Monday, March 1, 2010

Vale Jacobus Theodorus 'Jack' Huigsloot

Photos (Top to Bottom): Glenorchy Knights and Kingborough Lions United observe a minute's silence in memory of Jack Huigsloot before their Summer Cup match on Sunday at South Hobart [PlessPix]; The late Jack Huigsloot in his Hollandia days in the mid-1950s. He is the goalkeeper in the middle of the front row [Photo courtesy of Brian Roberts.]

Jacobus Theodorus Huigsloot, or Jack as he was fondly known, passed away last week in his 80s.

Jack, who came to Tasmania from The Netherlands in the middle of last century, was the patriarch of a well-known football family.

His son, the late Peter Huigsloot, played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians and Rapid.

I coached him at Croatia, where he revealed his versatility. He could play in goal, or in the outfield, as either a defender or striker.

Perhaps his versatility came from Jack, who sometimes also played in goal for Hollandia back in the 1950s.

Jack’s other football-playing sons, Tom and Robbie, also made their names with Croatia.

Robbie, too, could play in goal, while Tom could play anywhere required and proved to be an ace goalscorer. Tom was a winner of the Vic Tuting Silver Medal.

Jack's grandsons, Jacob and Luke, currently play for Glenorchy Knights and Clarence United, respectively.

Jack and his wife, Betty, who were married for 51 years, could often be seen together at KGV Park watching their sons playing.

They lived in Grove Road, just across from KGV Park.

Jack was a great supporter of football in Tasmania and he will be missed by all who knew him.


Brian Roberts said...

My deepest sympathy to Betty and family .

Jack and I when we met at Grove Road would fondly recall our time when we wore the Orange and White.


Corey Smith said...

Jake Huigsloot's attitude and commitment sunday was a pleasure for all to be associated with!

Anonymous said...

RIP Jack, you will be missed by your family and all whom were associated with you.

Anonymous said...

A nice gesture to have a minutes silence before the games on the weekend. Black arm bands were worn by Knights, and J.Huigsloot also wore the captains arm band in memory of Jack.

Jack will be missed by all.

Alex Holmes said...

Was a pleasure to wear the black arm band in memory of Jack and to support the Huigsloot family!

Yoda said...

Me thinks never a pleasure in the passing of someone. However a good jesture it was, respectuful and courteous it has been.

Alex Holmes said...

i was stating that it was a pleasure to have the oportunity to show my respects in the match. sorry for the confusion small wise green one