Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beachside withdraw on eve of State-wide Cup

Beachside have withdrawn from the State-wide Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy.

Citing injuries and the unavailability of players, Beachside have decided to forfeit their preliminary-round cup-tie against Burnie, which had been scheduled for Montello on Monday at 2pm.

Club officials will meet with Football Federation Tasmania to discuss the ‘scheduling of the match’.

Beachside have notified Burnie United and FFT about their decision.

This follows the withdrawal earlier of the FFT Under-15s from this competition.

They were due to play Taroona and have been replaced by DOSA.


Meanwhile, Glenorchy Knights player Corey Smith was sent off today in their 4-1 defeat of Kingborough Lions United at Lightwood Park.

Smith was given his marching orders by referee Kim Barker after showing the player a second yellow card.


Anonymous said...

Smithers continues the form of a Knights player getting sent off at Lightwood park

Jackson Marsh was sent off for a disgraceful act last year down there. He currently hasn't featured in the senior lineup since.

Anonymous said...

will be very interesting to see how Beachside can field theit u/19 side then won't it?

And will FFT have the balls to pull their license if they can't fill that side!!!

Un Bloody Likely!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10.52

Beachside has a full under 19 team entered and ready to play. They played against the div 1 team in a practice match 2 weeks ago and lost 2-0. Which makes them more competitive than metro and southern fc at this stage!

Chris said...

Not sure what your point is Anonymous, Beachside do have an U19 team and the only thing stopping them from feilding it is FFT's lack of roster, which is likely a result of other clubs not fielding an U19 team.
The withdralw from the State-wide cup is a result of havaing less than a weeks notice of the match and it's location and players being committed to work and family, and it is not the only club withdrawling from the cup for this reason.


Chris said...

Not sure what you issue is, Beachside does have an U19 team, and the only thing preventing it from playing is a lack of roster from FFT. The only message it sends these young players is that FFT can't organise a competition for them and they may as well go play a different sport.

As for the State-wide cup if the club had more thana wekks notice of the game and location players might have been able to arrange time of work to be available, again the club didn't get the rosters out late.


Anonymous said...

Corey will learn his lesson one day ..........NOT !!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, at least put a name to your ridiculous comments rather than simply make snide remarks of no substance that are completely incorrect.

Beachside have 17 signed up players for U19 and 3 or 4 more training and likely to sign. that is a healthy squad in my books.

it is the div 1/reserve teams that were unavailable for a monday game in burnie (kick off in burnie confirmed less than a week ago), being easter monday and 2 days after roster games. after fielding 24 players on saturday in div 1/reserves and another 12 in division 3, there was simply not enough players suited to the standard of a statewide cup game available/fit etc for a monday back up and there was little benefit in spending over $1000 on transport for half a fit team.

if you consider sending an U19 team yet to play a rostered game for the season up to burnie (at considerable cost) to play a top NPL team as beneficial to a clubs development than you are severely misguided

daniel Beachside

Anonymous said...

Beachside have 17 u19 players, & have had so for a few weeks.
so no problem there!

Anonymous said...

Uni have pulled the pin on their trip to somerset as well is the rumour?

Beachside have a full U19 side for the coming season.

Anonymous said...

rumour has it that uni may be pulling out of cup also

Anonymous said...

what the .... is going on with div1 U/19 anyway?

Stick said...

I think everybody has sumed up the drama re the first round of the Laka.. The Rostering this year is all over the shop.. Not everybody these days gets public Holidays off and amateur players and clubs need more then 4 days notification to allow time for all to organise. Beach u19 are strong and healthy by the end of the season some will have played seniors in hopefully a premiership winning side, something that they would not have down if they stayed at other clubs, beach have their own ground with lights and a playing/committee group that are looking forward, If FFT and other clubs were doing the same maybe the game would be in a better way.. An idea re the ref problem.. Make clubs nominate 3 players each season to do a ref course(money earner and might put some mmore out there??!!)

Sort It Out said...

Smithers' sending off was a joke. Fell on top of the ball in a challenge. Walter, how about you stop singling him out, mention he was sent off, sure, but were you even at the game? It was hardly foolish, Kim Barker had a stinker, unlike him.

Anonymous said...

Uni won't be making the trip to the NW either.

Its a typical FFT performance - giving Division 1 clubs a weeks notice of such a game. Even the season rosters weren't released until March. How do they expect teams and players to organise themselves. The u19 comp is now incorporated into the u18 roster. The whole administration has been a joke.

How would any team have been disadvantaged by the ststewide draw being made in February when the summer cup started? Surely it would have only allowed these clubs to make the necessary arrangements.

Despite the best efforts of people like yourself Walter, to promote the game, it is examples like this that see us heading backwards as a football community.

Amazed said...

CLubs complain about FFT but the preliminary round for the Cup has been scheduled for Easter Monday for a few months - if they had any concerns about being able to field a team then they should have raised them at the time of the release of the draft rosters.

Or is it another case of the clubs not even talking to their players - until it is too late.

If the cost of one trip to the other end of the island is to much then DONT enter in the first place.

I hope that FFT fine each club at least $500.00 - and bans them from entering the cup next year as well.

Walter said...

"Sort It Out", don't tell me how to do my job. Corey draws attention to himself with his behaviour, and a send-off is news. I wasn't at the game, but the send-off was commented upon by several of my sources, including several Knights players. I'd say some of his team-mates are starting to think of him as a liability.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure how FFT can be blamed for the rostering of the cup?

It calendar has been on the website since before Christmas.

Its really quite lazy by these clubs and thats why they are in Div 1

Anonymous said...

Well said 'Amazed' I bet if either Beachside or Uni had drawn a Hobart game they would have found the players. I also wouldn't mind betting that any North or Northwest club would have travelled down here if that was the draw. It is not good enough, we all knew of the Easter monday game, and should've been planning for the worst (a trip to Burnie or Somerset). I hope FFT has the balls to fine them both too. If you enter a STATEWIDE cup you must be prepared to travel the State.

Anonymous said...

yep beachside and uni should be fined. entered the comp then to just pull out cause they have to travel is a disgrace. makes the cup look very ordinary with two forfeitures but not as bad as the actual two clubs look now

Anonymous said...

The balls the fine the clubs? Since when has a forfeit been anymore than a 3-0 loss?

Anonymous said...

In defence of the div 1 clubs, there should have been no roster games scheduled for this weekend. Professionals don't play 2 games in 3 days often, if at all, so amateur outfits can't be expected to do this either surely?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:34pm
In competition rules a forfeit less than 5 working days is $200 fine plus possible cost of ground and refs on top of 3-0 loss.

Cup draw was published on FFT web about 9 days out from games with home team listed first. Dates were published months ago. Enough time to plan?

Not the first time Easter games have been rostered. Probably the first Good Friday games though.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful really everyone who enters the state cup knows there are trips away, including easter Monday. Easter Monday was set aside as a cup fixture when the Premier league roster first came out in December/January. I agree with the comments that if the games had been in the states capital both clubs would have found the players. Yes it is true that draw should have been out earlier, however from the day you enter the chances are you may have to travel.

Anyway at least 6 NPL teams into the main draw with Ulvie a big chance to progress as well, travelling to Hobart on Easter Monday.

Mark Ackerly-NRFC

Anonymous said...

Good call from University. Players are risking injury and a 10 hour round trip on a public holiday is crazy. Even if they won the cup it wouldn't pay for the costs of such a journey!

Perhaps such trips should be paid funded by FFT as Tasie teams in the statewide Aussie rules comp are. Sponsored by Tigerline or similar bus company. Thats thinking.

Div 1 roster was released in March so why wasn't the draw made then?
FFT only have themselves to blame. Div 1 clubs are generally veterans having a kick on the weekend they don't want the hassles of travel like that.

Metro are probably the only team that really want to get promoted.

Anonymous said...

while we are on the low blows, which are uncalled for as the news is ridiculous, maybe smith is a liability? but knights didn't sack their liability just yet as they do not see him as a liability in the mould the mercury saw you?

Retired Editor said...

Anonymous (12.10am) You're a rabbit, the Mockery got rid of Walter because he was too professional for them. It's just a rag compared to publications such as "World Soccer" and "Soccer Action" (which was published by "The Age"), for which Walter has written. The Mockery's errors are legendary and their current writer is getting the same treatment now (misleading headlines, massive cuts to his stories, pathetic editing which allows errors to get through, refusal to send photographers to some games, etc). The wonder of it all is that Walter put up with it for so long. When he criticised them, they couldn't handle it. Let's see how long their current writer lasts. This blog beats the Mockery hands down - up-to-date stories, many photos, and timely information. Think about it you rabbit!

Pedant said...

Anonymous (12.10), just have a look at the local soccer story in today's Mockery and see how poor the editing is. There are at least two missing apostrophes of possession. I rest my case.