Friday, March 5, 2010

Warriors' drive for success enhanced by sponsorship deal

Photos (Top to Bottom): Adrian Brown of Performance Automobiles presents the cheque to Olympia president George Mamacas; The function was held at a packed Performance Automobiles showroom; It was surprising who was there, even on the eve of the Summer Cup final; Olympia coach, Chris Hey; Olympia captain, Hugh Richardson, in the new tracksuit top; George Mamacas and Adrian Brown toast the deal; Hugh Richardson models the new home strip; Ben Phillips models the new tee-shirt; JaydenWiggins models the new spray-jacket and beanie; Matthew Hedge in the new polo top; Olympia's new away strip; Three of Olympia's women's team in the new tracksuit; Jayden Wiggins, Ben Phillips, Matthew Hedge and Hugh Richardson enjoying the function [PlessPix]

Performance Automobiles will sponsor Olympia Warriors to the tune of $16,000 over the next three years.

The announcement was made this evening by Mr Adrian Brown, the principal of Performance Automobiles, at the company’s showrooms in Argyle Street, Hobart.

“I note with interest your club’s proud heritage and importance within Hobart during the past fifty years,” Mr Brown said at the function, which was attended by 100 supporters , players and officials of Olympia.

“This is a wonderful achievement and I know of the proud and successful moments that have been had in this period.

“Like all notable business and sporting achievements, it takes many small, cohesive components to make a successful season and I hope our sponsorship assists with making your season great and enjoyable.

“Performance Automobiles also shares tremendous heritage and is celebrating many milestones in 2010.

“Appointed as a Porsche dealer in 1964, 2010 represents 46 years as a factory-authorised dealer and 50 years as a locally owned and operated business.

“In 2010, Performance Automobiles continues to represent many of the world’s great brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Smart and, of course, Subaru.”

Olympia president, Mr George Mamacas, said the club had had numerous changes over the past few months, including a name change from ‘Olympic’ back to the original ‘Olympia’.

“We’ve also now adopted the name ‘Warriors’ and the ancient Greek helmet as our logo,” Mr Mamacas said.

“That’s a brand new thing for this club and hopefully that will stand us in good stead for the next fifty years.

“We’ve trialled a lot of new things over the past few months and we have now bought brand new strips for the club, right through from the seniors to the under-13s.

“I’m proud to reveal tonight the new look of the seniors.”

Male and female players modelled the new strip, including the away strip, as well as tracksuits, spray jackets, polo tops, beanies and tee-shirts.

The playing strip will carry the Performance Automobile badge and the Mercedes Benz emblem.

Mr Mamacas said the club had nine teams last year and was hoping to have thirteen this season.

“We’ve really tried hard to dress the players up this year, and we hope they can perform well on the field,” Mr Mamacas said.

“Performance Automobiles’ sponsorship is a fantastic thing for football in this State.

“I’d like to thank Adrian and Nick Clark and his staff for that.”

Olympia’s senior coach, Chris Hey, welcomed the sponsorship.

“It’s fantastic to have an association and sponsorship by Performance Automobiles and I certainly hope the relationship between both parties continues for many years,” Hey said.

Mr Mamacas presented Adrian Brown and Nick Clark with new Olympia jackets.

Later in the evening at the Hellenic Club, players received a kit bag containing the various items of kit modelled earlier.


Bill said...
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Bill said...

Just goes to show that with a bit of effort and communication, there are businesses ready to embrace football in this state. Congratulations to Olympia, now for them to concentrate on their performance on the park.

smithers ol man said...

Well done olympia for gettibg some decent sponsorship.
Now if we can find another 300 sponsors like this we might make the first year in a-league

Anonymous said...

How does this deal compare to other clubs. I play div 1 and sponorship is pretty much non existent across the league because what div 1 clubs can offer a lucrative sponsor is very minimal.

Anonymous said...

I hope u enjoyed that wine Hugh :)

Richard Bennett said...

mmmmmm bit of effort yes a good point. I have organised $7500 sponsors from social team for a club 4 years ago and we still have $2500 for our social team alone. We have something to offer and the professional attitude and network to utilise.

I'm honestly surprised that clubs don't have sponsors onboard @10-15k per season but reading this blog it is stunning that this is a revelation.

well done Olympia as you are working on the off field stability that clubs need to take further steps.

Anonymous said...

yeah the blonde birds alright