Monday, March 8, 2010

TIS squeeze through to Summer Cup semi-finals

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tasmanian Institute of Sport squad before the match; TIS keeper Tristan Prendergast punches clear ahead of a Nelson opponent; Nelson's Tom Gordon controls the ball and beats an opponent; TIS in possession; Nelson keeper Thomas Clamp takes a cross; Two opponents vie for the ball; Nelson's Patrick Lenck in possession; TIS's Eli Luttmer clears his lines [PlessPix]

Division One Summer Cup (Group A, North Chigwell, Sunday, 7 March 2010)


Nelson Eastern Suburbs 1 (T Gordon 46)

Tasmanian Institute of Sport 2 (H Foley 44, E Luttmer 57)

HT: 0-0 Att: 70 Ref: I Colhoun

Nelson: Clamp; Brighella, Hoppitt, Rush,, Mills, Caulfield, Hanley, Gaskell, Stalker, Ireland, Lenck [Interchange: Valterio, Gordon] [Coach: Michael Roach]

TIS: Prendergast; Luttmer, Hill, Abbott, McClung, D Foley, Walker, De Smit, H Foley, Hamilton, Francis [Interchange: Ince, Green, Curran, May] [Coach: Dean May]


The Tasmanian Institute of Sport ultimately triumphed in this Group A Summer Cup clash, but it was a close thing.

Nelson’s youngsters held their own for long periods of the match and their resolute defending was praiseworthy.

With five minutes remaining and the score at 1-1, a penalty shoot-out seemed inevitable.

TIS coach Dean May came on in place of injured goalkeeper Tristan Prendergast four minutes before the end in a sign that he also thought that spot-kicks would decide the issue.

Prendergast had a bad knee and May felt that the youngster would not have been able to launch himself at a penalty with that knee, which had an ice pack on it after the game.

As it turned out, no penalty shoot-out ensued. With just three minutes remaining, a cross from the right by TIS’s Nicholas Green came back off the crossbar and Eli Luttmer stabbed the ball home to give his side a 2-1 win.

It was a cruel blow for Nelson, who battled in the heat all game and probably deserved the lottery of a shoot-out in the end.

The first half had ended goalless, with Sam Hamilton and Jeremy Walker having a few half-chances for the TIS.

Then, midway through the second half, the game came alive as Will Abbott fed Hugh Foley and he fired past Thomas Clamp to put the TIS ahead.

Two minutes later, Nelson were level as Oliver Ireland headed the ball forward and Tom Gordon nodded it into goal.

Luttmer’s winner three minutes from the end was not the end of the action. Three minutes into stoppage time, Declan Foley was sent off by Mr Colhoun for swearing.


· Nelson coach, Michael Roach, said:

“I think they’re a very good side. They’re young but they’re a very good side and they deserved to win today.

“I think my fellows gave it everything but in terms of their first touch on the ball they were probably the second-best side today.

“We’ve got a bit to work on, but overall, whilst I thought we could have got something out of the game and could have won it - both sides made mistakes at the back - I can’t argue.

“I think they did enough to win and good luck next week against Beachside.”


Anonymous said...

I think it quite strange that i didn't see the young keeper get injured and did not seem impeded by any knee problem at all. Was replacing the keeper by the coach really a strategic move? What if this happened in a premier reserves match vs TIS??

aaron said...

well realistically speaking, it is a mens competition, so bad sportsmanship or not, it is well within their rights.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt it an undertaking that TIS particiapation n FFT competitions would NOT include the coach?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There should be 2 keepers in the 16 "man " TIS squad and 1 of them shouldn't be the Coach.

AND what benefit are the two U17 players getting from these games? They should be permitted to play Premier League like Liam Scott and Toby Woolley did 3 years ago under Bruce Stowell.

Surely the TIS is more about individual development than the team ???

Anonymous said...

I feel an old debate raising it's ugly head from the previous comments about TIS> Yawn Yawn. Firstly, whereas I do not agree with coach hitting the field, I understand that the other keeper is already out injured and if the keeper in this game was genuinely injured he should not be subjected to possible further injury. This is summer Cup, not sheep stations, move on . Secondly, the two U17's are in the TIS because they obviously want to be and their reasons are nobody else's business. They are aloud to leave TIS and play for a club if they want. Take Sam Macintyre at Clarence as example.
The question of team v personal development. I have seen quite a few of these kids as juniors and was very impressed how they have come along and their technical ability. I think they are developing as individuals just fine. By the Way, I went to see Nelson Play, Not TIS. I hope people don't start making a mountain out of a mole hill again. It was a very entertaining game to watch, Nelson had their chances but there could only be one winner and TIS were slightly slicker on the day

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject how about 3 members of the TASMANIAN Ínstitute of Sport (funded with Tasmanian tax payers money aimed at developing young Tasmanian footballers)being from Country Qld.

Isn't this the region the Coach is from. Is he attracting players from Qld down here to take the spots of Tassie boys?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08 - my point is that these boys shoyuld not have to leave the TIS to play Prem League. It's not just Sam that has left to play at that level but 3 or 4 others. I'm not saying the 17 yo's should leave the TIS but be given the opportunity to play with a Premier League Club. SURELY that would be to their advantage rather than playing with 14, 15 yos in a substandard comp.

Anonymous said...

those 14 nd 15 y/o's are of a better technical standard and thus better to play with.

also, Dean is not from QLD, he's from the UK...

Anonymous said...

via Qld?

Anonymous said...

better technical standard than who?

Beecroft, Ladic, Hickey, Scott ???

Bill said...
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Bill said...

I thought the TIS played technically very well. Fast footwork, clever defending quick ball movement and created plenty of chances. I would have liked to be in that group when i was 15...

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8.21 from Anon 8.08
Can't say that I dissagree with you, except the problem that sometimes will occur is that the young players get shoved into lesser positions like Full backs or Wings, and at TIS they may groomed as Centre Backs or centre mid and therefore get to play in that position and take a leadership role within the group. I personally don't have enough experience to make a judgement as there appears benefits for both, so I think that the individual players need to make their own calls. From a TIS coaches perspective though, I am sure it would not be ideal if he is trying to teach a certain style of play which may then be undermined by a PL Coach and hence there is one or the other

Walter said...

Yes, Bill, I do know about the meeting. I don't expect to receive an invitation though.

Interested said...

Anon 11.25.How can you say a Premier League coach will undermine what the TIS coach is trying to do ?All coaches will have their own style of play. Many are similar with subtle changes or differences.Hopefully once a player leaves TIS ,they are able to adapt to different situations/playing styles.Isnt that the sign of a good versatile player. Not every coach in the state/country/world for that matter, is going to adapt "the correct style of play ". Who is to say whether it is the right or wrong style anyway. It is all a matter of opinion and preferences at the end of the day and may be dictated by the playing personnel available at the time.

Tinderbox said...


What you say is correct. Why, then, does FFA insist that 1-4-3-3 (that should really be 4-3-3) is the only system state and youth national sides MUST play? They're crazy and they're under some weird Dutch influence.

Interested said...

It is the FFA instruction that all rep teams must adopt this system.
Having said that though ,the formation of a team changes every second .
A team that sets up as a 4-4-2 to begin with will not necessarily maintain that formation only have 2 strikers.
Once a team wins the ball you will find that most of the wide midfielders will join in the attack and the full-backs will generally push inside slightly to cover.Does that mean that they then play with four strikers ?
It is a bit of as w..k really .

Anonymous said...

I hear there is an emergency meeting tonight at FFT with club Presidents regrading the limited number of DIV clubs who can meet the league criteria for the mens competition. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Who is the new CEO?

Anonymous said...

whats the go on ladic he couldnt even make oakleighs reserves so will every1 please stop biggin him up

jerrie kruijver said...

i could not make oakleigh or new townn eagle reserves either,yet i am a legend in my own the media are full of praise for anonymus archievements in the premierleague.

Anonymous said...

Interested - I think the debate was whether a player should be in the TIS as well as be able to play PL. I wasn't suggesting that the current crop of TIS players could not adapt if they went to a different coach in the PL, on the contrary, I'm sure that most adapt very quickly. But as you point out, every coach has their own style, opinions and preferences and it's these that are likely to differ from that of the TIS Coach and it is for this reason that I suggest that the players identified for TIS are not allowed to play PL. Whether the TIS's or FFA's system is the best path, is of course another debate altogether and as I have said above it is up to the individual players to chose their own journey under the guidelines that are currently in place.

Anonymous said...

The aim of the TIS men's program is to:

identify and develop male Tasmanian football players to national representative standard

The question is how this is best served.

I'm not sure that having a team called TIS playing in Tasmanian competitions is integral to that aim.

I would suggest that once a TIS athlete reaches U17 that person would best benefit from something more challenging than a second rate competition in Hobart - regardless of whether that person played within a 1-4-3-3 formation or not.

Anonymous said...

jono ladic has won more premierships thann any other player in the league currently playing seniors, walter can you check this fact as this achievement speaks for itself!

the boss said...

ladic is a class player. maybe the best in the state ?

Anonymous said...

who cares about ladic, we all know he's good and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. walter, why do you cover div1 games and none of the reserves? the gap in quality between the leagues is enough justification to cease reporting on division 1 entirely.

Robert said...

Anonymous 4.27.
Why do the English report the Championship League?
Your comment is rediculous! Not all clubs can have a team in the PL. It is great that walter covers as many clubs as possible.

Anonymous said...

agreed. It's not like Walter has limited space.

As he has constantly said give him some decent fodder and he'll publish it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Robert's comments.

Premier Reserves not as important at clubs in DIV 1 pushing for promotion.

Now if we had a two tier structure than that's a different kettle of fish.

Anybody know the outcome of the Div1 meeting last night?

Anonymous said...

Beachside has signed a junior team, so they are ok if the requirement stands

Anonymous said...

seriously div 1 is a joke, and prem reserves is much higher, there are under 19 players leaving prem clubs all the time and getting a game straight away in div 1 seniors for the so called top sides so that shows the standard!

why not cover the women's prem instead of div 1?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59pm

I agree Div 1 stanard isn't much chop.
However I believe Beachside & Metro would compete with the bottom 4 Premier clubs week in week out then even throw in Nelson and Uni.

FFT need to do the smart thing and bring back a state league comp.

Put the top 4 at both North and south in and then run the div's down from there.

Until they do even 8 teams in the Southern Premier League is way too many.

Sorry to ALL you self confessed SUPERSTARS out there, but we just don't have the quality for 8 team Premier League in the Sout or North.


Anonymous said...

what about the south?