Thursday, April 29, 2010

Important clashes at top and bottom of Premier League ladder this weekend

Photos (Top to Bottom): Matthew Hedge (left) will make his debut for Taroona after leaving Olympia; Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, looking worried because of injury problems; Josh Hadfield...could be the answer to some problems at Eagles if he could get fit and train regularly; Shane Kent may start for Eagles; Cian Carey ready to return for Taroona; Zebras' Ryan Smith...ruled out for the season with a knee injury; Much will be expected of Zebras' Troy Kaden as they take on leaders South Hobart; Jonathon Ladic has moved to Zebras but won't play against his former club this weekend [PlessPix]

South Hobart could increase their lead at the top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder if they beat third-placed Tilford Zebras at 2.30pm at South Hobart on Saturday and if some other results go their way.

South have a 4-point lead over second-placed Glenorchy Knights, who have a game in hand.

If South win, and if Knights lose to fifth-placed Clarence United away at Wentworth Park at 6.30pm on Saturday, South could open up a 7-point lead at the top, which would be an excellent way for them to start the second round of matches.

The league-leaders will be without midfielder Jonathon Ladic and utility player David Abbott.

Ladic has gone to Tilford Zebras but will not play against his former club as he has not yet been cleared.

Abbott has joined seventh-placed Taroona and will be in their line-up for the match against bottom-side Olympia Warriors at South Hobart at 2.30pm on Sunday.

South will also miss the suspended midfielder Garry Upton, but central defender Matthew Brown and Hugh Ludford should be available for selection.

Brown took a hammering from his own keeper last week but is expected to have recovered, while Ludford has been troubled by an ankle injury but has trained well this week.

Greg Downes will replace Ladic in midfield.

“I thought we should have won our first-round game against them,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton. “We had chances to win it.

“It’s the start of another round and, obviously, if we’re going to win anything this year we have to win this game.

“Our philosophy will be to go out and try to win the game.

“I might try to adjust things a little to get greater focus on getting forward quicker.

“I have great respect for Frediani as a player and now as a coach and we’ll try and do everything possible to make a win out of it.”

South have two more Koreans in the pipeline but they have yet to be cleared.

“We’ve had a couple of Koreans arrive,” Morton said. “They’re not registered or anything like that yet.

“The centre-back is from Brazil. He’s from Division One and is six foot two, maybe three, and he looks all right.

“We’ve got a couple now for whom it might be worthwhile getting clearances for. One is a winger or striker who could be a bit special down here. We’ve put in the papers to sign him and we’ll see how we go.

“I just think it’s not just a matter of strengthening us, but for the game. It lifts the other teams to play against them.

“I know that from when we played Beachside. All their players responded, like Brett Pullen, Nathan Robinson and them, and it’s the same for our lads in training, just the respect, and it brings more out of our own players and I’m sure they’d bring the best out of our opposition as well.”

Zebras will have defender Henry Fagg back after a neck injury, but Matt Hall is away and central defender Ryan Smith is out for the season and needs a knee reconstruction.

Jordan Muller, who had replaced Fagg in the past two games, has been ill all week.

“They thought it was Ryan’s cartilage originally, but no, the knee is gone and he needs a complete knee reconstruction,” said Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani.

“The season is finished for him.

“Everyone else is raring to go. David Cox and Paul Cairns will come in, while Daniel Lapolla has recovered and is available.

“We drew last time, but I don’t think we were as ready then as we are now. We’re confident, even with a couple of players out, and we’re pumped. We had two very good sessions this week and, hopefully, that’ll make a difference this weekend.”

South Hobart are the only unbeaten side in the league, while South and Zebras have both scored 17 goals.

Zebras have conceded 12 goals, four times as many as South, and it is this sort of statistic that could be a clue to the outcome of this showdown.

Glenorchy Knights have been hit by illness and injuries, despite having last weekend off.

“We’re going to be struggling on Saturday night,” said Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly.

“Danny White hasn’t trained and Amadu Koroma hasn’t trained. Josh Fielding only trained on Monday. They’ve all come down with this virus and I don’t know what the outcome of that will be.

“Jade Clay will need a fitness test on an ankle injury he picked up against South Hobart. He’s only trained once in the last three weeks.

“We’re looking forward to the game, obviously, and I’d like to think it’ll be another 5-1. But, they’ve improved week by week and so I’m confident, but not overly confident with having to play at Wentworth Park at 6.30 on a Saturday night and having as many players as I have up and down health-wise. We’ll give it our best shot and see what happens.”

Clarence will be at full strength.

Sixth-placed New Town Eagles host fourth-ranked Kingborough Lions United at Clare Street at 2.30pm on Saturday and both sides need a win badly.

The Lions need a win so that they can stay in the top-four, while Eagles want to increase the distance between themselves and the bottom two sides.

At a meeting of club presidents on Wednesday evening, it was determined that promotion and relegation will apply this season, so the fight to avoid relegation is well and truly on.

Eagles will be without defender Mark Page for three weeks after he was injured against South Hobart last weekend.

Central defenders Chris Wass and Steve Louden are still troubled by niggling leg injuries.

“Nathan Pitchford and Ethan Menzie came down from Launceston on Thursday night to train with us, which is a bonus for us,” said Eagles coach, George Krambousanos.

“We have a few niggling injuries to Chris Wass and Steve Louden, and also to Jamie Vernon, who suffered an ankle injury against South on Sunday.

“I can’t answer the question of whether these three will play.

“We’ve got Jacob Clamp and Shane Kent, of course, to come in if things are not right, so we’ll see what happens.

“We trained well on Tuesday and Thursday so we hope things go better than the last time we played them.”

Kingborough are likely to be close to full strength.

The bottom-of-the table clash between Taroona and Olympia Warriors should be well worth watching as both sides seek to escape the relegation zone.

Olympia have yet to win a game, while Taroona are in danger of becoming stuck in a rut.

“We’ve just signed Dave Abbott from South Hobart, and he will come straight into the side because he’s a top quality player and he will add a new dimension to our attack being a left-footer,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“We’ve also signed Matt Hedge from Olympia, but he is still getting over some injury problems and will come back through the reserves.

“Cian Carey is also back in training having recovered from the injuries which have kept him out all season and he may even be available this weekend.

“These guys will definitely strengthen our squad, but really we need everyone to step up and contribute defensively because most weeks we’ve been creative in possession but we haven’t shown much resilience when teams have attacked us.

“This is a vital game as far as both teams are concerned and even though it is still early days we need to start getting some points on the board to avoid relegation.”

Olympia should have striker Kosta Grillas back after a hamstring injury, but Chris Kumpulainen will miss up to six weeks because of an ankle injury sustained last weekend against Zebras.


Truth Seeker said...

Is South paying the imports? Where is the money coming from? How much are they getting paid? Who is paying them?

Anonymous said...

South 3 Zebras 0
Clar 2 Knights 2
Eagles 2 King 2
Olympia 0 Taroona 2

Anonymous said...

South 2 zebras 0
clarence 2 knights 3
eagles 2 kingo 0
Olympia 2 taroona 2

Anonymous said...

South 2 zebras 0
clarence 3 knights 1
eagles 1 kingo 2
Olympia 0 taroona 3

Anonymous said...

oh my its not hard to tell from the last couple of write ups you have done Walter that you have lost any (which wasnt much anyway as they arent an ethnic based club) if not all your respect for Clarence United. Its a pity, but very obvious in what you have to say, or not say, about the club. Hope you keep doing what you do for the game Walter. Everyone, including myself, appreciate your contribution to the sport. Just try and keep the reports free from personal feelings. P.S If you dont like Saturday night games at Wentworth, PLEASE dont attend. If you do attend, keep it positive mate.

Anonymous said...

walter why is there so much information on south hobart and no one else?? it is starting to annoying a lot for clubs as it is not hard to give the senior coach a call and ask some simple questions.....

Walter said...

Anonymous 12.38pm, you are very wrong. I have a lot of respect for Clarence United and its personnel. In fact, I have taught and coached some of the people at the club in the past and they remain good friends.

Is it my fault that the club's senior coach refuses to talk to me? I even went into the Clarence dressing rooms to try and talk to him and was told 'no comment'. Apparently he was upset about some comments on this blog. The comments were removed as soon as I realised what they were about (they were somewhat cryptic) and I tried to explain that to him, but he would not listen. I made the approach to try and mend the fences but was rejected, so it's now up to him. I have had a cordial relationship with the senior coach in the past and hoped that it would continue. He and his family are the last people I would wish to offend. I have refrained from commenting on this until now but feel compelled to do so now to answer you.

I have no problem with Clarence and praise them when I think they deserve it, which is what I do with all clubs. And, these are only my opinions, remember. Most people have opinions, and not everyone is right all the time.

You don't have to read this blog, remember. Clarence have a web site so you can read that too.

As for Wentworth Park, it can be a delightful venue when conditions are nice. I prefer grounds where you can be sheltered and sit up high to watch the action. Having said that, no venue is nice when the rain is belting down and there's a howling gale and no shelter from which to watch the game. But, that's football. If you love the game, you accept it and I'll continue to watch games at Wentworth Park.

That's all I'll say on the matter. If people don't want to give me comments after matches they don't have to. It's their choice and I'll respect that. If people don't provide me with team news for my preview (all seven other Premier League clubs generally do), then that's up to them.

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly bag out Walter? South and Knights are the best two teams. Hence, the most coverage SHOULD be on them. Thats how Football has worked for many years. Do yuo hear heaps about Hull City, in comparison to Man U? No. Stop having a winge. Its also not Walter's fault a coach does not answer.

Walter said...

Anonymous 1.47pm, I do call the coaches each week and ask for team news. Some even email me their team news and comments. I publish what they say.

Ken Morton is a very experienced coach and one who has worked professionally overseas, where he has had to deal with media for whom football is paramount. Perhaps he is a little more media savvy than most and has more to say about his team and club than other coaches and says it.

The local tabloid rarely gives detailed coverage of team news and coaches' comments because of space restrictions. This blog and others do, but if a coach gives limited answers to questions and is a person of few words, one cannot conjure things up out of thin air. Clubs need to spruce up their PR departments.

Observer said...

Anon 12.38 30 April. What is up your a..e? What has ethnic clubs have to do with what Walter writes ? South Hobart ethnic ?South have more written about them because of where they are and the fact that their coach is a professional in all sense of the word. This is his only job so he is in a position to devote much more time to the game, players and media. If you are associated with Clarence then maybe you and your club should take a leaf out of the so-called "ethnic" clubs' books , and begin behaving like a professional unit rather than have ex committee people ,supporters and coaching staff carrying on like the world owes them something. Get over it. Many of the "ethnic " clubs as you put it have been here for a very long time and are responsible for the existence of the game in this country ,let alone this state. And if your coach has taken offence to comments then he needs to grow up as does the entire club. He is quite happy to accept acclaim when things go well.

Roy said...

Sorry for the late update.

Once again a tough week for Roy to summarise. Before I start however I would like to thank a few people for their input and observations in Alphabetical order: Anton Baltic, Andy Clark, Georgia and Lauren Griffiths-Lee and William Roberts.

Wednesday: Knights believed to be the only club to accumulate points receiving 2 with Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic and Vjekoslav Jelcic. Could it be the season starting to show its toll on some players as we move into the middle of the season? Maybe the Chilly Autumn nights keeping people locked up inside? Personally I believe that with some clear gaps opening up throughout the standings people are beginning to give up. Which ever may be the case it can only be the strongest that survive the longest and finish on top.

Friday: Newtown Eagles solo circuit star Mark 'Nighthawk' Page was in fine form cruising around the office D-Floor but still decided to entertain his chances at the cas bar.
Glenorchy knights: Anthony 'Googs' Grundy ventured out with work mates to pick up a point, as did Vjekoslav Jelcic and Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic. Benny 'Bird cage' Peter attended an awards night at the casino, then found his way into town only to return to the casino shortly after to join the band of Knights entertaining each other with a few beverages. These Knights were Jacob 'Chocolate Martini' Huigsloot and Alex 'Go Big Man' Holmes in the company of the Lovely Lauren 'Pharmacophobia' Griffiths-Lee and Little sister the Gorgeous Georgia 'Touch my Jeggings' Griffiths-Lee. All Receive half points except for BP Who managed to kick him self out of the Bird cage bar. This was after a minor confrontation with an older aggressive gentleman who BP decided smelt like John Cassa-Daley. Not country and western nice guy Troy but John! A casino staff member then asked to speak to BP who said his good byes and headed for home. The staff member then informed the left over knights that he only wished to talk to him not to kick him out. 3Pts for BP!

Saturday: knights - div 3 Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic, Epic John Hatz, Chris Tymbas, Emil Lesa, Vjekoslav Jelcic and Ante Gurlica. Georgia 'Touch my Jeggings' Griffiths-Lee and Alex 'Go Big Man' Holmes were seen lounging in the Office whilst the very happy William 'Rabbits' Roberts Loitered about. Callen 'Blonde Bullet' Griffin was also spotted in the company of Olympic Players, Rory 'The racing car' McCallum and Daniel Langdale.
Zebras: Jono 'Escapee' Ladic, Andrew Telega, Ricky Self and Henry Fagg each picked up points.
Clarence: The only united star who seen was Mattius 'T-Pain' Toghill.
Eagles: Jamie 'Hair straightner' Vernon, –0.5 points for pestering for a point by James 'Try hard' Hay. Half points for several of the eagles boys for travelling to Collinsvale for the birthday of Mrs. Jenny 'No. 1 Fan' Page, mother of Eagles fullback Mark 'Nighthawk' Page. (4pts) 2 Female Knights in attendance also (1pt).
Kingborough: I think I saw Brett 'Close friend' Andrews, Also the rare appearance of two lower division players who can not be named. A foot injury to Lions defender Michael Palmer is a real blow as he's been known to use those feet to incredible effect at the Office dancefloor on many an occasion.

knights - Robi Bolonja, Epic John Hatz, Chris Tymbas and Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic.

Roy said...

Big stories:
Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic out 4 nights during one circuit week. 1 Bonus point.
Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic vomiting at the end bar in the Office and managing to stay in. 1 bonus point.
Jackson 'Mobius' Marsh out in the Melbourne big smoke. 1 point.
Benny 'Bird Cage' Peter well far gone! Kicked himself out of the Casino, John Cassa-Daley, and dry reaching whilst baby sitting the next day. 3 points.
Taroona and South Hobart 0points. This has cost South second place and possibly their slip chance of glory.
Olympic receive first points.

As always i do miss people and events, just let me know.

Awarded points
Knights awarded 28 pts.
South 0 pts
Eagles 5.5 pts
Zebras 4.5 pts
Clarence 1 pt
Kingborough 3 pts
Taroona 0 pts
Olympic 2 + 1 for good luck

Knights 70.5
South 28.5
Eagles 26
Zebras 19.5
Kingborough 15
Clarence 14
Taroona 11.5
Olympic 3

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22, nothing negative was written about ANY other club. All that was said was directed at Walter to which he replied with aplomb. Please dont get emotional. Clarence dont feel they are owed anything believe me. And Walter, if you honestly believe that the comments YOU allowed to be posted on your blog were "somewhat criptic" then we will have to disagree. Cheers Walter.

Walter said...

Anonymous (3.40pm), I think the comments referred to YouTube footage, which I had not seen. I don't always look at YouTube footage. It was also at the time before the comments were moderated, which meant that they were up before I could see them. They could have been there for a while before I took them down. Comments are now moderated and that sort of think won't happen again. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I can understand why Andrew Brown would refuse to talk to you based on that Walter (it's actually what I thought might have been the reason for his lack of media involvement just from a blog read p.o.v.). Although I know from previous dealings he is a good bloke at heart, so hopefully the bridges are able to be mended and he moves on soon. Realising, that you, like the referees etc. are human Walter, and mistakes happen! Although unlike referees, I don't think you need to be dropped for yours.... and the PL Refs aren't ever anway!

Anonymous said...

ROY u and your social standings are amazing u should hav your own atrical every week keep up the good work

Roy said...

apologies, Nathan 'Shot Stopper' Pitchford and Alex 'Alphabet' Lzynski attended a party in the north of the start the night before a game and drove home the day of. 3 pts.

Knights 70.5
Eagles 29
South 28.5
Zebras 19.5
Kingborough 15
Clarence 14
Taroona 11.5
Olympic 3

Anonymous said...

i think south have been robbed in the points department Roy.

kosta kanakaris was entertaining in the VIP section of the 'office' with several so called senior south players. namely, matty+danny brown, josh heery, hugh ludford and some other i cant seem to name right now.

Roy, maybe you need to outsource some snitches as the 'office' is the only place you seem to garner information from...just a suggestion.

Observer said...

Anon 3.40 pm ,you were the one that mentioned ethnic clubs in your little moan to Walter. If it wasnt the intention then why even say so ?
Does not make sesne. As I stated previously get over your attitude as a club and you may then begin to earn some respect.

Anonymous said...

roy, apparently brett 'close friend' andrews has a closer friend these days so has gone cold on the circuit. Selfish act

Sit Ouboo Sit said...

seeme to south are playing the player management market,positioning players to be shopped off somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

I'm just back from a good night at Wentworth Park watching a mate play a Div 3 game. There were 3 Div 3 games across the grounds, a few members in the crowd for each team, and an overall friendly atmosphere at the venue.

Hard to keep an eye on all 3 games, but the one I was watching and the others were all played in good spirits, and reffed well from what I saw. I'm surprised there's not more promotion/relegation of referee's as I saw a far more impressive performance on the middle ground, than I've seen in Premier Leagure for a while!

Well done Clarence for a good night's entertainment, and I believe there's more Friday nights to come, and I'll be keen to watch again!

Anonymous said...

Knights to lose 3-1. Average side at best, been riding a wave of luck, will be caught out against a Clarence side on the rise. People who are writing the reds off might perhaps need a nice little reminder of last season. Reds were struggling to make the 4, it came down to the last round to determine if they would play finals. They will be back to their best on sat night, just you see.

dinosaur said...

ativeliDiv 3 result from Wentworth Park tonight Uni Bombers 4 defeated Clarence Black 1

Anonymous said...

Clarence are too good to continue poor run of results. Knights will be put top the sword at WWP tomorrow night. Looking forward to see Andrew Barron and Ben Hamlett terrorise the knights'cumbersome defence.

Olympia may have leaders Grillas and Richardsdon back this week but still missing several players including Tracy & Kumpalainen while several others in doubt for the crunch game vs Taroona. Olympia will put out a strong team when everyone's available.

South Hobart will suffer their first defeat at the hands of an exciting & youthful Zebras team. If Croswell continues his form Zebras will win 3-0. South's fortress is cracking ...

Kingborough are the quiet achievers this year, no fuss, no controversy, no transfers - they will handle the Eagles, even tho missing their inspriational Captain Marcel Marceau.

Anonymous said...

Clarence finished 4th miles behind the top 3 and won a pointless finals series.

Stop talking trash Clar supporters

Anonymous said...

"Knights to lose 3-1. Average side at best, been riding a wave of luck, will be caught out against a Clarence side on the rise. People who are writing the reds off might perhaps need a nice little reminder of last season. Reds were struggling to make the 4, it came down to the last round to determine if they would play finals. They will be back to their best on sat night, just you see."

I am not even a Knights supporter and i can say how ridiculous this statement is. Knights average side? Fielding, White, Clay, Huigsloot, Holmes, Smith? odd comment isn't it...

Also. Knights 4 Zebras 1
And again, Knights 5 Clarence 1

Does that make Knights an average side? I think not. Its no fluke that Knights haven't dropped any points AT ALL this season, apart from South Hobart, who are a league abpve anyone else. If your going to waste time commenting on issues like that, waste your time somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The last comment is so stupid. its says

"Its no fluke that Knights haven't dropped any points AT ALL this season,"


"apart from South Hobart, who are a league abpve anyone else."

If u can say they have lost no points at all then dont mention straight after it that there was points lost .

Anonymous said...

no points at all - apart from (against) south...

it's not hard!

Anonymous said...

south 2-1
knights 2-1
eagles 2-0
draw 2-2

Anonymous said...

Exactly, you also make reference to individual players. Yes the Knights have some very good individuals, but what happens when they are not playing their best? their team crumbles, i.e. loss against south 3-0. didn't play a team game because they rely on individuals too much, they will lose to clarence tonight because clarence is a better TEAM.

Also, "pointless finals series", very classy excuse..... if its so pointless why would teams bother playing full strength sides? seems a bit 'pointless' to play at all if the whole series is 'pointless'. surely if teams actually thought that they would not bother and just start their off-season

T. Docherty

Anonymous said...

So, im fairly sure anon was trying to make clear Knights are a league above everyone else also, apart from South.

Anonymous said...

what has happened to the zebras they are crap,if they didnt have croswell, self, and d.lapolla they would finish bottom

Anonymous said...

what happened to zebras? no bubble

Anonymous said...

what a stupid comment. d lapolla has hardly played this year. so 3rd after 1st round knew coach {first year at that} knew young players given chances,and they are crap, your the typical no idea critic, looks like they will be around the top three again for years to come. Unlike some other teams that have a new coach and trying young players and are sitting on the bottom,think Zebras are moving in the right direction compaired to majority of others....