Monday, April 5, 2010

State-wide Cup results from Easter Monday

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Andrew Clark (left) tries to get in a tackle on Olympia's Matthew Hedge; Olympia's Brady Cronk finds a way past Eagles' Steve Louden; Olympia's Chris Kumpulainen towers above Eagles' Andrew Clark for a header; Eagles' Michael Clark (right) gets a pass away before Olympia captain Ben Phillips can intervene; Eagles coach George Krambousanos congratulates the officials after the match [PlessPix]

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy (Qualifying Round)

Launceston United (Thomas McQueen) 1-3 Tasmanian Institute of Sport (Will Abbott, Hugh Foley, Jamie de Smith)

Metro 0-2 Ulverstone (Brayden Mann 2)

Olympia 0-3 New Town Eagles (Alex Leszczynski 2, Jamie Vernon)

Taroona 9-0 DOSA

(Alex Viney 4, Toby Dove 3, Marcus Atkinson, Jack Elliott)

Hobart United (Justin Letiko) 1-4 Nelson Eastern Suburbs (Ryan Mills, Matt Fone, Tom Gordon, Andrew Gaskell)

Kingborough Lions United (Brett Andrews, Tom McDonald, Ross Hinkley) 3-3 Launceston City (Steve Thorup 2, ?)

(Kingborough won penalty shoot-out 3-2; Michael Palmer, Marcello Marchioli and Brett Andrews scored for Kingborough and Joel Schuth missed; City scorers unavailable; David Leamey saved three spot-kicks for the Lions)

Burnie United beat Beachside on a forfeit.

Somerset beat University on a forfeit.


Bill said...

Nelson were strong on the park and easily dispatched an under-strength Hobart United.

Anonymous said...

Go beach.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make a point to all those anon bashers. When you use an id, for example pixel, we still have no idea who you are. So basically you are anon with a fancy made up name. Get over it.

WC (Bill) Paterson said...

I have just read that Burnie and Somerset won their respective state-wide ties by a "forfeit". Both Beachside and University should be fined and be subject to the loss of premiership points for this. Imagine, the season has only just started and both these clubs were well aware of the commitment required to participate in this competition. This is a disgrace. And we want an A League team? If the Tasmanian authorities do not act then our once-proud state-wide competition will finish up a 'mickey-mouse' competition. I hate to revert back to the "in my day" situation, but I can tell you that every team I played for down South relished meeting North and NW teams and hopefully beating them. And remember, we had terrible roads to travel in the 70s and early 80s. But we never forfeited. Shame on you Beachside and University, Shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving how Sam Hogwarts is playing this year. Solid. Keep up the good work.

WC Bill - the reason that the teams didn't go north is because the roads are still very dangerous, just like your horse and cart trips north in the 70's and 80's. Beachside and Uni will not play a northern team until Will Hodgman builds the double land midlands. Safety first.

Anonymous said...

Yes Bill and the problem is that Tasmanian soccer is still stuck in the 70's.My son plays for university and we got little notice of the fixture.On Easter Monday I'm not going to drive for up to eight hours for some backyard soccer fixture.And that is after witnessing the most farcical match against Hobart United refereed by an incompetent official.

Dalles Hayes said...

Anon 6.02 Why don't you make a brave start lad, name yourself? C'mon mate you can do it. I have been watching this space now for a couple of months and I know who Pixel is.

Yes FFT need to fine the forfeiting teams heavily regardless of their reasons.

However they also need to give us our rosters well in advance...'Lightning Cup' youth; is it on, is it happening? I have youth teams to organise in the holidays, some notice is necessary here!

Marty Nidorfer said...


agree with rosters,

but this shouldnt be an excuse with a State comp. All clubs did know and cannot be excused with a forfeit.
These clubs (uni , B/s& U15's) have enough members to send out a team to participate.
As I have stated before Burnie, years ago were penalised for the same thing in a statewide comp, and I hope the same happens for the teams that have done the same.

I am sure Burnie have learnt their lesson, and this is not a criticism of them, but they got a severe punishment.
It should be the same for these clubs that 'cannot' do the same.

I hope the northern association look at this in the same light as the case I presented and let these clubs know that entry to a comp like this requires a full participation from clubs entering.

I have a passion with NW football having grown up in the region, and go 'Devonport' unashamedly.
As stated before, my club Eagles Newtown played Burnie last year at Clare St Easter Monday in the first round of the cup.

Anonymous said...

its a rostering and fft issue, not the clubs

Anonymous said...

The dates for the 1st rd of games was set a few weeks back, so everyone who entered the comp knew they would have a game on this Monday either away or home, enough said.

Anonymous said...

it was an FFT management decision to withdraw the U15's.

They didn't forfeit but were not allowed to participate.