer cup final The gap is getting smaller and everybody can learn by each game played against the bench mark in the competition!

Sorry for the negative review on ur summery. just my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Knights played some decent football at times. Yes they were clearly outplayed and South deserved the win. However the second goal South scored although amazing was at first a handball and shouldn't have been allowed. J Huigsloot played a good first half it was his second that maybe let him down a little however that can be said about all the Knights players. Ivan did lose control of the game in the last five minutes tempers were flaring. E Kelly should have thought about using his substitute and bring on Grainger he played well in the reserves game and at least has shown a bit of consistency this year. Hopefully we can see B Peters back this week. Knights really missed Sherman. They really need someone to step up and fill his shoes if they are going to stand a chance down at kingbrough this week.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that we can all gang up on Knights, however, OR walter for that matter. J Huigsloot had a good first half. Second, not so good. But who of the Knights players did? No one. Anon 12:46, i laughed at your comment. He plays one average half, his first for the year in my opinion, and you make remarks like that? Silly, incredible silly.

Anonymous said...

Also, Knights to get relegated.

Anonymous said...

knights to pump the borough at the den!

Anonymous said...

have to agree with roy.... i thought the strategy of smith in midfield with amadu and juma up front worked well but they just didn't get that finishing touch....... if knights had gone 1-0 up which they clearly should have from the highlights than maybe a different story!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.22 you obviously were not at the game - there is no way there would have been a different story even if Knights had got a goal. They were clearly outplayed on the night by South. 7 minutes of replay does not tell the whole story. It did however show the strange defence lie down by Huigsloot?? (what was that)and great goals by South.

Roy said...

Thank you anon 9:22

If people really think that any other team would have beaten knights in this game i have to disagree. Knights tried something new and as u said anon if they took one of the two or three good chance a different story i think it would have been. Did knights miss james sherman? Defensively... Not at all. Offensively probably but he has only played well on the right wing and it was the centre of the park again where south were in control.

Anonymous said...

Was J Sherman's return to Tasmanian football (all be it for a short time) the biggest dissapointment of this season so far?

Roy said...

anon 11.19 we are not saying knights were the better team on the night. south have shown against other teams they struggle to score until they get their first which is always late in a game. we were just pointing out that if one or two of knights chances were taken early it would of put the pressure back on south and placed them on the back foot. this would in turn prolong the time it took them to score their first goal which opened up further opportunities. seeing as south scored their three goals late it may have prolonged it long enough! and anon, i was definately at the game!

had enough of anons said...

@ anon 12.21 re: james sherman?

he is currently the top scorer in the league after round 3 and he has only played two rounds so i would say that he was pretty decent wouldn't you? lol

what a pathetic comment!

also looking at the latest anon phenomenon it shows that not many people know much about football in this state including walter, its a tad embarrassing really!

Anonymous said...

Smith was missed upfront IMO, if he was on the end of those chances he would of put at least 1 away.

Anonymous said...

Does this show that South Hobart do not need the "Great Scott" back??? they seem to be doing perfectly fine without him.. what does this mean for the rest of his year?

Anonymous said...

i'm quite sure walter knows plenty about football champ, he's done heaps for football in tasmania for a long time, so why question his knowledge? also, anon 12.46, i agree, j huigsloot has been going downhill, last season he started well. but his form slump has continued, and has not got any better since mid-last year. he was good on the bench with clarence, because he couldn't make any mistakes. all he had to do with the 1st goal was to stand his ground and make a challenge, but for some reason he lied down??? i'll never understand that, also he stubbed his toe and went off, soft, i bet he will play this week. a very over-rated player indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:22 PM: Hating on Huigsloot much? How many of his games have you actually seen this year. Huigsloot has been solid and consistent all season which is all you ever want from a player, yes he may have had one poor half but all the knights players did. Remember it was 0-0 up until half time.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12.21 re: james sherman

your having a laugh right? Leading goal scorer and fantastic play maker his last game against eagles was brilliant. I would like to see a another player in southern tasmania play a better game this season.He certainly wasn't a disappointment to the Knights supporters or club.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22. Is that the first game you have watched Huigsloot play champ? He has been one of Knights best this year. The blokes only 18, you speak as if hes 30 and not getting better? He still has plenty of years in him, and having him as good as he is now, is only beneficial. Will be a great player for Knights for many years, as his uncle was.

Anonymous said...

Re james sherman vs eagles... Best game u will see this year? i think not!!! he bounced a header over the keeper... im sure he meant to do that. corey was about to finish it any way! i would prefer smithers to take that next time! He scored one goal which was ur average finsh from inside 18. and he took a penalty when karoma got taken out... also eagles last goal resulted from shermans error! if thats all u need to do to play the best game u will see this year ill come out of retirement!

I would put money on knights finishing second with out sherman! the exact same as they were going to finish with him!

Corey Smith said...

Jacob Huigsloot will win the knights best and fairest! Obviously you are an angry clarence fan who is missing Huigy Bear?

Comments re: James Sherman..

Your having a laugh, as simple as that!!!

Peter Rosebush said...

jacob huigsloot has been the knights best this season bar none. don't judge the man on one poor half. he was amazing all preseason and the first 2 rounds he was too. ridiculous comments from a few of you gimps. the only way he loses his spot is if burke comes out of retirement.

Anonymous said...

I find it humerous how people are sticking up for J Huigsloot. anon 9.22 i believe is a scout for Blacktown City FC in the NSW PL. he saw him play in under 15 nationals a few years ago as captain, and was very impressed with his skill and leadership. although what you do not know is that he has seen all his games this season, and has been very disappointed. at least thats what he told me, but he's not one to lie

Anonymous said...

Huigsloot is being looked at this year? In all respect, how is he supposed to get back to that standard in nationals, where his state team were training probably 4 times a week and were at the peak of their fitness? Ive watched alot of his games this year, my opinion is he is still improving, whilst a few games have been disappointing, he has been a standout for Knights.