Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Clarence's Mattias Toghill (right) tackles Eagles' Jamie Vernon; Eagles' Ethan Menzie (left) has a pass intercepted by Clarence's Julian McMahon; Tim Partridge, the former bass guitarist of renowned band Kevin Borich Express, and his wife, Moira, were at Clare Street today to watch the game. Kevin Borich Express, formed in 1976, was a leading group in the 1970s and 1980s and toured with Santana, Fleetwood Mac and the Little River Band. Partridge, one of Australia's finest guitarists, who once played for Caledonians, is back in town from his home in Northern NSW; Clarence's captain, Luke Cripps (left) tries to block a pass by Eagles' Andrew Clark [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 0-0 Clarence United

Kingborough Lions United 2-1 Olympia Warriors

(Freeman, McDonald) (Wadawu)


New Town Eagles (M Fennell 2, S Strang) 3-3 Clarence United (N Rees pen, J Stevens, A Nandan)

Kingborough Lions United (M Bremner pen) 1-0 Olympia Warriors


Kingborough Lions United 5-3 Olympia Warriors

New Town Eagles 1-7 Clarence United

Glenorchy Knights (A Lawler) 1-4 Tilford Zebras (E Engels 2, N MacDonald, D Terry)

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Prospect Knights 2-1 Riverside Olympia

Burnie United 6-2 Somerset

Northern Rangers 4-2 Launceston United

Southern Division One

Hobart United 0-2 Metro (W Hawkins, R Thurley)

[A brawl involving players and spectators erupted late in the match after a player from each side (Metro's Kye McQueen and United's Akuek Guot) was sent off. United coach Mark Broadbent described it as ‘a horrible experience and not good for the game at all”.]

FFT Under-15s 4-5 University

Division One Reserves

Hobart United 1-3 Metro


Hobart United 0-3 Metro

Division Four

DOSA 2-5 Woodbridge (Dale Byrne 3, Lucas Brouwer, Tony Stocks)

2010 FFA National Junior Championships for Under-13 boys (Canberra)

ACT 1-4 Tasmania


Anonymous said...

Some things never change at Hobart United then...

Anonymous said...

Love the standard of DIV 1 on and off the pitch.

both are a joke

Anonymous said...

Metro should be banned!

Anonymous said...

Coming from when I last played Hob Utd they're the ones needing a ban! Played the man constantly rather than the ball

Anonymous said...

no spectators involved. only players.

Anonymous said...

what happens in a melee on the pitch in soccer. Will there be more suspensions?

Lloyd said...

the last thing tasmanian football needs right now...on a lighter note im looking forward to hearing the latest about the saturday night social scene standings from roy

John Di Falco said...

Walter, nice aside re: Tim Partridge being back in town. Coincidentally, I was in Melbourne 3 weeks ago and wandered past Federation Square late on a Sunday night to find to my amazement, Kevin Borich and his (new) Express playing a blistering set of blues. Let me tell you, Kevin has lost nothing and with respect to Tim, looked in better shape that his former bassist :-)

Anonymous said...

From what i saw a hobart united punch a metro player behind play and then the metro player responded then players became invovled.Ithink mark broadbent needs to reliaze hes players are know for these sort of things when there losing and needs to address it and not use other clubs as scapecoats.Credit to the ref and linesman for the way they handle it .Time to take a good look at yourself hobart united

Anonymous said...

Sats Div 3 Results
Saturday, 10/04/2010 10:30 Kingborough Lions - Barnstoneworth 8:2
Saturday, 10/04/2010 12:30 Clarence United Black - Clarence United Spirit 0:2
Saturday, 10/04/2010 12:30 Huon Valley - BeachSide
Saturday, 10/04/2010 12:30 Clarence United Red - Glenorchy Knights
Saturday, 10/04/2010 12:30 University Players - Olympia Warriors 2:3
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 University Wanderers - New Town Eagles White 3:1
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 Nelson Eastern Suburbs - Taroona 1:5

Sats Div 4 Results
Saturday, 10/04/2010 12:30 Northern Suburbs DOSA - Woodbridge 2:5
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 BeachSide - South Hobart 3:1

Sats North Reserves
Burnie - Somerset 2:2
Prospect - Riverside 7:0
Northern Rangers - Launceston United 5:1

Sats North Under 18
Burnie - Somerset 15:0
Prospect - Riverside 2:5
Northern Rangers - Launceston United 0:0

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.52 - did you actually see the incident pixel40 or are you just speculating? (your spelling gives your identity away pedro)

Anonymous said...

What is happening with the standards of refereeing in this state?

I can not believe the current standard. At a game (SPL) last week it was as if the ref was baby sitting the linesman, consistently correcting off side decisions.

It is difficult to advertise a professional standard of football in this state with the current refs. They need some help, proper pay and incentives to improve.

Then a firm hand from the administrator. If the ref is poor, despite him being in the system for years, then do not allow him to do the premier comp.

Not suprisingly Kim Barker remains the best ref in the state. Surely there must be someone else breaking through the ranks?

As I have seen the first few weeks live, I am concerned as players, coaches and supporters are baffled by the decision making of the men in black.

Where is Peter Angel? A top ref who made the hard calls but you could talk to him on the pitch and have a beer with him after the game.

Anonymous said...

Thats 2 seasons in a row now that Metro have been involved in these kinds of incidents

Anonymous said...

It was more the metro supporters last year v beachside than the players. Too many goon bags consumed before the match.

Anonymous said...

just a typical hobart united lose, just need to accept defeat and stop the behind the play stuff

Richard Bennett said...

Tims son Mitchell I remember played with calies and south hobart and I think taroona for a few seasons.

noy heard where he is now but a talented player.

Anonymous said...

Full North Premier Details

3. Round
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 Montello Burnie United Somerset 6:2 (3:0)
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 Harley Parade Prospect Knights Riverside Olympic 2:1 (0:1)
Saturday, 10/04/2010 14:30 NTCA Northern Rangers Launceston United 4:2 (3:1)
Saturday, 10/04/2010 18:30 Mitsubishi Park Launceston City Devonport City 1:4 (1:2)
No match: Ulverstone

Burnie United - Somerset 6:2 (3:0)
Goals: 1:0 Astyn Johnson; 2:0 Astyn Johnson; 3:0 Sam Cocks; 4:0 Sam Cocks; 4:1 Mathew Jewell; 5:1 Ashley Smith; 5:2 James Nettleton; 6:2 Sam Cocks

Prospect Knights - Riverside Olympic 2:1 (0:1)
Goals: 0:1 Mark Cristy; 1:1 Nathan Balym (Penalty); 2:1 Chris Hill

Northern Rangers - Launceston United 4:2 (3:1)
Goals: 1:0 Isa Dumbuya; 2:0 Andrew Nicholson; 3:0 Isa Dumbuya; 3:1 Dean Logan; 4:1 Samuel Luck; 4:2 Dean Logan

Launceston City - Devonport City 1:4 (1:2)
Goals: 0:1 Chris McKenna (Penalty); 1:1 Chris Tantari; 1:2 Chris McKenna; 1:3 Keegan McDermott; 1:4 Chris McKenna

jerrie kruijver said...

good news anonymus 9.03 pm.residents living in the vicinity of the fft offices were woken up by the sound of stamping feet of hundreds of anonymus people demanding entry into the refereeing courses.

Anonymous said...

dear Jerrie, This is my first comment on this blog and im sorry to inform you that last year i was really interested in signing up to become a ref because of how poor the quality is and u cannot deny that.

Anyway, With my work it was difficult to attend both days maybe there is a better way of doing it like making it one day course and watch a dvd perhaps and then sitting a test? followed by a practical assessment?? just a thought

We need more ref's desperately plz......

melikesfootball said...

Anon 9.03, so how do you propose to raise the standards? do you truly believe that an increase in salary will increase the standard? Where are you going to find these mercinaries.
The refs at the moment are prepared to put the game first and do the job week in-week out for not much cash. They are prepared to put up with abuse from players, spectators and anons on this blog just so the game can go ahead with referees.
I for one, think we should reward the refs each week for their efforts, even if it is below par, only then will they find their confidence, and with increased confidence their performances will naturally improve. Their performace level will remain below par with the continual crap that they have to endure.

Anonymous said...

Having refereed previously I can tell you why theres nobody "breaking through the ranks", a few years ago there were several promising young referees in this state (myself included I did after all do 2 national championships) but the opportunities were not provided, it was the old men club of Sprod Jones Raymond etc being trundled out into the middle every week...

Anonymous said...

the ref at the metro/united game was only calling things up when a player (from either team) said something. the play could have moved on 40 odd metres or so but still he would pull it up because someone complained. dedication from refs was there, had been at ground since 10am etc but fft should have at least sent a match manager or something knowing what might happen next.

also i saw hands around a uniteds neck at one point then i saw a punch back to metro. not saying either one was right in what they did but the ref should have done more.
maybe if players realised its a game then this stuff wont happen. silly players!!!

Anonymous said...

There were no spectators involved in the Metro v Hobart game. The Referee and his assistants did a great job of containing a firey encounter that could've really got out of control.

I do fear that the this will not be the last time Hobart United will be involved this type of behaviour.
Their so called fans are a discrace and the language used was discusting for most of the game.

Certainly not a good advert for the game and was embarrassing to be part of it.

Rage against the machine said...

There are a lot of people who have no right to throw stones especially as they themseleves live in glass houses. Metro fans suggesting United fans are a disgrace is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact I would suggest most clubs have had the moment. Including Moi. The best thing is you learn from it and try to adjust your behavior accordingly.

Anonymous said...

should be greatful for being given the opportunity to ref at Nationals twice. What an experience! I bet you didn't have to fork out $000s like the players did.

Sometimes we need more expereinced refs to handle difficuclt games.

If you've left the game so easily must wonder what was your motivation in the first place.

melikesfootball said...

I would be interested in your definition of "more difficult games". I would say that some of the Div 1 games and lower would be more difficult to ref because things are more likely to be unpredictable, usually refs need to manage club assistants as well as 22 players and countless numbers of people in the technical areas.
Your inference in the previous post would have refs like Kim doing Div 1-4 every week

Pixel 40 said...

anon 8:34
I have enough to worry about my club, to concentrate on a Hobart United undisciplined behaviors.


Anonymous said...

not the best refs just not the kiddie refs.

Anonymous said...

As someoe who decided to take up refereeing to help out club with Northen 1st divison last season(Or social league, whatever you want to call it), i took up refereeing the games each Sunday, until i came up agains the Launceston version of Hobart united.
I have never fealt so ashamed of the attitudes of football players in all my days of playing soccer. i was abused, threatened, even followed after the game and continued to be argued with, for a simple decission of giving a free kick against them... Since that game i chose not to referee again, and its safe to say i was not the last because of that team...
The team was banned a short time after, from what i hear was due to one of the players jumping on the laun city referees back and another player running off with the referees cards when he tried to give a player one... if you want new referees, stop this happening to the yound ones coming through..

Anonymous said...

I guess it probably comes down to the fact that there is very little, if any, praise for referees. Maybe they get tired of hearing only of their mistakes and never when they get the big calls right. I sort of respect them even if I get annoyed with them because they do take a lot of criticism and hardly ever seem to get anything positive. Maybe there should be a feature or something on them or some bio's or a gallery? Something to make them a bit more personal rather than just 'those referees'. Better them than me though. I wouldn't/couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Appears claims Hbt United are looked after by the media has a ring of truth about it?

Anonymous said...

I believe the refs do a good job. I also believe that they are a bit babied too. I do not mean that as an insult but that some have not developed the communication skills required. Some seem to send players away for simply asking for clarification on the foul. I understand that ref's get a lot of undue abuse and get into the habit of switching off but that is not always productive. I think more communication from ref's would help and once they have clarified the issue then send players away. However I think some ref's also need to get thicker skin. If its a personal insult then no question, red card. But if its a shout of disbelief in general (depending on how loud and profane) then surely a simple settle down is in order. I fully support our ref's and wish them the best of luck. Nathan Grandin

Anonymous said...

vjekoslav jelcic best striker in the state.
5 goals from 2 games and has spent good minutes on the bench.
needs to work on some fitness then will surely be pushing first team selsction.

Anonymous said...

referee's courses being two days are ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

As a ref I would like to thank those who have the common sense to appreciate the correct decisions made through out the game. Yes we (like the players) make errors from time to time.
I love getting out on the park each week (not for the money) however, some weeks I think 'why do I bother'.
My advice, start appreciating the ref's while you still have some and before it's too late.........

Anonymous said...

Dear anon, anon anon, AND anon, myself and other refs do actually get positive feedback from players and coaches. These compliments are usually delivered face to face.

The game of football has similar levels and standards all over the world. Most referees are closer in ability to FIFA World Cup standard than the players will ever be!...especially in Tasmania!!!