Sunday, April 25, 2010

South down Eagles in physical Anzac Day clash

Photos (Top to Bottom): South Hobart and New Town Eagles take to the pitch on Anzac Day; South's Tom Roach makes a diagnosis; Eagles midfielder Ethan Menzie is surrounded by opponents; Physical clashes were the order of Anzac Day; Sulphur-crested cockatoos shrieked from a tree next to the old grandstand as they watched Eagles losing; The sulphur-crested cockatoos decided to call it a day when Eagles were 3-1 down; The main grandstand was not full; South's Jonathon Lo receives the attentions of Eagles' Mark Page as Eagles' keeper Nathan Pitchford awaits the outcome; South keeper Sam Kruijver claims another Daniel Brown; South Hobart's latest four-man Korean contingent with South's Greg Downes and Hugo Bladel; South keeper Sam Kruijver knees team-mate Matthew Brown in the ribs as he goes for a high ball; Kruijver calls for help as Brown lies injured; Referee Collins calls for the South physio; South's physio, Natsuki Futumura arrives on the scene; Natsuki Futumura and Noel Chaffey take Matthew Brown for treatment; Matthew Brown is replaced by David Abbott on the hour; Eagles' Ben Whitehall (left) battles for possession with South's Liam Scott; South Hobart's South Korean Wook Bum Heo tussles with Eagles' Jamie Vernon; Mr Collins has a stern word with Eagles coach George Krambousanos; Mr Collins sends off Eagles manager Peter Wass; Eagles' Peter Wass is banished to the stands; South's physio, Natsuki Futumura, examines the stud marks on Kostas Kanakaris's side and back [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (South Hobart, Sunday, 25 April 2010)


South Hobart 3 (K Kanakaris 2, 25 pen, S Hickey 31)

New Town Eagles 1 (A McKeown 8)

HT: 3-1 Att: 120 Ref: S Collins

South Hobart: Kruijver - D Brown, M Brown (Abbott 60), Scott - Wook Bum Heo (Pennicott 43), Hickey, Roach, Ladic, Beecroft - Kanakaris, Lo [Substitutes not used: King, Moncur] [Coach: Ken Morton]

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Page (Clamp 75), Wass, Louden (Kent 46), Clark - Whitehall, Anderson, Menzie, Vernon (Strang 46) - McKeown, Leszczynski [Substitute not used: Minty] [Coach: George Krambousanos]


This win gave South Hobart a 4-point lead over second-placed Glenorchy Knights, who were idle this weekend.

Only good goalkeeping by Eagles’ Nathan Pitchford kept the score down in the first half as South pounded the visitors’ goal.

There was action aplenty both on and off the pitch.

On the pitch, South Hobart goalkeeper Sam Kruijver put two of his own team-mates out of action at various times. In the first half, he kneed centre-back Matthew Brown in the ribs while going for a high ball, but Brown was able to continue after treatment, although he was replaced after an hour by David Abbott.

In the second half, Kruijver laid out team-mate Daniel Brown, but he was able to play on after treatment and saw out the match.

There were also some crunching tackles that resulted in yellow cards for Eagles’ Andrew Clark and Shane Kent. Ben Whitehall and Alex Leszczynski were also cautioned.

South striker Kostas Kanakaris came in for some particularly brutal treatment and had stud marks on his back and side to show for it.

There was much work for South’s physio, Natsuki Futumura, to do.

South Hobart were not averse to some heavy physical treatment of their opponents, either, but their complement of players emerged unblemished.

Off the pitch, referee Mr Collins had to lecture Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, while Eagles manager Peter Wass was expelled from the bench and banished to the stands.

Eagles began the match with a flurry and Jamie Vernon almost scored in the opening minute when he managed to shoot by wrapping his leg around the torso of Daniel Brown. The effort was blocked and Kruijver gained possession and sent South into attack through Shae Hickey.

Hickey raced down the left wing and cut inside before shooting. Pitchford could only parry and Kanakaris, following up, scored.

Eagles were level in the 8th minute. The brave and elusive Adam McKeown beat Kruijver to Alex Leszczynski’s lob and fired past the keeper for his seventh goal of the season to make it 1-1. It was only the third goal that South have conceded, the other two coming against Taroona and Tilford Zebras.

South were awarded a penalty in the 25th minute when Mark Page leaned all over Jonathon Lo and eventually brought him down. Kanakaris slotted home the spot-kick, sending Pitchford the wrong way.

The goal of the match, and one of the best of the season so far, came in the 31st minute. Kanakaris’s corner from the left was met at the far corner of the box by Hickey, who smashed an unstoppable first-time volley with his right foot past a helpless Pitchford to give South a 3-1 lead


Krambousanos rang the changes at the break and replaced Vernon and Steve Louden with Shane Kent and Simon Strang.

Eagles managed to keep South scoreless in the second half, but they could not find a goal either and it was South who collected a valuable three points.

The loss dropped Eagles a place to sixth on the ladder.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“I thought we had enough chances in the first half to put the game to bed.

“Pitchford was outstanding and made some big saves, and he made another big save near the end when we could have gone 4-1 up.

“In the second half, they came at us. They knocked a lot of long balls and put us under pressure, and they battled and scrapped for everything and made a good game of it.

“As far as we’re concerned, it was a good result.”

· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“I’m not going to say much about decision making by certain people, but take that penalty away and I think the game is on.

“If a team is going to beat them this year, I think it’ll be us. I really do.

“In the second half, they didn’t score. That’s when they explode sometimes and score three or four goals.

“We didn’t sit back. We attacked. I threw three up the front there for the last 15 minutes.

“I’m proud of my boys and I think Kenny is proud of his boys, too, and well done to him.”


Anonymous said...

Walter, the through ball for Adam McKeowns goal was chipped by Alex Leszczynski.

the pope said...

You might be proud of your boys George but the hysterical reaction of the Eagles bench to Mr Collins' calls (particular the penalty) during this game should give you all something to reflect on.

Anonymous said...

and i quote "if a team is going to beat them this year, I think it will be us" George Krambo you are an absolute star for this blog

Anonymous said...

looks as though sam kruijver is doing his best to try and get ludford back in the south side.

eagles did their best to unsettle south. some bad decisions by collins. the physicality didn't seem to bother south too much. the korean at right back was terrible. gave the ball away every single time.

mcewen has got to be one of the best strikers in the league, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Collins should not be reffing Prem League. He is slow, doesnt get out of the circle, inconsistent and worst of all does not walk onto the park with a clean sheet. I did not see him this weekend however I did on Wednesday when the TIS v Kingborough.

He paid very soft contacts to TIS, on the otherside TIS were allowed to take Kingborough players off their feet.

Collins was very eager to show the yellow to Kinborough, but not TIS.

This inconsistancy does nothing for the TIS when they hit the mainland and unbiased refs.

I have seen posts here suggesting TIS get a soft run by the refs and after seeing this game I must agreed.

FFT must sort out the ref problems. I know there are few new coming through.

Why not:

1. Provide 1 on 1 assistance by a senior to young refs as they run the line. (in 10 years I have NEVER seen this.) Collins would be good at this.
2. Why not approach private schools and use this as their compulsory sporting activity. Better money to ref than working at Maccas.
3. Let young refs work in pairs.

Come on FFT - think outside the square before there is a major problem because of the reffing or there are none to ref a game (as in Div 3 & 4.)

On the other side it was great to see Kim Barker open to discussion with both coaches after the game, even though both coaches didnt agree with his interpretation.

the pope said...

Various anons - Mr Collins is no Pierluigi Collina (a distant Italian cousin, I wonder?) but as far as Sunday's match went, he had no effect on the final outcome.

South too good is the truth of it.

GK Coach said...

Either Sam is not calling his backs or they're not listening, as even against Taroona his defenders impeeded him several times. They certainly should be able to see him coming in those bright kits.

Regardless it's great to see a keeper showing total commitment for the ball, even if it means going through his own player.

I'm guessing they'll pay attention from now on.

Also great to see there are still some good keepers about, making great saves, not making ordinary stops look like great saves.

Anonymous said...

I think the quality of reffing in the prem league always comes under question but FFT need to take a serious look at some of there more "senior/experienced" referees. In the 7 rounds of the prem season so far there have been some terrible reffing decisions that have influenced the game and not for the better. The likes of Collins and Phillips should not be in the middle for prem league games. Some people say that a referees decisions cannot affect the outcome of a game but when teams are conceding goals from offsides not called, soft free kicks and penalties and one sided decisons, its obvious this is ultimately going to decide the outcome of the game.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Pitchford excellent in this game, saved eagles on numerous occasions, would pick him as probably the best keeper in the state.
Eagles on the end of some questionable decisons and i think were right in their arguments. Its easy to say the physicality didnt bother South too much when alot of the decisions went their way and its obvious when watching the replay of the game.
Game of good goals and i think the game was a lot closer than the result makes out.
Believe Collins was atrocious this game, why he walks out in the middle still amazes me. Agree with anonymous that he does not begin the game with a clean sheet. Eagles with 4 yellows compared to Souths nil? After the watching the video there are some obvious free kicks and cards not called nor given that have influenced play in this game.
I think Eagles have stepped up this season, they may not have had the resuts as yet this season but have taken to the leading teams, south, knights and Zebras and they should start to see results soon. They have some good, young, strong premier players coming through in Pitchford, Clarke, Whitehall, McKeown and Vernon and i believe Krambo needs to take advantage of these and look at strengthening his reserves with players like Kent and Strang who are good players but not to premier league standard.

Anonymous said...

South didn't explode in the second half because they didn't need to - they were 3 1 up and Eagles didn't look like scoring. Not once did South defenders push up wings because they didn't need to.
South looked better once the Korean came off, I presume he was having an off day to leave better talent sitting on the bench.
Well done South.

Anonymous said...

eagles must be the most overrated team in the competition

Anonymous said...

what a typically disgusting eagles tackle on kosta on 4.01 on the you tube clip, surely fft should look at this karate kick?

Results Man said...

Eagles need to start getting the runs on the board, they have won 1 game out of 7 which is the same as Taroona and only 1 more than Olympia (for if they beat Taroona this week will be the same).
Getting close to the top 3 teams doesnt count unless you get a result.
This is all with having Pitchford and McKeown playing exceptionally well in the two most vital positions on the pitch.
Kingborough in comparison may not have played as well but have notched 3 wins and thats what counts.

Anonymous said...

typical south.

5,000 chances and only 3 goals. kosta, j lo and co need to convert more than they are currently.

they definitely wont concede many but will have to be careful against zebras this w/end as they are pretty ruthless.

Anonymous said...

Maybe i'm wrong but if that was a penalty...shouldn't there have been a red card too?

Anonymous said...

Another disgraceful tackle on Kosta, saw the pics and watched the footage, is that the stud marks from the tackle in the youtube footage?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how so many of you guys can bag the referee's but no of you will get out there and do it... its all well and good to bag them , until you referee a premier league game, them im sure you guys have no idea...
Give the guys a break, if they don't do it, who is??
and lets be honest, you guys are going to bag them whenever and whoever makes a mistake, doesnt matter how good they are..
No wonder no one wants to ref with these sort of comments flying around...

Anonymous said...

What, you reckon its some coincidence that Kosta was injured and has stud marks immediately after the challenge? Yes, it is a result of the challenge. I hope you feel silly asking that question. A dirty, kick in the air

Anonymous said...

Those in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, how many stud marks has Dogga Brown left half way up opponents legs this year..
Should be stamped out.. If your going to be critical clean up your own backyard first......

Richard Bennett said...

Dogga is such a gentle soul. must be a case of mistaken identity.

Anonymous said...

GK Coach - Sam needs to learn when to let his defenders to deal with the ball and when it's appropriate for him to come for it.

he looks like he's in no-mans land in some of those photos. I would say it's him running into his defenders, not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

well dogga brown may have left stud mark half way up legs but the tackle on kosta was a deliberate karate kick to his torso, it was pre-meditated and a typical eagles tackle

eagles should be fined for their persistent crowd behaviour

Anonymous said...

i think eagles have caught the very contagious disease of boganism

Anonymous said...

Haven't South got a bloke out with suspension at the moment (for an accidental head clash I think)? Not sure that they are in line for the fair play award either.

Anonymous said...

It was rather sad that our new CEO was present to hear the Eagles crowd acting like Bogans. OK to have a bit of fun but some of the crowd watching took it too far. Seems like watching is turning into Nasty Sport, hate to see some of these parents on the sideline of juniors if they treat others with such lack of respect.
Lets hope the standards can improve from the top down including more respect for the ref.

Anonymous said...

How good is this week going to be now that Ladic has signed for Zebras and they are playing South, that is worth paying entrance fee for.

Anonymous said...

is that for real or just a rumour why would he leave south getting a full game there every week?

surf's up said...

is the Ladic 'news' a rumour or gospel?

If true, dont expect too much Zebras, he's in terrible form at the mo.

One-Eighty. said...

Zebra's game will be a ripper thats for sure.

Eagles are dirty, but South are just as dirty. Too right about comments regarding Dogga Brown. Stop sticking up for South, and accept that they are just as bad.

In regards to the referees. Their position will always attract a negative view from the losing teams, they are an excuse. if a team lose, they automatically assume "ref cost us the game". Its a low, poor excuse. Refs have bad games, yes. Yet, stop being so harsh. Sean isn't the best ref, no. But maybe he's doing it becuase no one else is?! This is why. Stop judging the referee performances with so much critism.

gag said...

As for Eagles, their ladder position fairly reflcets their ability as a football team and is in no way reflective of how many times they've had Misters Collins or Phillips this year.

If whingeing was the indicator for sucess, they'd be pushing Knights for top spot!

Anonymous said...

If u have been watching soccer in tasmania for long enough u will realise that the eagles crowd were fairly contained compared to wat it used to be like. Was anyone threatend to be kill after the game, there house burnt down. Get a grip mate it is a mans sport, go to the footy and have a go at the crowd or is that to bogan for you?? MR SUIT

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 26.4 -8.09pm

Typical South?

Yes, 3 goals and 3 points again.

That's why they are back to back champions.

gag said...

The crap culture at Eagles probably explains why they have been mediocre for over a decade now. A shame because they have got some great people working hard for that club.

Dare I also suggest that in the recent past Mr Collins has made more of a contribution to Eagles than most of their pathetic abusive 'fans'.

Anonymous said...

dogga brown must have a severe case of the old white line fever coz he seems like an amiable bloke off the field. he can play good football but decides that for some reason or other he needs to rake his studs down someones leg. alex holmes could prob testify to that. terrible tackle. bart beecroft is no angel either.

Anonymous said...

when the players are able to walk off the field having made no mistakes in 90 minutes, I'm sure the refs will be doing their hardest to try and match it.

seems to be a level of inconsistency in expectations for an amatuer sport.

If the refs were as good as some players and supporters expect them to be, I'm sure FFA wouldn't have them ref'ing games in Tasmania.

anyway enough said on an issue that continues to drive people away, rather than encouraging them to contribute to our sport.

Anonymous said...

rumours are true that ladic has signed for the remainder of the season with zebras. quite a strong line up should be expected or this weekends game vs south

melikesfootball said...

Dear oh Dear, people need a huge reality check, we are talking about Southern Tasmania, not A League or EPL. The standard is always going to be mediocre at best.

In fact we are much better off than the northof state with refs, it is very difficult for three officials to be appointed to the reserves game, and at times even the Senior games need club officials.

So, it's time for everyone to suck it in, take a grip, and just try to enjoy the game as best we can. said...

The Word is David Abbott is outa South having tired of being a bench player there and is headed to Taroona.

Good move - should benefit both parties.

Anonymous said...

zebras looking good for the league with the inclusion of ladic, heard they also have an ex serie b player coming out for remainder of the year due to connections within the club and perhaps if they can get the deal in time will have a brazilian coming out due to frediani's futsal connections, pity help the opposition if he is as good as igor although the last one was a flop for knights

Anonymous said...

that's poaching according to knights bloggers! where are they or doesn't it apply if it's another club.

just part of the victim mentality I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.46pm.

The difference is, players that continuously make mistakes get dropped back to bench/reserves. This does not happen to a certain few referees!

melikesfootball said...

The fact is football standard is poor in this state at present. South Hobart are trying to improve it by creating depth in the club, hence having players compete for positions. All this does is attract criticism from non-South supporters.

You can't blame refereeing for poor and undisciplined play. Even the much loved Kim Barker has his critics. It is rumoured that a particular knights player attributes his all too frequent yellow and red cards to Kim, hence this player has apparantly said that he wont play in games officiated by Kim. I guess we will see, I am pretty sure that Kim has the Knights this weekend.

Anonymous said...

the player does not attribute his cards to kim but finds it funny that all of his cards in the past 4 years apart from 4 yellows have been given from kim?

what does the poaching comment mean?

how is it poaching?

Observer said...

Melikesfootball ,agree 100% with your comment regarding the standard in Tassie at present. All credit to Ken Morton for the way he has resurrected South from the shit hole they were in for many a year.He has done very well. You suggest that Ken is trying to raise the standard by creating depth within the club ? Again well done ,however if you were any player of any serious ability ,why would you stay there and not play regularly ,when you may be able to go to other clubs and obtain a more regular game.It is not as if the players are paid whether they play or not .
I predict that there may be a few more players beginning leave South in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Zebras are going from strength to strength......Frediani still around 7 games with one loss not bad for a first year coach - summer cup start a distant memory to recent wins...

melikesfootball said...


Fair comment about players that are not good enough to get a regular gig at Souths wanting to move on. I would like to know why and how Ken can get so many relatively talented people to sign on at the one club when the other clubs have barely 5 or 6 dead set Tassie premier league standard players and the others just acting as pollyfilla.

Anonymous said...

Interesting top team and bottom team losing players???maybe some offering to much and some not offering enough.Maybe players a finally wanting to play for right reasons on not for promises

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.45

if we had enough referees it would, but you can't develop young referees if an environment where there is a shoot first ask questions later philosophy. Below the top 6 refs the gap is too great to push them into PL. The types of feedback through these columns doesn't help either.

Hence my comment, time to move forward and support and develop rather than criticise and attack the refs we have.

Anonymous said...

maybe its time to,s not clubs or teams that young refs are concerned about, but maybe they dont want to be put in the same catagory
as the crap they are following............

Observer said...

Melikesfootball, Ken is very good at enticing players to join him.This is not a criticism of Ken in any way. He has been doing it for years.He did it in the 80's ,upset many clubs and people ,left Tasmania for many years to pursue his coaching career far and wide.He has now returned with many new kids and parents on the block ,so to speak,and another generation is attracted by him. I would imagine that people are beginning to realise that it is not all smelly roses.As I said previously, I predict South will lose more players.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.12

when all else fails make a derogatory comment again! Thanks for proving the point. As I started with none of the refs are perfect, but they are trying to do there best. Perhaps support and encouragement is s better path and may lead to FFT listening to complaints when they are made?

trunk of oliver said...

anon 5.36 re: igor from knights, are you saying he is a good player or not a good player, surely the former of the two as he was one of the better players that have played in this league and very hard to defend against

Football Physiotherapist said...

I've never been a referee but I agree with the comments supporting referees.

To keep up with the game, referees have to be as fit as at least some of the players. They have to concentrate for the whole game - no catching a breather while the ball is at the opposite end of the pitch (like I could do in goal!)

A player can make five or six mistakes in a game and still be among the best players. A ref makes one mistake and at least half the players and supporters are howling for blood.

It's fair enough to be disappointed when a dubious decision goes against you, but anyone who keeps criticising the ref should pick up a whistle and show us how it's done.

Champion players should aim to be good enough to beat their opponents AND any bad luck calls by the ref.